Death/Thrash Metal from New Jersey, USA.

Perfect Creation Pale Horse - Until the Last Seal is Opened... (Bombworks) 2005

1. "Iniquity" (3:58)
2. "Finding Solace" (3:24)
3. "Sublime Kingdom" (4:33)
4. "False Prophets Among Us" (2:42)
5. "Through the Eyes of Deception" (3:08)
6. "The Treasure" (:52)
7. "Persecution" (4:48)
8. "Dimenision of Emancipation" (3:49)
9. "Valley of the Raped Souls" (2:48)
10. "When Anger Forms Paranoia" (4:04)
11. "Head of John" (5:18)
12. "Bitter Fruits of Temptation" (3:33)
13. "Resurrectionist '94" (4:54)
14. "Bitter Fruits of Temptation" [unmixed] (3:31)
15. "Resurrectionist '94" [unmixed] (4:50)

Back in the day I had this old tape by a thrash/death band called Pale Horse. If I am not mistaken it was on the now defunct A.R.T. Records. In anycase, imagine my surprise to find out that not only is that old cassette tape being re-released on CD but the band is still together and working on a new CD. In 2004 Pale Horse signed a deal with Bombworks Records to release all of their past demos and albums on one CD. "Until the Last Seal is Open..." is the fruits of that deal. Pale Horse delivers a unique blend of death metal, thrash, and doom. At times the band reminds me of bands like Sepultura and Death, while at others their slow, doomy dirge reminds me of Paramaecium. That is not to say that Pale Horse are some sort of copycat band. On the contrary Pale Horse are just as good as and were from around the same time period as their contemporaries. Pale Horse also knows how to keep an album interesting. There is a good variety of speeds, tempos and riffs scattered throughout to keep the entire thirteen songs an interesting listen. The vocals are harsh, riding a fence between extreme thrash and death metal. Personally I think the vocals fit the unpolished, aggressive sound of the music. On the downside, since much of this material is demo material and are not from the same source, nor recorded at the same time, the sound fluctuates a bit. However, there really is nothing on here that is unlistenable. Production aside, this is a solid CD and I anxiously await something new from these guys. In the meantime, make sure you pick up a copy of this limited edition Bombworks release before it becomes scarce.

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