Sepultura are a thrash band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil who redefined their own sound several times becoming more complex with each new album. Sepultura went on to become the most successful Brazilian band in heavy metal, if not rock history all together. In 1998 (or was it 97?) vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Max Cavalera left the band and formed Soulfly.

Morbid Visions
Sepultura - Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation
(Roadrunner) 1986/1985

1. "Morbid Visions" (3:23)
2. "Mayhem" (3:15)
3. "Troops of Doom" (3:21)
4. "War" (5:32)
5. "Crucifixion" (5:02)
6. "Show Me the Wrath" (3:52)
7. "Funeral Rites" (4:23)
8. "Empire of the Damned" (4:24)
9. "The Curse" (0:39)
10. "Bestial Devastation" (3:06)
11. "Antichrist" (3:46)
12. "Necromancer" (3:52)
13. "Warriors of Death" (4:07)

Humble beginnings for a band that was a precursor to death metal and a leader in the thrash genre. "Morbid Visions" was their debut album, "Bestial Devastation" was their debut EP that was released as a split album with Overdose. Musically the band sounded like a mixed up, noisy version of Kreator, Possessed or early Death. The music just wasn't there yet, although the aggression certainly was. The lyrical direction was ridiculous as well, following in the footsteps of Venom, Possessed and Bathory. Considered a classic to many death metal fans. As for me, I'll take "Beneath the Remains" or "Chaos AD" both for musical maturity and avoiding the metal cliche's of these early releases.

Schizophrenia Sepultura - Schizophrenia (Roadrunner) 1987

1. "Intro" (0:31)
2. "From the Past Comes the Storms" (4:55)
3. "To the Wall" (5:36)
4. "Escape to the Void" (4:38)
5. "Inquisition Symphony" [instrumental] (7:13)
6. "Screams Behind the Shadows" (4:48)
7. "Septic Schizo" (4:31)
8. "The Abyss" (1:01)
9. "R.I.P. (Rest in Pain)" (4:36)
10. "Troops of Doom" [remix] (3:17)

Imagine early death metal meets Metallica's "Ride the Lightning." That's what you get with this Sepultura release. Compared to what was to come, this album sounds a bit generic, but it sure sounded great in 1987. "Troops of Doom" is a remix of a song that originally appeared on "Morbid Visions." Bought this one new or $3.99!

Beneath the Remains Sepultura - Beneath the Remains (Roadrunner) 1989

1. "Beneath the Remains" (5:11)
2. "Inner Self" (5:07)
3. "Stronger than Hate" (5:50)
4. "Mass Hypnosis" (4:22)
5. "Sarcastic Existence" (4:43)
6. "Slaves of Pain" (4:00)
7. "Lobotomy" (4:55)
8. "Hungry" (4:28)
9. "Primitive Future" (3:08)
10. "A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer" (2:23)
11. "Inner Self" -[drum tracks] (5:12)
12. "Mass Hypnosis" [drum tracks] (4:23)

"Beneath the Remains" is fantastic thash album! "Beneath the Remains" is technical, fast and tight! I recall the band being labeled as 'death metal' back in the early 90's. While the music is death-tinged and technical heavy metal, it falls closer to the thrash metal side of things than death metal. The album is produced by Scott Burns, known for his work with Obituary, among others. Burns helped the band to achieve a sound that is tight, ultra-heavy and never sloppy. As well, the band's songwriting really evolved since "Schizophrenia", which really saw the band wearing some of their influences on their sleeves. It is my opinion that "Beneath the Remains" is the Sepultura record that broke the band away from the hordes of thrash metal clones.

The re-issue of "Beneth the Remains" has three bonus tracks and a far superior cover to the original. "A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer" is a cover of a Brazilain band called Mutantes. This cover sounds very Metallica-like.

I would have loved to see these guys do a show with label mates Believer back in the early 90's.

