Deliverance 1988
Photo above: Chris Hyde, Brian Khairullah Jimmy Brown, Glenn Rogers
In the late 80's Deliverance started out in southern California as a speed metal band. Their introduction to the world was on the infamous "California Metal" compilation. By the mid 90's Deliverance's two main men, Jimmy Brown and George Ochoa, were fighting over what direction the band should take. The decision made was for George to leave, thus leaving Jimmy to take the band into more of a progressive, melodic, almost gothic metal direction. George Ochoa, who was also the former guitarist for Recon, produced for, and toured with Vengeance Rising for a while as well as played guitar and produced Mortification's "Primitive Rhythm Machine" before disappearing into obscurity. Deliverance continued on with a revolving lineup that at one time or another would include members of Recon and Betrayal. The band broke up for a while then reformed in 2001 and released "Assimilation".

Deliverance - Greeting of Death (Retroactive) 2019

1. Victory (3:45)
2. Greetings of Death (3:01)
3. No Time (4:29)
4. J.I.G." (:50)
5. Speckled Bird (1:20)
6. Awake (5:05)
7. Attack (3:54)
8. A Space Called You (3:59)

Greeting of Death was one of several demos recorded by Deliverance in the mid-1980's. What makes it more important than most is that it is the demo that finally saw the band sign a record deal. As well, the album was sold to the masses directly through the band. Of course there was not internet in 1986 so it was all word-of-mouth, tape trading and promotion from the underground zines. Deliverance sold over 5,000 of those cassette tapes utilizing a photocopier and a multiple cassette deck to copy the music.

The original 1986 demo tape contained six songs, three of which would be re-recorded for the band's first full-length album on Intense Records. Those included "Victory," No Time" and "Awake." The versions here are slightly more raw and have a bit of a punk delivery to them, which was not uncommon for speed metal and thrash bands in the 80's. Many reviews of the first album at the time criticized the band for not having the same raw sound that this demo had. Regardless, these demo songs are legendary to any fan of classic thrash and speed metal, and especially those who were part of the fledgling Christian metal "scene" of the 80's. (The funny thing is, Deliverance never intended to be part of a Christian scene. They were a metal band and expected to be part of the overall heavy metal scene.)

Two other songs from this demo were re-recorded for future albums. "Greetings of Death" was recorded for the band's legendary Weapons of our Warfare album and "J.I.G" was re-recorded for the band's third album What A Joke. "Speckled Bird" was a silly country song that was meant more as a joke than anything else. However, I remember distinctly at early Deliverance concerts hearing the crowd sing the silly song to the band.

The 2018 CD and vinyl repressing also includes two songs recorded the same year for the California Metal compilations. "Attack" is a short, fast thrasher, while "A Space Called You" is a more melodic traditional heavy metal song. The packaging for this CD contains the original hand drawn cassette cover, enlarged with the original dot pattern that would have shown on the original photocopied covers. The 16-page insert is printed on an uncoated stock as well, to keep with the overall demo feel of the release. The booklet contains collages made up of early Deliverance photos and memorabilia and a scan of the original cassette-tape cover including the lyrics. Retroactive released the demo on LP, CD and cassette tape.

One final note. Yes, the demo was called Greeting of Death. The title on the cover is scanned directly from the original cassette cover. The song is titled "Greetings of Death". There was also a released from 2001 that included this demo and others titled Greetings of Death, Etc.. The big difference in the sound between this release and the 2001 release is the label had better source material and the mastering by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound.

Deliverance Deliverance
(Intense) 1989
Deliverance (Retroactive) 2008

1. "Victory" (3:44)
2. "No Time" (4:28)
3. "Deliverance" (3:03)
4. "If You Will" (3:03)
5. "The Call" (3:40)
6. "No Love" (3:30)
7. "Blood of the Covenant" (4:50)
8. "Jehovah Jireh" (3:35)
9. "Temporary Insanity" (5:25)
10. "Awake" (6:03)
11. "A Space Called You" (
12. "Attack" (

Glenn Rogers guitar pick

Deliverance 1988
Glenn Rogers, Brian Khairullah, Chris Hyde, Jimmy Brown
click to see original 1987 promo photo

Brian Khairullah, 1988
Brian Khairullah, 1988

The self-titled debut by Deliverance is one of the best speed metal albums ever released! I bought it as a new release in 89' and it still frequents my CD player over a decade later. It was around this time (1989) when I was searching for some good Christian metal. I bought this disc on the advice of the clerk at the record store I went to. When I got home the first thing I thought was, "Wow, these guys sound a bit like Death Angel." I played this disc so much that year that I could probably have sang any of the songs on it at a moments notice. Some of my favorites are album opener "Victory," the awesome classic "No Time," and speed metal classic "Deliverance," which features a soaring vocal performance by Jimmy Brown. The album was produced by legendary metal producer Bill Metoyer. This is just a solid album from beginning to end. My Intense Records CD cover is autographed by Glenn Rogers and Jimmmy Brown.

Unfortunately the original Intense Records version of this disc went out of print a decade ago. KMG attempted a cheesy reissue in the 90's, but cut corners and left some songs off the reissue. Fortunately in 2008 Retroactive gained the rights to this album, as well as "Weapons of our Warfare" and was able to put out a proper reissue. The Retroactive version has improved sound over the original release with better mastering that helps bring out the crunchy guitar tones and pounding double bass. Retroactive Records has always been good about giving extra value on their releases. This time around, they have included the two Deliverance tracks from the California Metal compilation. "A Space Called You" shows that Deliverance's roots were in classic heavy metal. This song is a melodic classic metal number, with only a hint of the speed metal that would come. However, "Attack" is a full-throttle thrasher that is a standout in the Deliverance catalog. The band later re-recorded this song on their "What A Joke" album.

The Retroactive Records re-release also contains new enhanced artwork that was inspired by the original artwork, classic band photos, additional liner notes and lyrics. A short write-up about the two Deliverance releases written by myself is included in the tray art. This 2008 reissue is a worth addition to any metal or thrash fans collection, even if you already have the original. Had the Retroactive re-issue signed by Brian Khairullah and Jimmy Brown when I saw them perform at Up From the Ashes III in Temecula, CA (8.28.10) with Jupiter 6.

