Control Denied
Control Denied is the power metal band formed by Chuck Schuldiner, who also fronted Death. The album titled proved to have some pretty heavy meaning as shortly after the release of 'Fragile Art of Existence' Chuck was diagnosed with cancer. On December 13 2001 at 4 PM EST Chuck Schuldiner lost the fight for his life and past into eternity.

Control Denied Control Denied - Fragile Art of Existence (Nuclear Blast) 1999

1. "Consumed" (7:24)
2. "Breaking the Broken" (5:41)
3. "Expect the Unexpected" (7:17)
4. "What If. . . ?" (4:29)
5. "When the Link Becomes Missing" (5:17)
6. "Believe" (6:10 )
7. "Cut Down" (4:50 )
8. "Fragile Art of Existence" (9:38)

Main song writer, Chuck Schuldiner has displayed a progressive compositional style and a high level of technical expertise in metal but he has long been ignored by fans of more melodic and traditonal metal styles because Death has always been labeled a death metal band. Of course, ever since Death's "Human" they have been more of a progressive thrash band than a death metal band. Control Denied sound very similar to these recent Death albums only they employ the more accessible, smooth-as-silk vocalist Tim Aymar. Tim is a soaring, almost operetic, vocalist who has a wide vocal range. Like the recent Death albums, there are a lot of changing riffs, tempo changes, time signatures, and textures. While this does prove the band to be very technical, it also leaves the disc with a lack of hooks or memorability. This is true of the lyrical hooks as well as the musical hooks. Still, I can't help but listen to this disc over and over again because of the phenomenal musicianship.

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