Cold Steel

Sodom & America Cold Steel - Freakboy (Turbo) 1992

1.   Truth or Dare (3:40)
2.   The Worst Is Yet to Come (4:14)
3.   Bracing the Fall (3:56)
4.   Perfect Peace (3:34)
5.   Fools Paradise (5:04)
6.   Freakboy (3:50)
7.   New World (2:56)
8.   What Are You Looking At ? (4:58)
9.   Never Now, Never Will (4:20)
10. D.S.M./Hazardous (to Your Health) (5:52)
11. Crackdown (4:02)

Cold Steel are a thrash metal from Valley Stream, New York, USA that was formed in 1988. From '88 to '92 the band released a bunch of demos, an EP and had a few songs on a compilation titled "North American Thrash Assault". "Freakboy" was the band's first full length album. For the most part, Cold Steel are fairly traditional, sticking to straight forward, melodic, speed/thrash metal. 

However, they offer a few surprises in their sound, such as the horn section in "The Worst is Yet to Come". There is plenty of those headbanging guitar chugs and those fist-pumping, shout-along gang chants. The band also mixes in a fair amount of grooves, such as the killer groove of opening track "Truth or Dare". The whole CD has this raw, underground vibe that is underscored by a low-budget recording. Audiophiles will snear and turn away. Those who love the true, underground, arcane steel will find Cold Steel very appealing. 

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