HM Magazine
Deliverance on the cover of
Heaven's Metal Magazine

Original guitarist Glenn Rogers is only given co-writing credits on one song, but according to Glenn he wrote many of the riffs on this CD and even one or two on the follow-up CD, "Weapons of our Warfare". However, Jimmy Brown maintains that he changed and re-wrote many of the riffs just before recording them because he knew Glenn was leaving the band. He also states that some of the songs on this album were written before Glenn joined Deliverance.

I was fortunate enough to get to hang out and share a stage with Glenn Rogers for a couple of days in August of 2005. Since Glenn was the original guitarist and wrote some of the material on the first Vengeance Rising CD, he came out on stage and performed with Once Dead, which is the band I was singing for at the time. At our practice the evening before I had Glenn sign both my Deliverance CD and my Hirax - New Age of Terror CD. A year later Once Dead performed with Deliverance at a festival called Up From the Ashes II in California, along with Saint and Ultimatum. At that point I had Jimmy Brown also sign this CD. As it turned out Glenn Rogers became a full fledged member of Once Dead and him and I became good friends.

Had the 2008 Retroactive remastered CD signed by Jimmy Brown and bassist Brian Khairullah when I saw the two of them performing together in their band Jupiter VI in 2010.

Weapons of our Warfare Weapons of our Warfare
Deliverance - Weapons of Our Warfare
(Intense) 1990
Deliverance - Weapons of Our Warfare (Retroactive) 2008

1. "Supplication" (1:48)
2. "This Present Darkness" (2:47)
3. "Weapons of Our Warfare" (4:25)
4. "Solitude" (6:03)
5. "Flesh and Blood" (7:27)
6. "Bought by Blood" (3:17)
7. "23" (5:49)
8. "Slay the Wicked" (4:03)
9. "Greetings of Death" (2:49)
10. "If We Faint Not" (4:25)
11. "Rescue" (4:40)
Chris Hyde, Brian Khairullah, Jimmy Brown & George Ochoa

George Ochoa

Deliverance were at their absolute best here. "Weapons of our Warfare" is a speed metal classic that is unbeaten by any other Deliverance album! Former Recon guitarist George Ochoa joins the ranks and adds a bit of his own flavor to this disc. George actually had joined the band shortly after the release of the band's debut and toured with Deliverance in support of that album. Almost every track on this disc is played with a fast and furious attitude and the song writing is outstanding. Songs like "Slay the Wicked" are absolutely fierce. Jimmy Brown proving that he can sing, and scream, with the best of the power metal or speed metal genre. My personal favorite songs are "This Present Darkness," "Flesh & Blood," "Slay the Wicked" and "Greetings of Death". "Greetings of Death" is a song that was re-recorded from the band's 1986 demo tape of the same name. "23" is another favorite track, although this song is a melodic, powerful, worship ballad offered up to Jehovah. Lyrically, there is a spiritual warfare theme that runs throughout this disc, but I would not say that this is a concept album. I have heard the band complain about this disc saying they weren't happy with the guitar sounds they achieved in the studio. From a fan perspective, however, I really don't see the problem. Perhaps with a bigger budget a fatter guitar sound could have been had, but for the most part this has never been an issue for me. The guitars are crunchy and heavy, like you would expect from a speed metal release.

Unfortunately the original Intense Records version of this disc went out of print a decade ago. KMG attempted a cheesy reissue in the 90's, but cut corners with poor packaging and mastering. Fortunately in 2008 Retroactive gained the rights to this album, as well as "Deliverance" and was able to put out a proper reissue. The Retroactive version has improved sound over the original release with proper mastering that helps improve the overall sound. This reissue also contains the bonus track "Rescue" which was originally recorded during the "Weapons of our Warfare" studio sessions, but was left off as guitarist George Ochoa felt that it didn't really fit on the album. Frankly, he was probably right, but it's still nice to have it as part of this reissue. The song was also released on the "Decade of Deliverance" compilation, but that disc is out of print as well.

The cover has been changed from the original. The new artwork was inspired by the original illustration. There are things I like better about the new cover, and things I don't like. Overall, the new cover is quite nice and an improvement over the original. However, the angel is a bit wimpy on this cover as compared to the muscle bound, angelic warrior on the original. The insert also contains lyrics, a vintage band photo from this era of the band and additional liner notes. A short write-up about the two Deliverance releases written by myself is included in the tray art. This 2008 reissue is a worth addition to any metal or thrash fans collection, even if you already have the original.

I saw Deliverance in Albuquerque, NM when they toured in support of this disc.(The Moshketeers and Paradox opened up the show.) Long time bassist Brian Khairullah was absent from the lineup for this tour and another former Recon member (Mike Grato) was added to the lineup. Mike Grato ended up staying with the band for a few years after this disc, even after George and Jimmy parted ways. I have met Mike on many occasions and I must say besides being a great bassist, he is one of the nicest, most down to earth guys I have ever met. Besides Recon and Deliverance, Mike has also been with Crystavox.

What A Joke What A Joke
Deliverance - What A Joke
(Intense Records) 1991

Deliverance - What A Joke (Intense Millennium) 2011

1. Intro (:18)
2. Prophet of Idiocy (3:25)
3. Pseudo Intellectual (7:15)
4. Cheeseburger Maker Du (:07)
5. What A Joke (6:20)
6. Chipped Beef (2:02)
7. After Forever (5:25)
8. It's The Beat (1:56)
9. A Product of Society (4:42)
10. Happy Star (:03)
11. J.P.D. (:18)
12. Pray (:38)
13. Silent Night (4:57)
14. J.I.G (2:09)
15. Purgatory Sandwich with Mustard (2:58)
16. Attack (3:38)
17. Strings of Sorrow (1:42)

Jimmy Brown

Mike Grato pick .
1991 Mike Grato/Deliverance guitar pick!
George Ochoa pick
1991 George Ochoa/Deliverance guitar pick

2011 What a Joke promo guitar pick

"What A Joke" was the third album for Southern California thrashers Deliverance and, other than main-main Jimmy Brown, featured a completely different line-up than the band's debut. Former Recon guitarist George Ochoa had taken over for Glenn Rogers prior to the band's last album and Recon bassist Mike Grato took over bass duties for this record. As well, new skin pounder Kevin Lee took over for longtime drummer Chris Hyde.

