Strange Love Black Moor - Lethal Waters (Diminished Fifth Records) 2012

1.  Hellraiser (3:40)
2.  Thunderhead (3:48)
3.  Lost In The Shadows (4:04)
4.  Midnight Warrior (3:57)
5.  Into Eternity (4:29)
6.  Night Danger (3:22)
7.  Hatred's Maze (5:02)
8.  Lethal Waters (3:59)
9.  Frozen Tombs (5:17)

Black Moor are a heavy metal band from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada who are part of the world-wide New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal movement. Formed in 2005, their first full length album "The Conquering" was released in 2009. "Lethal Waters" is their follow-up album and is pure, unapologetic heavy metal. Think denim and leather, bullet belts and headbanging. Their music is heavily inspired by many greats of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, especially early Iron Maiden, with a touches of speed metal. The album is chock full of galloping rhythms, dual guitar leads, sharp guitar leads, thundering bass and drums. For fans of traditional heavy metal, these guys are absolutely infectious.

My one point of contention when I first popped this CD into my player was the vocals. Eric Hanlin's vocals threw me for a loop when I first heard them. He sings with a clean, mid-range vocal style and never really pushes outside of a very narrow range, with the exception of a couple growled vocal parts in the thrash-y "Night Danger". For whatever reason I didn't connect with his vocals on the first couple of listens, but with subsequent spins I began to enjoy them more and more, and at some point even began to sing along.  Night Danger...Night Danger...

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