Punky Meadows


The First Defiance Punky Meadows - Fallen Angel (Main Man) 2016

1. Descent [intro] (1:04)
2. The Price You Pay [intro] (3:50)
3. Straight Shooter (4:06)
4. Breathless And Jaded (2:36)
5. Loaded Gun (3:16)
6. Lost And Lonely (3:15)
7. Home Wrecker (4:40)
8. I Wanna Be Your Drug (3:07)
9. Leaving Tonight (5:31)
10. Searching' (4:07)
11. Something Strange (3:41)
12. Shadow Man (5:20)
13. Shake Shake (5:06)
14. Summertime Love (3:20)
15. Fallen Angel [instrumental] (3:11)

Pinky Meadows is best known from the 1970's pomp-rock band Angel. "Fallen Angel" is Punky's first solo album. He has been mostly absent from music over the years though he did make some guest appearances on the 1999 Angel record which featured original members Frank DiMino (vocals) and Barry Brandt (drums). Just a few months earlier Frank DiMino also released his first solo album. In Punky's press release the album is described as "a very diverse rock album with 15 very catchy songs that [Punky] co-wrote with close friend, and rhythm guitarist for his new band, Danny Farrow." Farrow is mostly known for his work with Lords of Mercy. Together the two have written a solid hard rock record that isn't shy on hooks and some songs which wouldn't be out of place on an old Angel record. In fact Angel bassist Felix Robinson is along for the ride as well

The album opens up with a section of the old Angel live intro, which is cool. Many of these guys from the classic 70's bands seem to want to distance themselves from what made them famous to begin with. Punky seems to embrace it. Amazingly, despite being in his mid-sixties, Meadows tan, fit and still looks like he could play in a glam band. Punky's Whips indeed! But what really matters in the music and Punky can still tear up a fret-board as well as write a  solid hard rock album. The album probably won't gain Punky a while host of new fans but those who are already familiar with his work will be able to appreciate the catchy refrains and musical hooks. It's also important to note that the vocals on the album are well done. When I first spun the disc I wondered if Meadows himself was handling the vocals himself but upon further examination vocal duties are handled by Chandler Mogel, who doesn't have quite the same unique charisma as former Angel bandmate Frank DiMino, but who is a fine vocalist in his own right. The albums appropriately ends with an instrumental which gives Punky a chance to shine.

"Fallen Angel" is a fine return to the spotlight from the former Angel guitarist. It is a solid, guitar-driven, melodic hard rock album. Welcome back Punky. Any chance we might see you and DiMino combining forces in the future for a new Angel record?

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