With this album the band continued down similar thrashy territories as their first two albums. However, the album's title "What A Joke" was an indication of what to expect here. The album's short intro sets the tone for the whole record, "well, the record company wants us to do another record...". "What A Joke" was a bit of a joke–lots of joke songs, a few short, second-long "songs?", a thrashing Christmas carol, a cover song and even a recipe for chipped beef set to a crunchy thrash metal riff. Five S.O.D.-inspired tracks clock in at under forty seconds long. However, mixed among the looniness are some choice gems.

The albums first real song "Prophet of Idiocy" is a scorching speed metal song that sounds like it could have been written for the band's "Greetings of Death" demo. The follow-up song, "Psuedo Intellectual" is an over seven-minute long song that begins with a gentle acoustic intro before bursting into another galloping speed metal romp.  The title track features a simple, crunchy guitar riff a monster groove and a talk box that becomes the big hook in the song. Not only is this one of my favorite songs on the album but it is also one of Deliverance's finest songs. Roger Martinez of Vengeance Rising does some guest vocal work, trading off verses with Deliverance vocalist Jimmy Brown on the short, crunchy thrash tune "It's the Beat." This song features lyrics that defends heavy metal against overzealous, religious, anti-rock types, done from a Biblical perspective but delivered with a venomous zeal. There are two songs featured here that are re-recorded from Deliverance's past. "J.I.G", a song that the band originally recorded on their "Greetings of Death" demo, is a short, straight forward thrasher. The other re-recorded song is "Attack" that appeared on the infamous "California Metal" compilation. Frankly, I'm surprised it took three albums for this song to finally make it to an official Deliverance album. Had this song been recorded on the band's debut, it would have been considered a classic. On this album, however, it gets lost in the insanity. Finally, "After Forever" is an excellent Black Sabbath cover, while "Silent Night" is a moshing version of the traditional Christmas carol. This song starts of as a clean, traditional sounding song before ripping into a mid-paced thrash groove. Great song to play for your family at the Christmas gathering.

Most fans don't hold "What A Joke" in the same high regard as they do the band's debut and "Weapons of our Warfare". This is, of course, due to the joking nature of half songs on the album. It's fairly obvious that the band were rushing this release out to satisfy their record company. However, the other half of the album is classic Deliverance and well-worth repeated listens.

Unfortunately, the initial CD pressings of "What a Joke" went out of print rather quickly and became a pricey collector's item fetching high prices on auction sites. In 2011, Intense Millennium Records re-released the album on CD. The re-release wasn't without it's controversies. Due to the mocking and joking nature of many of the songs, the record company decided to change the artwork on the front cover to a cartoon Happy Metal (pictured above). The band's frontman Jimmy Brown was not amused whatsoever with the new cover and made it abundantly clear how he felt about the cover. "It's a disgrace...a slap in the face!" Fans on message boards also made it clear that they didn't care for the new cover. In answer to the protests, Intense Millennium said that only the first 1,000 copies of the remastered re-release would have the new cover art and any future pressings would return the original cover art. As such, the Happy Metal cover will inevitably become a collector's item itself. Initial orders of the album from the company also came with a Deliverance Happy Meal guitar pick. The 2011 release is completely remastered by Ysidro Garcia, who did a superb job updating the sound. (Ysdiro also recently remastered Ultimatum's "Puppet of Destruction".) As well, there is a bonus track titled "Strings of Sorrow". This melancholy acoustic track was recorded by Jimmy Brown for the rap group 12th Tribe on their "Livin' in Babylon" CD. It's nice to finally have this song on a Deliverance CD, since most D fans probably aren't hardcore rap fans. However, the song does stick out like a sore thumb and probably would have been a better inclusion on "River Disturbance" or a long overdue re-issue of "Learn".

Saw Deliverance on this tour in Albuquerque, NM with The Moshketeers. I had my copy of "What A Joke" autographed by Jimmy Brown (guitars/vocals), George Ochoa (guitars), Mike Grato (bass) and Kevin Lee (drums).

A reunion of Jimmy Brown & George Ochoa at the 2002 Extreme Martigras
in Anaheim, CA., here performing "Slay the Wicked."

Photo by Scott Waters

Stay of Execution Stay 2
Deliverance - Stay of Execution
(Intense) 1992

Deliverance - Stay of Execution [Remastered & Expanded] (Roxx) 2014

1. "Stay of Execution" (4:34)
2. "Window of the Soul" (4:58)
3. "Words to the..." (4:23)
4. "From Once Was" (3:58)
5. "Self-Monger" (3:29)
6. "Horrendous Disc" (5:27)
7. "Lord of Dreams" (5:04)
8. "Ramming Speed" (5:48)
9. "Entombed" (3:46)
10. "Weapons of Out Warfare" [remix] (3:39)

11. Flesh & Blood (25th Anniversary Re-recording) (8:26)
12. I In (25th Anniversary Re-recording) (6:22)
13. What A Joke! (2014 Re-recording) (5:24)

"Stay of Execution" was the fourth album from Deliverance and featured yet another new line-up. Replacing gutiarist George Ochoa is shredder Mike Phillips. Bassist Mike Grato is on board for part of the writing and recording but is replaced by original bassist Brian Khairullah.

"Stay" marks a return to form in my opinion. This CD features more focused songwriting and less silly fillers than on "What A Joke." It's also slightly more technical and melodic than any of their past discs. The album is driven by some big, killer riffs given life by a beefy Mesa Boogie guitar tone. This disc features Jimmy Brown's new "David Bowie" vocal style as well. At the time of it's release, many fans hated it. I thought it worked.