Arise Sepultura - Arise (Attic Records) 1991

1. "Arise" (3:19)
2. "Dead Embryonic Cells" (4:51)
3. "Desperate Cry" (6:40)
4. "Murder" (3:26)
5. "Subtraction" (4:48)
6. "Altered State" (6:33)
7. "Under Siege (Regnum Irae)" (4:53)
8. "Meaningless Moments" (4:40)
9. "Infected Voice" (3:19)
10. "Orgasmatron" (4:14)
11. "Intro" [instrumental] (1:33)
12. "C.J.U." (Criminals in Uniform)" (4:17)
13. "Desperate Cry (Scott Burn Mix)" (6:44)

I have never considered Sepultura to be a death metal band, although that is the label they wear. I see both 'Beneath the Remains' and 'Arise' as just fine examples of technical thrash metal. "Arise" was recorded at the infamous metal factory Morrisound Studios. The disc gave the band their first big breakthrough with the MTV Headbanger's Ball hit "Dead Embryonic Cells." I also remember there being a big controversy over MTV banning the video of the title track for reasons I cannot remember. I do remember it got the band some free press and probably helped gain the band some popularity. Anyhow, lots of straight forward thrashers on this one and a few fast, blast beat songs. There are also the more complex stuff that Sepultura did so well. "Altered State" combines a Brazillian intro with a killer, grinding riff and even some acoustic guitar parts. My particular copy is a Canadian import, is pressed on a gold disc and contains three bonus tracks, the coolest of which is, of course, the Motorhead cover "Orgasmatron." The booklet also contains all the lyrics as well as tons of photos and a short bio. Nice package.

Havok recorded a cover of "Arise".

Sepultura - Arise (FEMS) 1991

1. Arise
2. Inner Self [live]
3. Troops of Doom [live]

Japanese 3-song single featuring two smokin' live tracks. Includes OBI strip.

Dead Embryonic Cells Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells (Roadrunner) 1991

1. Dead Embroyonic Cells (4:31)
2. Orgasmatron (4:13)
3. Troops of Doom [remix] (3:21)

"Orgasmatron" is a cover of the Motorhead song, and simply the only reason to own this little EP. "Roots of Sepultura" also contains this cover but since I don't have it, I'll hold onto this EP. Not rare yet, but give it a few years.

Chaos A.D. Sepultura - Chaos A.D. (Roadrunner) 1993

1. "Refuse/Resist" (3:19)
2. "Territory" (4:45)
3. "Slave New World" (2:54)
4. "Amen" (4:24)
5. "Kaiowas" [instrumental] (3:32)
6. "Propaganda" (3:31)
7. "Biotech is Godzilla" (1:52)
8. "Nomad" (4:58)
9. "We Who Are Not as Others" (3:43)
10. "Manifest" (4:55)
11. "The Hunt" (3:58)
12. "Clenched Fist" (4:57)

This CD is nothing short of fantastic! "Chaos AD" put Sepultura in a class all of their own, heads and tail above other thrash and death metal bands. HEAVY as heavy can get, more progressive than any of their earlier discs, and darn infectious to boot. A classic album in every sense of the word! Put this disc into your CD player and see if it doesn't send you into spontaneous fits of moshing!

Roots Sepultura - Roots (Roadrunner) 1996

1. "Roots Bloody Roots" (3:32)
2. "Attitude" (4:15)
3. "Cut Throat" (2:44)
4. "Ratamahatta" (4:30)
5. "Breed Apart" (4:01)
6. "Straighthate" (5:21)
7. "Spit" (2:45)
8. "Lookaway" (5:25)
9. "Dusted" (4:03)
10. "Born Stubborn" (4:07)
11. "Jasco" [instrumental] (1:57)
12. "Itsari" [instrumental] (4:48)
13. "Ambush" (4:39)
14. "Endangered Species" (5:19)
15. "Dictatorshit" (1:26)

In an effort to follow up their best release to date "Chaos AD," Sepultura redifined themselves again, adding lots of tribal rhythms and even some acoustic instrumental work. The opening track is one of the most pummeling heavy songs ever written. As a matter of fact as I was writing this I had the song playing and I had to stop typing to engage in some spontaneous head banging! "Ratamahatta" is one of those songs that forces you to move in spastic motions. AWESOME!!!! Damn it's hard to type while this disc is one...ah forget it. Think I'm gonna thrash for a while!

