Jerusalem are one of the earliest Christian hard rock bands with a history dating back to the mid-70's. The band's mainstay is founder/guitarist Ulf Christiansson.

Warrior Jerusalem - Warrior (Lamb&Lion) 1982

1. "Constantly Changing"
2. "Warrior"
3. "Pilgrim"
4. "It's Mad"
5. "Man Of The World"
6. "Sodom"
7. "Ashes In Our Hands"
8. "Farewell"

One of the few, true, classic rock and roll albums from a Christian band. Back when I was in college in the 1980s, one of my roommates had this LP. He thought the album was weak, as it was being marketed at the time as a heavy metal album. While Jerusalem do have a hard rock sound on some songs, they are no where near what metal was by 1982. This is no Black Sabbath or Judas Priest. However, that doesn't mean the album is weak. It was just marketed improperly. Rather, "Warrior" is a melodic album with great musicianship and straight-forward, grab you by the heartstrings lyrics. Jerusalem's "Warrior" may not appeal to everyone, but for me, it is one of those albums that I hold as a classic.

10 Years After Jerusalem-10 Years After (Refuge) 1988

1. "Noah" (3:33)
2. "Mr. Ego" (3:22)
3. "Wake Up" (5:35)
4. "The Flower" (4:14)
5. "Constantly Changing" (5:51)
6. "Warrior" (6:15)
7. "It's Mad" (5:39)
8. "Practice What You Preach" (3:34)
9. "Reach for the Stars" (3:43)
10. "Can't Stop Us Now" (4:04)
11. "The Wind is Blowing" (4:26)
12. "Lets Go Dancing" (3:43)
13. "In His Majesty's Service" [live] (4:38)
14. "Read Between the Lines" (4:10)
15. "Rebels of Jesus Christ" [unlisted track] (3:18)
16. "Plunder Hell and Populate Heaven" (4:05)
17. "Dancing on the Head of the Serpent" (4:05)

Jerusalem are one of Christian rock's oldest bands, as this disc is a testimony of. I use to own a few other albums and cassettes by Jerusalem besides this "best of" collection, but traded them off and have yet to replace them all with CD copies. One that I miss the most is "Warrior." "10 Years After" contains a few songs off that classic record so this compilation will have do for now. This disc is actually a decent retrospective of one of Christianity's earliest and longest running hard rock bands. The single disc CD version contains both of what was a two record set. Record once consisted of "The Early Years," record two was "The Latter Years". The band's early material is a mixture of keyboard and guitar oriented hard rock, while the latter material seems to have the band searching for a style. Some of this material is keyboard laced 80's new wave rock, while the material off "Dancing on the Head of the Serpent" is more guitar fronted heavy metal. The track listing on the back of the CD and inserts is incorrect. "Covered by Blood" is not included on this compilation at all, while track 15 "Rebels of Jesus Christ," one of the band's hardest rockers, is not listed at all. Also the time listings are inaccurate.

Prophet Jerusalem-Prophet (VIVA) 1994

1. "City On Fire" (5:39)
2. "Risen" (5:07)
3. "The Waiting Zone" (4:41)
4. "Umbrella" (5:36)
5. "Be There With You" (6:43)
6. "On The Road" (3:22)
7. "Likes Them" (4:10)
8. "Truth" (4:52)
9. "Face In The Crowd" (5:50)
10. "Tomorrow" (4:17)
11. "Berlin 38 (Next Year In Jerusalem)" (9:05)
12. "Soldier" (5:40)

Man, it's been a long time since I have heard this name. Jerusalem are one of Christian rocks longest running bands, whose history dates back to the 70's. That can't really be said about many Christian bands. In any case, I am not that familiar with the band's catalog with the exception of "Warrior" "Dancing on the Head of the Serpent" and "10 Years After". However, I do know that Jerusalem have always been a band to try to stay current and more or less they follow the trends in music. Some of their music has an 80's new wave sound, while other albums have a more heavy metal approach, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Most people classify Jerusalem as a heavy metal band, but the music contained on this disc has more in common with U2 than it does with Judas Priest or even Led Zeppelin. As a matter of fact, the guitar sound on this particular album sound very similar to U2. It is quite obvious that the band was heavily influenced by Bono and his bunch, although I can't say they sound like a carbon copy. One first listen I didn't hear much I liked and was a bit disappointed. However, there is something compelling and emotional about this disc that held my attention and drew me back for yet another listen. "Prophet" isn't the hard rocking album that I was expecting, but it's still a good album with a great message and some very emotional songwriting. Pop this one in while your kicking back late in the evening, laying in bed. It's actually a good listen.

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