"Ramming Speed" is a killer SLOW and plodding song! Ironic title, huh? "Entombed" is a full on speed metal onslaught. "Stay of Execution" is still one of my favorite Deliverance songs with a huge riff. The remix of "Weapons" is unnecessary but was an attempt by the record company to keep the video alive that was receiving some MTV airplay around this time. The original version on the album by the same name was better.

In 2014 Roxx Records put out a remastered version of "Stay of Execution with three bonus tracks. The first two tracks feature Michael Phillips on guitar, whereas the last song features George Ochoa on guitar. Both guitarists were a big part of the history of Deliverance over the years. The remastering brings out the bottom end of the album making the drums more boomy and the guitars seems a little heavier. There is an 8-page booklet with photos from the 1992 tour, lyrics and liner notes by guitarist/vocalist Jimmy P Brown. Also the booklet features a reversible cover with what the band had intended the original cover to be on the inside and the original cover on the outside. 

My original Intense Record pressing is autographed by Mike Grato (bass), Mike Phillips (guitars) and Jimmy P. Brown (guitars/vocals).

Jimmy Brown 1992 (photo by Rob Colwell)

Mike Grato and myself at Extreme Martigras 2001.

Deliverance - Intense Live Series Vol. 1 (Intense) 1993

1. "in studio" (:53)
2. "Surrender" (5:01)
3. "No Love" (3:20)
4. "in studio" (:15)
5. "This Present Darkness" (2:40)
6. "in studio" (:56)
7. "Stay of Execution" (4:20)
8. "in studio" (:23)
9. "The Call" (4:57)
10. "in studio" (:11)
11. "Mike Phillips guitar solo/No Time" (5:17)

Cool little live EP series that also featured Tourniquet, Mortal, Die Happy, and Rose. I still wish Vengeance Rising and Mortification would have done one of these. D's contribution shows their sense of humor and features some studio mistakes that were intentionally left in. "The Call" features an extended guitar solo by Mike Phillips. As with all the discs in this series, each band did a cover tune. Deliverance chose "Surrender" by Stryper and pulled it off rather well.

Learn Deliverance - Learn (Intense) 1992

1. "Time" (6:19)
2. "1990" (7:01)
3. "Learn" (5:29)
4. "Who Am I" (4:44)
5. "Renew" (3:44)
6. "The Rain" (5:14)
7. "Reflection" (1:43)
8. "In the Will" (4:53)
9. "Desperate Cries" (3:49)
10. "Sanctuary" (7:01)

Manny Morales

I remember fans of the band were disappointed with this album when it first came out. While "Stay of Execution" was a change in style from the band's earlier speed metal platters, it still had the metallic sheen and the speed in parts. "Learn" is a different story. The music is slower than all Deliverance's previous discs, with some obvious influences-David Bowie, Queensryche, Black Sabbath and producer Terry Taylor. (note I said influences, this album doesn't really sound exactly like any of those bands.) Once again the guitars are out front in the mix, with the bass guitar a bit buried. However, it has always been the guitar riffs and the vocals that have impressed me. When this disc came out it dominated my CD player for quite some time. So, while it is an obvious progression in sound, it still sounds like "D" and it still very enjoyable. The Terry Taylor cover "Sanctuary" is one of my all time favorite songs of any band. However, there are several standout cuts on this one. I also love the lyrics on this disc, which are a bit more poetic and personal than on the first three albums. Poor cover art! I paid full price for this one when it came out. Loved it then, love it now, although not a frequent player. When I go to my Deliverance collection I tend to pull out "Weapons" or "Deliverance" before I pull out this one.

River Disturance River Disturbance Collector's Edition
Deliverance - River Disturbance (Brainstorm) 1994
Deliverance - River Disturbance (Collector's Edition) (Retroactive) 2007

1. "Belltown" (4:39)
2. "After I Fell" (4:22)
3. "River Disturbance" (6:36)
4. "Now & Then" (4:33)
5. "Speed of Light" (4:54)
6. "A Little Sleep" (3:45)
7. "Map" (4:52)
8. "You Still Smile" (7:06)
9. "Breathing" (8:02)

10. "I Thought" (3:33)
11. "On the Fritz" (3:36)
12. "Belltown" [Hyper Remix] (5:04)
13 A word from Jimmy P. Brown (12:08)

"River Disturbance" was released in 1994 in a time when heavy metal was fast becoming a dirty word. Jimmy Brown and his band had long since moved away from the thrash and speed metal sound of their early releases. With "Learn" and "Stay of Exection" the band had started moving into a more melodic and groove oriented direction. However, with "River Disturbance", Deliverance almost sounded like a completely different band. There were still heavy songs with that monster guitar tone, such as "Belltown". However, there is a piano ballad title "You Still Smile" and even a rap/rock song with rappers 12th Tribe. Jimmy P. Brown was certainly experimenting with the sound of the band at the time and many fans freaked! Reviews were terrible. I think another thing fans didn't like about the album was the band's look, as they had cut their hair and dressed in suits. I must confess, having been a Deliverance fan since the "Greetings of Death" demo and the California Metal tracks, this threw me for a curve. Still, I never let the band's look get in the way of the music. I loved it then and still do. I said it in my initial review of "River Disturbance" and it deserves repeating, River Disturbance is "THE most underrated big D album!" Every song has a hook. Every song has heart. Even the ballad is heartfelt and not corny in the slightest.

In 2007 Retroactive Records finally re-released the long out of print "River Disturbance" complete with new cover art, updated mastering and several bonus tracks. First of all, the new cover art and layout are far, far superior to the original and fits the music much better. Also, the band photos have been deleted in favor of photos of the band members in monks robs. While it's obviously a bit of Photoshop wizardry, it's still very cool looking. The 8-page full color booklet also includes all the lyrics to the original nine album tracks. Three bonus tracks have been added to the CD. The first is a demo track that was recorded for the album but was not included on the album. "On the Fritz" is a very cool Steve Taylor cover that was originally released on a tribute titled "I Predict a Clone". The last song is an industrial, keyboard/synth heavy remix of "Belltown".