Natural Born Blasters Sepultura - Natural Born Blasters (FM Records/Roadrunner) 1996

1. "Territory" [live] (4:46)
2. "Inhuman Nature" (3:11)
3. "Procreation (Of the Wicked)" (3:39)
4. "Policia" (1:47)
5. "Under Siefe" (Regnum Irae) (4:53)

This is a promotional EP from Greece. Don't know much about it other than that it has some stellar material on it. "Territory" live manages to be even heavier than the studio version. "Inhuman Nature" I assume is a cover song but of who I do not know. "Procreation" is a slow, heavy Celtic Frost cover. "Policia" is a song originally by the Brazilian band TITĀS (Titans) and is about police violence. Apparently this song was a big hit in Brazil in the late 80s. Sepultura's cover of "Policia" originally appeared on their "Territory" single. "Under Seige" is off their "Arise" disc. Unfortunately all the liner notes are in Greek, so I can't even read a word of it. Got this disc in a trade for an old tape I never listened to.

Speaking of covers, Sepultura do a wicked cover of "Symptom of the Universe" on the Black Sabbath tribute "Nativity in Black."

Blood Rooted Sepultura - Blood Rooted (Roadrunner) 1997

1. "Procreation (of the Wicked)" (3:39)
2. "Inhuman Nature" (3:11)
3. "Policia" (1:47)
4. "War" (6:39)
5. "Crucificados Pelo Sistema" (1:04)
6. "Symptom of the Universe" (4:15)
7. "Mine" (6:25)
8. "Lookaway" [Master Vibe Mix] (5:35)
9. "Dusted [demo version] (4:27)
10. "Roots Bloody Roots" [demo version] (3:32)
11. "Drug Me" (1:54)
12. "Refuse/Resist" [live] (3:50)
13. "Slave New World" [live] (3:06)
14. "Propoganda" [live] (3:25)
15. "Beneath the Remains/Escape to the Void" [live] (3:48)
16. "Kaiowas" [live] (2:18)
17. "Clenched Fist" [live] (3:38)
18. "Biotech is Godzilla" [live] (2:09)

Gotta love b-side collections. Sepultura's "Blood Rooted" is a killer b-side collection featuring tons of rare & unreleased songs. Their cover of Celtic Frost's "Procreation of the Wicked", which also shows up on the Natural Born Blasters EP, is absolutely pummeling. It's slow and doomy, but heavy as a ten ton truck. Must admit however, that I still like the Frost version better. Their cover of Black Sabbath's "Symptom of the Universe", which first appeared on the Nativity in Black: A Tribute to Black Sabbath, absolutely rules! This is one of the best covers Sepultura has ever done. There are a few covers on here like "War" and "Policia" that I don't recognize. The demo tracks are unnecessary but the live tracks are absolutely essential. As heavy as Sepultura are, their live sound is even heavier and comes across great on these tracks. I also like the fact that they put all the live tracks together at the end of the cd, rather than mixing them in with the studio tracks like other b-side releases. It makes for a much better listen. It's to bad Max makes himself sound like a bloomin' idiot in between songs though. He can't even say one sentence without using the same expletive ten times over. "...everybody's f***in enjoying the show and s**t. Sepultura's f***in glad to see all you motherf***ers in the house...this next song goes out to some f***in, some stupid a**holes.." Then we wonder why people think metalheads are idiots. Otherwise, "Bloody Rooted" is an excellent disc that closes out one chapter of this band's career.

Against Sepultura - Against (Roadrunner) 1998

1.  "Against" (1:54)
2.  "Choke" (3:37)
3.  "Rumors" (3:04)
4.  "Old Earth" (4:29)
5.  "Floaters In Mud" (4:58)
6.  "Boycott" (3:11)
7.  "Tribus" [instrumental] (1:38)
8.  "Common Bonds" (2:59)
9.   "F.O.E." [instrumental] (2:08)
10. "Reza" (2:17)
11. "Unconsious" (3:37)
12. "Kamaitachi" [instrumental] (3:03)
13. "Drowned Out" (1:29)
14. "Hatred Aside" (5:14)
15. "T3rcermillennium" [instrumental] (3:55)

Most people assumed that without guitarist/vocalist/band leader Max Cavalera, Sepultura would have given up. However the remaining members added vocalist Derrick Green (who sounds alot like Cavalera) and recorded "Against." The results are actually much better than one might expect, even better, in my opinion, than Max's new band Soulfly. Jason Newsted co-wrote and played on the track "Hatred Aside." Perhaps "Against" has a healthy mix of both "Roots" and "Chaos AD" and is one brutal metal CD.

