The Mark Bleeds Through Biogenesis - The Mark Bleed Through (Rowe) 2001

1. "The Mark Bleeds Through" (5:40)
2. "Fat Man From China" (2:39)
3. "Legal Murder" (7:14)
4. "Inner Child" (7:27)
5. "Russian Roulette" (3:53)
6. "Digging Your Grave" (4:42)
7. "Mental Violence" (4:00)
8. "Crystal Ball" (3:30)
9. "You Are Not" (4:15)
10. "Anti Evolution" (5:01)
11. "I Am The One" (5:17)
12. "Scorning of Wisdom" (3:52)
13. "Father of the New Age" (5:01)

Biogenesis is a bizarre mix of thrash metal and dark, down-tuned gothic metal. Vocalist Chaz Bond mixes hardcore yells with some melodic Savior Machine-like vocals. To be quite honest, while the music is good, it's this mix of vocal styles that really makes the album interesting. The disc starts off with the the mid-paced groove of the title track before leading into one of the album's most memorable and lyrically interesting tracks "Fat Man From China." This song is probably my favorite of the entire album and deals with people's crazy beliefs.. "Legal Madness" continues with the heavy, down-tuned, crunch. This song might have sounded cooler with a tighter guitar crunch, rather than the buzzy, down-tuned, nu-metal sound it has. However, there are lots of dynamics in this track with slow parts picking up into full throttle thrash assaults in an instant. "Inner Child" is a slow, doomy dirge that reminds me a bit of Deliverance or Savior Machine, especially in the acoustic moments. Chaz's vocals have a lot to do with this as he is going for that same David Bowie-style that those bands have adopted. "Russian Roulette" picks the energy level back up with yet another mid-paced groove giving way to a speedy riff. This song, as well as much of the rest of this disc, while being quite energetic and technically proficient lacks much in the way of memorable hooks. In other words, I tend to begin to lose interest as the disc goes on. The lack of any guitar solos is a bit of a let down as well. There are several music breaks within each of the songs that were just screaming for a shredding guitar solo. I suppose I am just a bit too much into the old school when guitar solos were mandatory. That being the case, I almost never listen to this disc all the way through. This email came from a close friend of the band regarding the lack of guitar solos, "the producer they had at the time cut out most of the (guitar) solos. He tried his best to get the band to sound like Disturbed. . ." I really wish this band would have survived to release disc number two. While this disc wasn't something I spent much time listening to I just felt they had so much potential. I imagined their next disc to be oa huge step forward. As it stand, the band broke up with Chaz going on to join Jacob's Dream. Three new songs were recorded and are available on Chaz Bond's myspace page.

The Rise. The Fall. The Rebirth Biogenesis - The Rise. The Fall. The Rebirth (Soundmass Records) 2012

1.     Paradox (4:55)
2.     Hatred Seed (4:03)
3.     Never (4:20)
4.     Point Of Origin (4:29)
5.     Bleed Me (5:40)
6.     Angel (7:27)
7.     The Darkness Fades (03:40)
8.     Biogenesis (5:43)
9.     The Mark 12     (6:21)
10.   Fallback [2002 demo] (4:07)
11.   Catalyst For Malice [2004 demo] (5:54)
12.   Bean & Cornbread (2:13)

"The Rise The Fall The Rebirth" marks the first Biogenesis album since their 2001 debut on Rowe Productions. In that time Biogenesis dissolved for a spell and vocalist Chaz Bond joined power metal band Jacobs Dream and also formed a new band, Human Paradox. Around 2008 Chaz Bond and guitarist James Riggs tossed around the idea of reforming Biogenesis with the band signing with Retroactive Records the very next year. For whatever reason, that deal didn't work out and the album was delayed and finally released on Australian label Soundmass in 2012.

Biogenesis are one of those bands that are hard to categorize, other than under the all-inclusive umbrella term "metal". Their sound is a mixture of power metal, progressive rock, modern groove metal and some thrash metal and gothic influences. Just about every song on "The Rise The Fall The Rebirth" has progressive tendencies, with clean guitars breaking way into heavy riffs, pounding drums melting into melodic passages and the vocals shifting from Chaz Bond's clean, David Bowie-esque singing to harsh, thrash metal aggression. I even hear a little melo-death mixed into songs like "Bleed Me". However, despite the numerous influences and styles, the whole thing ties together quite well.

The biggest fault I find in this new CD is the mastering. While all the instruments are easily heard and the guitar sound is heavy and crunchy, the overall sound of the CD is quite boomy and hard to listen to without some EQ. Pushing the treble quite a bit and bringing down the bass improves the sound greatly and makes it more listenable. Despite the production issues and the decade long gap between releases, "The Rise. The Fall. The Rebirth" is a solid follow-up to "The Mark Bleeds Through".  

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