The final track on the disc is a lengthy dialog from Jimmy P. Brown about the album and what was going through his head at the time of recording this record. While this will not be something most fans will listen to more than once or twice, it is a nice addition to the end of the CD and gives a lot insight into the record and how and why it was recorded. One thing I found interesting in the dialog was when Jimmy was quoting reviews off the internet about the album and he quoted my site. Very cool.

My original thoughts on the original River Disturbance release:
Still THE most underrated big D album! Melodic and a tad alternative in parts, far from the speed metal of the past, but a good disc nonetheless. "Belltown" is a monster song with a killer Mesa Boogie crunch! "A Little Sleep" features Christian rappers 12th Tribe. "You Still Smile" is a ballad that will appeal to old married folk like myself. The band's look on this one was...well, think of Kiss on "Dressed to Kill," only Deliverance were serious about it. (Ooo Gees? HA! What A Joke!) Bought this as a new release, now it's a bit hard to find.

Well apparently I was wrong about the band being serious about their look on this disc. Jimmy P Brown II contacted me directly and had this to say:

Hallo there, I am writing in regards to . . . your website on "D". I thought it was, well, interesting and honest . . . we weren't "serious" about our look for "River Disturbance." It was a twist on the Metal scene. For years the Christian metal bands said, that they were ministers disguised as musicians, I twisted it and stated that we were musicians disguised as ministers. I guess you never read that one. As far as the Ooo Gee thing, that was the slogan of the store where we had purchased our clothing at since I didn't want us wearing run of the mill suits.

Thanks again, Jimmy P. Brown

Deliverance - A Decade of Deliverance (Intense) 1995

1. "Victory" (3:46)
2. "No Time" (4:31)
3. "The Call" (4:10)
4. "Flesh & Blood" (7:27)
5. "This Present Darkness" (2:47)
6. "Rescue" (4:40)
7. "After Forever" (5:34)
8. "Prophet of Idiocy" (3:25)
9. "Words to the. . ." (4:23)
10. Ramming Speed" (5:46)
11. "Stay of Execution" [live] (5:16)
12. "Learn" (5:28)
13. "Desperate Cries" (3:48)
14. "Sanctuary" (6:59)

A "best of" compilation from the first five Deliverance releases. What's nice about the package is that it is in chronological order, features song by song liner notes by Jimmy Brown, has cool photos, included a discography, and features a lot of early material. It also includes an unreleased track from the "Weapons" sessions called "Rescue," which is a semi-melodic speed metal number. The bad things about this CD are: they left off "What a Joke," and they goofed up the discography. Other than that, this is a good compilation.

Camelot in Smithereens Deliverance - Camelot in Smithereens (Intense) 1995

1. "Somber Theme (Where Are You)" (5:54)
2. "Lindsey" (4:51)
3. "Not Too Good 4 Me" (5:09)
4. "Anymore" (4:15)
5. "Book Ends" (6:59)
6. "Beauty & the Beast" (3:26)
7. "Make My Bed in Hell" (4:51)
8. "The Red Roof" (5:20)
9. "In U" (4:30)

This disc flopped big time and was the worst selling Deliverance disc of their entire catalogue. Too band 'cause it's a good melodic metal disc. Bought it new but now it's pretty easy to find in the cut out bins. Apparently the disc was named with the intention that it would be the last 'D' album, but of course, God had other plans. In anycase, I really enjoy this disc. It has the melody of "River Disturbance" but the crunch and aggressiveness of 'Learn' or 'Stay'. Take a listen to "Lindsey" or "Book Ends" and see if they don't send chills down your spine, like they did mine. They are both so stinkin' heavy! The bridge in the middle of "Book Ends" is quite cool. The chunky rhythm along with some choice guitar solos had me hooked. I think this might be my favorite song off this particular disc. Then there are songs like the haunting "Anymore" that are more laid back and somber. Also of note was the killer cover of David Bowie's "Beauty & the Beast". Certainly Deliverance took some liberties with this track and made it sound like their own song. Once again, I don't know why this disc sold so poorly. I guess it just wasn't heavy enough for all the death metal heads out there and all those who were into the less brutal styles of metal were off listening to their Pearl Jam and Nirvana CDs. Their loss.

Back in the Day First Four Years
Deliverance - Back in the Day: the First Four Years
(Magdalene/M8) 2000
Deliverance - The First Four Years (Magdalene/M8) 2007

1. Narration (4:30)
2. "Who Will Save the Children" (4:02)
3. "Stand Up and Fight" (4:44)
4. Narration (3:03)
5. "No Time" [live] (4:12)
6. Narration (3:14)
7. Talk From the Stage [live] (2:19)
8. "Fortress" [live] (5:26)
9. "Deliverance" [live] (3:24)
10. Narration (4:01)
11. "Attack" (3:53)
12. "A Space Called You" (3:59)
13. Narration (4:25)
14. "Hold On Tightly" (3:39)
15. "J.I.G." (2:01)
16. "Temporary Insanity" (5:26)
Jimmy Brown 2001
Jimmy Brown

There are two possible ways to look at this CD If you are a VERY dedicated Deliverance fan and have to own everything they ever did, then I suppose that this disc could be considered a treasure as there is a large amount of unreleased material. The other way to look at it is, this is just a way to milk money out of fans using the Deliverance name. This is a documentary of sorts, with Jimmy Brown narrating through the first four "unsigned" years of Deliverance. The sound quality is so poor at times that it is unlistenable in my opinion. Some of the material is just boom box recordings. The demo material is very rough. The live material is even worse. What I was expecting when I purchased this disc was songs from the excellent "Greetings of Death" demo and some other early material, perhaps even the obscure material off the "California Metal" compilation. I'm not sure why but Jimmy Brown decided it was better to put on rough mixes of these obscure songs ("Attack" and "A Space Called You,") instead of the final mix versions that appeared on the compilation. The chorus to "Hold On Tightly" sounds a lot like "Surrender" by Stryper. I guess this is more of a collector's disc than anything else, either that or it's just a disc for suckers. Hmmm, well, I suppose that would make me the sucker. Originally released in 2000 on M8 Records. Re-released in 2007 with new artwork. The music is also 'remastered' but to be honest, it doesn't help the raw recordings all that much.

