Last Chapter

Last Chapter - the Living Waters (Brainticket) 1997

1. "H Sequence" [instrumental] (:35)
2. "Thorn of Creation" (6:10)
3. "Coma Crowd" (4:44)
4. "The Belated" (4:04)
5. "The Living Waters" (5:59)
6. "In the Wake of Delusion" (6:40)
7. "Dimensions" (4:00)
8. "A Warning Never Heard" [instrumental] (1:50)
9. "Things to Come" (8:39)

WOW! This was a surprise. Heavy, progressive and eerie doom metal that takes inspiration from bands like Trouble, Black Sabbath, Genesis and King Crimson. Seriously, the band even lists these bands as inspiration on the inside sleeve of the cd. Even without that list, however, these influences are apparent but I would also add Saint Vitus to the list as well. The dark, heavy music could be a soundtrack to a horror movie. The lyrics deal with "Revelation," end time themes, much of which is out of the Bible. Robert Lowe of Solitude Aeturnus is the vocalist. Great metal disc!

Path to Always Last Chapter-Paths to Always (Brainticket) 2002

1. "Paths to Always" (6:13)
2. "A Little Slumber" (7:59)
3. "Three, Two, One..." (4:55)
4. "Dead End Ride" (5:59)
5. "In Time" (5:55)
6. "F.N.G." (7:36)
7. "The Yard" (8:44)

Ahhhhhh, it's so cool to hear REAL doom metal! Not death metal played at the wrong speed. Not hippie-dippie groove rock, but real doom metal. It's been a long time since this band's debut release, but "Path to Always" is an excellent follow-up. It really sounds like little time has past between the two releases. The big exception is the addition of vocalist Shawn Green, who is a name I am familiar with but for some reason cannot remember who he has played with in the past. Shawn is a great singer who uses a clean high-to-mid range vocal style that fits in well with the slow, epic sludge. However, he does not sound like Rob Lowe, who sang in on the last cd, thus giving the album a slightly different character than the debut. Regardless, Brainticket has released a winner with this one. Not since the days of Black Sabbath, early Trouble, or certainly Candlemass, has there been a doom metal album that has captured my attention from the beginning to the end. Must also give a big thumbs up to the lyrics which are written from a Christian viewpoint dealing with prophetic and end-time topics. The liner notes were an interesting read as well. The sad news is that the band broke up shortly before this cd was released in March 2002.

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