Killswitch Engage

Cracked Killswitch Engage (Ferret Records) 2000

1. "Temple From the Within" (3:45)
2. "Vide Infra" (3:34)
3. "Irreversal" (4:17)
4. "Rusted Embrace" (4:25)
5. "Prelude" (1:55)
6. "Soilborn" (3:27)
7. "Numb Sickened Eyes" (3:35)
8. "In the Unblind" (2:52)
9. "One Last Sunset" (3:57

Without a doubt, Killswitch Engage are one of the most requested bands on my site. People have sent me CD-R after CD-R to check out of these guys and to be honest, they just never did anything for me. The music is full-on RAGE; pure anger put to music. The songs just lack much in the way of melody or memorability to me. However, upon receiving this original copy of the band's first album in the mail, I gave 'em another shot and much to my surprise I enjoyed this particular CD this time around. I don't know if the CD-Rs I have recieved in the past were different albums or not, but this one has some redeeming qualities. First of all the tracks "Temples from the Within" and "Vide Nfra" are both stinkin' heavy as an elephant on steroid and immediately commanded my attention. I still think that both songs could have benefitted from a guitar lead or two, but for metalcore, mallcore or whatever you want to label these guys, these two songs aren't bad. As a matter of fact, there were quite a few good riffs scattered throughout this disc. Perhaps with time this one will grow on me even more. I must confess, however, that towards the end of the CD I was beyond tired of hearing the singer screaming at me. If this guy didn't lose his voice after each and every gig, I'd be surprised. I realize this isn't much of a review, but it will have to do for now until I am able to spend some time with this disc. Who knows, I may revisit this review sometime down the road. In the meantime, all you Killswitch fans can take comfort in the fact that they are finally a part of this site.

On January 11th, 2005 Ferret Records re-released a remixed and remastered version of this CD that also contains new artwork, and contains the band's entire 1999 demo as bonus tracks.

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