Deliverance - Greetings of Death, Etc. (Retroactive) 2001

1. "Victory" (3:45)
2. "Greetings of Death" (3:01)
3. "No Time" (4:29)
4. "J.I.G. (Jesus is God)" (:50)
5. "Speckled Bird" (1:20)
6. "Awake" (5:05)
7. "Attack" (3:54)
8. "A Space Called You" (3:59)
9. "Weapons of Our Warfare" (4:36)
10. "This Present Darkness" (2:51)
11. "Greetings of Death" (2:43)
12. "Resume" [instrumental] (4:17)
13. "Stay the Wicked" [instrumental version] (3:38)
14. "Solitude" [instrumental version] (5:32)
15. "23" [instrumental version] (1:23)
16. 1992 Jimmy Brown radio interview (4:55)

Jimmy Brown circa 1985-86

Now, this is a nice addition to my Deliverance collection, unlike the "Back in the Day" CD. I owned a copy of the 1986 Greetings of Death demo tape for years. I played it so much that it started squealing. So, it's nice to finally have these songs on CD Add to that the two California Metal tracks, some "Weapons" pre-production demos and an interview and you have one fine collectors disc. Only thing missing is the original demo cover art. Too bad they didn't decide to use it, or at least include it in the cover somewhere. The liner notes includes some thoughts from Jimmy Brown on each demo. I should also mention that the song "Speckled Bird" is a goofy (on purpose) country song.

Originally released on CD in 2001 on M8 Records, Retroactive re-issued this CD in 2007 with superior artwork. The cover art is similar to the original, but replaces the cartoony logo with the Deliverance logo. Also, the graphics and text throughout are improved. As well, the music has been remastered.

Assimilation 01 Assimilation 07
Deliverance - Assimilation
(Indie Dreams) 2001
Deliverance - Assimilation (Expanded Edition) (Retroactive) 2007

1. "The Limitless Light" (3:24)
2. "From the Beginning" (3:05)
3. "Assimilation" (5:20)
4. "The Circle" (4:27)
5. "Sell Your Soul" (4:33)
6. "The Search" (4:02)
7. "The Learned Man" (4:14)
8. "Between 2 Worlds" (3:35)
9. "Impressions" (3:21)
10. "Save Me From..." (4:09)

Expanded Edition Bonus Disc
11. "The Limitless Light" [demo] (3:24)
12. "Sell Your Soul" [demo] (4:32)
13. "The Search" [demo] (3:59)
14. "Save Me From" [demo] (4:12)
15. "Assimilation" [instrumental demo] (5:16)
16. "Between 2 Worlds" [instrumental demo] (3:53)
17. "The Limitless Light" [instrumental demo] (3:22)
18. "The Circle" [instrumental demo] (4:24)
19. "Sell Your Soul" [instrumental demo] (4:31)
20. "The Search" [instrumental demo] (3:56)
21. "Impressions" [instrumental demo] (3:31)
22. "The Learned Man" [instrumental demo] (4:22)
23. "From the Beginning" [instrumental demo] (3:01)
24. "Save Me From…" [instrumental demo] (4:13)

Deliverance 2001

Well, after several years of rumors of a reformation, in 2001 we finally get a new disc from Jimmy Brown, Manny Morales, and a host of new members. Being a "D" fan since their early demo days, I bought this the day it became available. Right off the bat I noted that the cover art was very cool, perhaps one of their best since "Weapons of Our Warfare." The illustration of the old Deliverance "iron cross" breaking away and giving way to a shiny new Deliverance cross is a tell tale story of what to expect in the music. The sticker on the front of the disc (put on by the store) stated that this was "heavy progressive metal with industrial influences." Upon first listen I would agree with the label, but would be lying if I did not admit I was more than disappointed. There is no more speed, no more aggression, no more killer riffs, no shredding guitar solos, no double bass. Argh! Picture a mixture of mid-paced "River of Disturbance" and "Camelot in Smithereens" with some electronica elements thrown in. What I was really hoping for was the Deliverance of old. Perhaps this was due to the rumors that Deliverance were "returning to their roots." I should have known that this rumor is usually never true. After getting over my initial disappointment however, I gave the discs several listens over the weeks in hopes of the music growing on me. I must say that it did a bit; it must have since I continued to play it. It's hard for a longtime fan to not compare the music to the discs that he cherishes, but if you can separate the band from their past then this disc can be an enjoyable listen. Believe me when I say though that this is a very different Deliverance. I think I'll go pop on some "Weapons of Our Warfare" and relive the glory days of Deliverance. My copy is autographed by Jimmy Brown (guitars/vocals) and Manny Morales (bass).

"Assimilation" was originally released in 2001 on the Indie Dream Records label. Unfortunately the label did little to promote this album and it was soon out of print and nearly impossible to find. In 2007 Retroactive Records repackaged "Assimilation" with an additional bonus disc of demo material. According to the liner notes, the demos were Jimmy Brown’s first venture into recording in his home using Pro Tools and his computer. The demo material sounds great. Usually when I think "demo", I think cheap, rough recordings. However, the fidelity on these tracks are excellent and well worth a listen for the "D" die-hard. The original album is included in it's entirety as well and is remastered. The cover of this re-release was altered from the original as well and now includes the old, classic Deliverance logo. I personally like the newer cover better. For those who don't have the original release, or for those die-hard Deliverance collectors, the Retroactive re-release is essential.

