Rhino Bucket Rhino Bucket (Reprise) 1990

1. "One Night Stand" (4:03)
2. "Beg for Your Love" (4:30)
3. "Train Ride" (4:14)
4. "Going Down Tonight" (4:04)
5. "Even the Sun Goes Down" (3:59)
6. "Blood on the Cross" (3:52)
7. "Shot Down" (4:25)
8. "I'd Rather Go Insane" (3:24)
9. "Inside/Outside" (3:39)
10. "Ride the Rhino" (2:53)

Rhino Bucket's self titled debut album is full of simple, boogie 'n' blues based hard rock. Rhino Bucket are one of the many, many bands that were inspired by AC/DC. At times the similarities to AC/DC are uncanny. However, Rhino Bucket also have subtle differences that distinguish them. The biggest link to AC/DC is the vocals. Vocalist Georg Dolivo has a snarl that is similar to the late, great Bon Scott, but his tone is quite different. Overall, I don't find them to be any more a clone than Dirty Looks, Krokus, Dangerous Toys, etc. Rhino Bucket just play good time rock and roll with plenty of attitude and a whole lot of hook.

Theatre of Fate Rhino Bucket - Pain (Moonstone) 1994

1. "Pain" (4:34)
2. "I Stand Before You" (6:15)
3. "Too Much Talk" (4:36)
4. "Blow By Blow" (4:27)
5. "Mad Maggie" (3:28)
6. "Bird On A Wire" (5:25)
7. "What'd You Expect" (4:48)
8. "I Was Told" (3:47)
9. "The Hard Grind" (4:16)
10. "World Gone Mad" (5:05)

Solid hard rock with a big AC/DC influence. This being the first Rhino Bucket CD I've heard, I can most certainly hear why people label them as an AC/DC clone, but at the same time, "Pain" seems a bit darker and more moody than AC/DC. So, rather than give them the "clone" label, I would say they wear their influences on their sleeve. However, with Simon Wright, an ex-AC/DC member, on drums my point may be mute. (Wright has also been a member of Dio) Regardless, "Pain" is chock full of heavy, boogie rockers and is a good, heavy, rock 'n' roll album. Georg Dolivo has a gravely, Bon Scott-like howl that works well. "Pain", "Mad Maggie", "Bird On A Wire" and "Hard Grind" are all standout cuts. "Mad Maggie" even has some slide guitar that reminded me of "Rocks'-era Aerosmith. Fans of bands like Broken Teeth, Dirty Looks, Kix, and of course AC/DC, should find something to like here.

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