Rock Goddess

Theocracy Rock Goddess - Anthology  (Renaissance Records) 2007

1.      Hell Hath No Fury (4:06)
2.      I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock & Roll) (3:34)
3.      Hold Me Down (4:01)
4.      God Be With You (3:27)
5.      Heartache (03:45)
6.      My Angel (3:01)
7.      In the Heart of Night (3:15)
8.      Heavy Metal Rock 'N' Roll (2:49)
9.      Young and Free (2:46)
10.     One Way Love (3:20)
11.     To Be Betrayed (4:07)
12.     Satisfied The Crucified (2:56)
13.     Gotta Let Your Hair Down (3:20)
14.     Love Is a Bitch (2:49)
15.     Boys Will Be Boys (2:19)
16.     The Love Lingers Still (2:53)
17.     In the Night (4:17)
18.     I've Seen It All Before (4:18)
19.     Hey Lover (3:26)
20.     No More (3:17)
21.     Hello (3:36)
22.     Sexy Eyes (3:36)

Rock Goddess was an all-female, English heavy metal/hard rock band that emerged in the early-1980’s during the height of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). The band was formed by frighteningly young sisters  (9 & 13 years old) Jody Turner (guitar and vocals) and Julie Turner (drums) with their dad managing them. They were frequently (and rightly) compared to metal titans Girlschool, but to be honest, these gals have as much in common with The Runaways as they do with Girlschool. The band draws their sound from a vast history of hard rock and metal, with a heaping helping of the NWOBHM sound. For the most part the music is upbeat with those early 80's guitar tones and party/anthem type songs. Much like a lot of the lighter NWOBHM fare, Rock Goddess have a pop sensibility that is forged in steel with a tough looking image and sound. Vocalist Jody Turner has a gritty voice that adds to the band's toughness. The title of their song "Heavy Metal Rock 'n' Roll" is actually a great definition of the sound of the band.

This compilation features a mixture of songs from their three albums. The songs from the band's debut have the heaviest sound, being produced by Motorhead producer Vic Maile. The album produced the minor hit single "My Angel" which managed to chart in the UK. The song is an upbeat, meaty rocker with a sing-along chorus. Their follow-up was produced by renouned metal producer Chris Tsangarides, who polished the band up just a bit so that these songs lose their charm slightly to the grittier debut. The album was released in two different editions; the American release having different cover art and track listing than the European release. Still, their sophomore album scored a minor hit with the title track, "Hell Hath No Fury". Their third album was recorded in 1985 and not released until 1987 on a small French label. As such, it might have been a good idea to put the tracks on this compilation in chronological order, but alas that is not the case. The first four songs come off "Hell Hath No Fury", then the track listing jumps around from all three albums. Frankly, at 22 songs, this compilation is a bit labor-some to listen to in one sitting. However, at 22 songs, unless anyone is a Girlschool fanatic, this compilation might be all they need to satisfy a craving for Rock Goddess' brand of British Heavy Metal.

"Anthology" has an 8-page insert with a short bio, discography, and classic photos of the band and their various collectible singles.

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