Live at Cornerstone 2001 Deliverance - Live at Cornerstone 2001 (M8) 2001

1. "Weapons Intro" (2:18)
2. "Stay of Execution" (4:15)
3. introductions (2:56)
4. "No Time" (4:37)
5. "Learn" (4:55)
6. "What A Joke" (5:13)
7. "Belltown" (4:10)
8. "Psalm 23" (5:19)
9. "Weapons of our Warfare" (4:29)
10. thanks (3:39)
11. "Victory" (3:53)
12. "Words To The..." (4:06)
13. "Sanctuary" (7:53)

Man this band has more 'collectors discs' that have come out in the past couple of years. This is like the third from M8 plus the band released their new disc 'Assimilation' only a few months before the release of this disc. Anyhow, this live release is a nice addition to the collection. Deliverance perform a variety of tracks from all their albums, with a noticeable exception to the new CD. Hmmm...I had heard they performed a few new songs at this show, so I am not sure if this is the entire set or not. The performance itself is tight and the band sounds alive and refreshed. Jimmy Brown's vocals are strong and sound as good as ever. Overall, an excellent live disc from Jimmy and Co. The only complaint I have is that this disc, as with the other Cornerstone 2001 releases in this series, has seriously cheap packaging with very little in the way of photos.

I was sent this email about the concert that gives some insight into this recording:
I was at Cornerstone...they played a CD release concert July 4th around 11 pm which was recorded, and yes they played a couple new songs, "Limitless Light" and "From The Beginning". Deliverance was scheduled to play 80's metal retro night on the 5th (when all other recordings were made), but were bumped off the bill due to time restraints (bummer). I guess they were chosen because they had already played and been recorded. Anyway, I assume these songs were excluded because the (new) disc had just been released. They played extra long that night as they were the last band. Guardian was late arriving on the 5th and Deliverance almost got to play (apparently they were queued up) but Guardian showed at the last minute. Just thought I'd clear that up for you. - Brian Jobe

Deliverance - As Above - So Below (Retroactive) 2007

1. "Legum Servi Sumus Ut Liberi Esse Possimus (Intro)" (3:39)
2. "Cause & Effect" (4:03)
3. "Return To Form" (4:05)
4. "As Above – So Below" (4:46)
5. "Screaming" (4:33)
6. "Should We Cross Paths" (4:02)
7. "Contempt" (4:02)
8. "Thistles" [instrumental] (11:21)
9. "My Love" (4:59)
10. "Enlightened" (5:32)

After six long years Deliverance return with their ninth full length studio release. "As Above - So Below" marks the return of guitar shredder Mike Phillips to the fold. His smokin' lead work is a blessed reunion in this fan's opinion. It's also noteworthy to mention that former drummer Kevin Lee makes a guest appearance on three tracks here as well. With "As Above", Deliverance move away from the electronic sounds of "Assimilation" and Jimmy Brown's Fearful Symmetry project and return to a guitar driven heavy metal sound. The album opens with "Legum Servi Sumus Ut Liberi Esse Possimus", an ominous, instrumental introduction that is a mix of keyboards and orchestration. This is sure to be the band's concert opening for any shows in support of "As Above-So Below". However, I also felt that this opening was the weak spot of the CD. It's a bit long, at nearly three and a half minutes. After hearing the CD all the way through the first couple times, I began to skip track one to get to the actual songs. The first track after the intro is "Cause & Effect", a heavy track with some speed metal influences blended in. I just can't see any longtime Deliverance fan not enjoying this song. This is Deliverance! Heavy as a loaded freight train running down the tracks. "Return to Form" is a scathing song and is probably my favorite song off this album. The song starts off with a chaotic, blistering guitar and drum assault that recalls Slayer before breaking into a heavy, fast paced song that sounds exactly like what I had hoped for from Deliverance. "Return to Form" also features a blistering guitar solo from guitarist Mike Phillips. The title track, "My Love" and "Enlighten Me" all deliver an abundance of melody, and have a sound that would have been at home on "Learn" or even the underrated "River Disturbance". "Screaming" is a somber, melodic number that also sounds like it could have been written for "River Disturbance". "My Love" is a fast paced speed metal number that should please fans of classic Deliverance. "As Above – So Below" even finds Deliverance composing a lengthy, eleven minute instrumental entitled "Thistles". This song mixes some heavy guitar jams with some more melancholy acoustic guitar and piano parts. Jimmy Brown's vocal approach on this album favors the soulful, gothic, David Bowie sound that he began using on albums like "Learn" and "River Disturbance". There are no high, soaring screams like on those early "D" platters. I've heard a few fans comment that they didn't think there were any hooks on the album. Those people would do well to listen again, as the hooks run deep and thick. However, "As Above - So Below" may take more than one listen to really begin to digest all that is going on. "As Above..." can best be described as a creative blending of all past "D" albums, sitting closer to the "Learn" and "River Disturbance" sound, than to the thrashier "Weapons" stuff. I think most long time Deliverance fans will enjoy this album, unless anyone was holding out for Weapons of our Warfare Part 2. Personally, I haven't been able to get this CD out of my player since purchasing it.

In visiting the various metal discussion boards, the title track seems to be causing some confusion. Deliverance have always promoted Christian ideals. The confusion seems to be due to the fact that the phrase "As above, so below" and "so mote it be" circulate throughout Wiccan, pagan and magical circles, as well as in Free Masonry. I believe Jimmy Brown is using some artist license here and isn't promoting anything pagan. In fact, the lyrics read almost like a Psalm. "Let the mountains shake and the rocks declare Your glory, As it is with You, so mote it be with me. Let the rivers run strong and all nature bow with humility, as it is with You, so mote it be with me." Inasmuch it seems to me that Jimmy is trying to echo the Psalmists and using the phrase 'so mote it be with me' as an artistic way of saying 'so must it be with me.'

According to Jimmy Brown himself:
Some years ago, after discovering that I was Jewish and that our family was Jewish, but denounced it when coming to this country from Germany during WWI. I wanted to study Judaism from an actual Rabbi and discover this religion that "Jesus" Himself practiced...In these studies, I discovered Kaballah. I was fascinated with it. I studied and continue to study as I find it incredible. The thing that amazes me is that there is so many similarities to what we have all learned as Christians thru the Bible, as well as near direct quotes that we read Jesus saying. Except that these writings pre-date Jesus time here on Earth by up to 1500 years... It is pretty awesome! Of course, the root is all Torah... (The Bible of the Day b4 the New Testament). At any rate, the phrase "As Above - So Below" is used in the Sefer Yitzarah, the oldest manuscript known in Kaballah and Judaism...These writing PRE DATE ANY WICCAN WRITINGS! (quotes taken from Jimmy Brown on the Christian Metal Realm, May 10, 2007)

My copy is autographed by gutiarist Mike Phillips and bassist Tim Kronyak when I shared the stage with them at Mike Phillips "Mirrors Within Mirrors" CD release party.

Temporary Insanity Temporary Insanity
Temporary Insanity  - A Tribute to Deliverance
(Roxx Records) 2010

Deliverance were the subject of a tribute CD in which Deliverance themselves recorded a few songs. The first 100 pre-orders received two Deliverance guitar picks and the autographed alternative cover pictured above. The cover is signed by Jim Chaffin (drums), Michael Phillips (guitars), Brian Khairullah (bass), Tim Kronyak (bass) and Jimmy Brown (guitars/vocals). Full review here.

Hear What I Say! Deliverance - Hear What I Say! (Roxx) 2013

1. Liber III (Intro) (1:02)
2. The Annals Of Subterfuge (4:42)
3. Angst (4:08)
4. Hope Lies Beyond (4:44)
5. Detox (3:38)
6. Nude (4:29)
7. Passing (4:05)
8. A Perfect Sky (5:05)
9. Where Eagles Dare (6:02)
10. Entgiftung ('Detox' German Version) (3:38)
BONUS TRACK (on pre-release sampler only)
11. Hear What I Say! (Album Sampler) (8:06)

The Big D, as fans so affectionately call Deliverance, have finally delivered the long-awaited, much-anticipated new album "Hear What I Say!" The initial hype was the the album would feature members from the first album and was to be titled "The Annals of Subterfuge". Instead, the line-up consists of founder, guitarist, and vocalist Jimmy Brown, longtime guitarist Michael Phillips, longtime bassist Manny Morales and drummer Jayson Sherlock, formerly of Mortification and Parameacium. According to Brown this will be the last album for Deliverance.

"Hear What I Say!" has a little bit of everything pulling from the band's past. However the overall album might be a disappointment to anyone hoping for that reunion of the early Deliverance members, because this in not a straight-forward speed metal/thrash metal album like those early D albums. In fact, I'd say that "Hear What I Say" is a blending of "Stay of Execution", "Lean" and the wonderfully progressive "River Disturbance" and fits neatly against their last album "As Above, So Below". After a short opening, the albums first track is "The Annals of Subterfuge". This song was leaked in demo form on the 2013 Thrashmageddon CD. The song fits in nicely with the thrashers on that platter, as the song is heavy, fast and recalls the faster material on "Stay of Execution". Brown sings with a slight grit and a bit of snarl. Follow-up track "Angst" is another up-beat speed metal number. The song features a huge groove-based bridge in the middle of the song driven by a crunchy guitar tone and ending up with more stellar guitar-work from Phillips. The remainder of the album moves away from speed metal and becomes much more melodic and progressive. A song like "Hope Lies Beyond" definitely would have fit nicely on the more melodic "River Disturbance" album. Actually, the melodic "Nude" would also have fit on that album. "Detox" is a heavier groove based song while "Passing" are more straight-forward heavy metal songs. The band also pull off a smokin' cover of Iron Maiden's "Where Eagles Dare". The album ends with an acoustic number titled "A Perfect Sky", that is mostly just a guitar with Brown singing along. His vocals are solid throughout, staying mostly in the mid-range, Bowie-esque style and rarely in the rafters like some of the "Weapons" material. 

Deliverance's final album features some of their best drum-work to date and some fine shredding from Sir Phillips. Having Manny Morales return to the fold really works in the band's favor as well. Whereas the bass was nearly buried on many of the early D albums, his thumping bass lines can clearly be heard throughout this album. It's a shame that Deliverance are hanging it up but if you are going to go out, go out on a high note. "Hear What I Say!" is definitely a high note.

Deliverance - The Subversive Kind (Roxx) 2018

1.     Bring 'Em Down (3:39)
2.     Concept of the Other (3:54)
3.     Center of It All (3:42)
4.     The Black Hand (3:52)
5.     Epilogue (4:01)
6.     Listen Closely (3:28)
7.     The Subversive Kind (4:14)
8.     The Fold (4:30)

Back in 2013 "Hear What I Say" was released and was supposed to be the band's last album. However, in 2017 the band came back and started up a Kickstarter campaign to record a new album that was promised to be "what the fan's have been asking for. A return to the speed metal sound". This album was spearheaded by guitarist & vocalist Jimmy Brown, along with drummer Jim Chaffin (The Crucified/Once Dead). Former lead guitarist Glenn Rogers was brought back in the late hour to lay down some choice licks and the bass work was done by former Tourniquet bassist Victor Macias. Former Crucified guitarist Greg Minier is also brought in to lay down some of the more melodic guitar leads.

So is "The Subversive Kind" a "return to form". Indeed it is. The albums consists of eight fast and furious tracks that recall the band's early years without purposely treading old ground. Whereas "Hear What I Say" tried to bring in bits and pieces of all the band's styles over they last couple decades, "The Subversive Kind" sticks to one style. In fact, "The Subversive Kind" is the band's most solid album front to back since their 1990's heyday.

The album opens with  "Bring 'Em Down", a heavy groove-based metal song that gives way to a couple thrashers in "Concept of the Other" and" Center of It All". Both songs are fast, furious, short and to the point. No lengthy intros or drawn out musical interludes. "The Black Hand" is probably the oddball track on the album as it is a bit more "modern" sounding than the first three tracks, but still manages to fit in with the over sound and style of the album. For the most part the remaining tracks are all excellent speed-metal romps that should please fans of the band's first three albums.

No, The Subversive Kind is not "Weapons of our Warfare" Part 2, but it is a solid and completely enjoyable return to their roots. Speed metal, crunchy riffs and memorable songs are the keys here. Easily one of the top metal releases of 2018 for me.

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