Nation Sepultura – Nation (Roadrunner Records) 2001

1.    "Sepulnation" (4:20)
2.   " Revolt" (:56 )
3.    "Border Wars" (5:10)
4.    "One Man Army" (5:27)
5.    "Vox Populi" (3:41)
6.    "The Ways of Faith" (4:53)
7.    "Uma Cura" (3:14)
8.    "Who Must Die?" (2:58)
9.    "Saga" (4:37)
10.    "Tribe to a Nation" (2:48)
11.    "Politricks" (4:14)
12.    "Human Cause" (:57)
13.    "Reject" (2:59)
14.    "Water" (2:44)
15.    "Valtio" (3:20)

I’ll just be honest up front and say that after “Roots” I lost interest in Sepultura. The follow-up albums just didn’t seem to hold my interest. I hadn’t really given “Nation” a fair spin, so when the opportunity came to pick up this CD for a reasonable price, I snagged it in hopes that it would be better than I remembered it. Unfortunately Sepultura are no longer the powerful thrash/death metal pioneers they were on “Beneath the Remains” and “Arise”. Of course the same could be said for “Chaos AD” and “Roots”. These two headed in a different direction with tribal beats, samples and other oddities. However, those two albums had something that grabbed me by the jugular and didn’t let go. With “Nation” the band continues in a similar style to “Roots” but no where near as catchy and memorable. Part of the problem is the vocals are just there. Derrick Green’s vocals are screamed with little to not charisma. On “One Man Army” there is some clean singing that sort of has a Faith No More vibe to it.

The music does contain some of the band’s signature tribal sound, for the most part I found the songs to be monotonous without the excitement heard on those past great albums. The overall vibe here is pretty heavy, with a lot of punk and hardcore influence. Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed makes a guest appearance for thirty seconds on a one minute song called "Human Cause.” As well, there is some reggae singer doing vocals on "Tribe to a Nation" resulting in a rather weird mix of reggae and hardcore.  I don’t know, I just find myself disappointed as I cannot seem to separate this once great band from their past. While they were once groundbreaking, third world pioneers of thrash and death metal, they are now just another in a crowded pack of angry, screaming hardcore bands who are more at home in the mall-core crowds than with real metal fans.

Roorback Sepultura - Roorback (Steamhammer) 2003

1.  Come Back Alive (3:07)
2.  Godless (4:22)
3.  Apes Of God (3:36)
4.  Mor Of The Same (3:59)
5.  Urge (3:17)
6.  Corrupted (2:33)
7.  As It Is (4:27)
8.  Mind War (3:00)
9.  Leech (2:24)
10.The Rift (2:56)
11.Bottomed Out (4:36)
12. Activist (1:53)
13. Outro (11:37)

DISC TWO (Revolusongs)
1.   Messiah (3:26)
2.   Angel (5:14)
3.   Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (4:03)
4.   Mongoloid (2:36)
5.   Mountain Song (3:29)
6.   Bullet The Blue Sky (4:35)
7.   Piranha (3:40)
8.   Bullet The Blue Sky [video] (4:35)

Many fans of Sepultura, including myself, were disappointed in the direction they took with "Against" and "Nation". Neither were terrible albums, but they didn't quite match the intensity and the memorability of the albums they had released previously. Since "Roots" they have been incorporating tribal rhythms with hardcore and a spattering of thrash metal. "Roorback" is the band's attempt to regain their core audience and get back to their roots, so to speak.

As I slid the CD into my car system and the opening track "Come Back Alive" blared from the speakers, the song brought an immediate smile to my face. It's an upbeat, riff driven song with a quick downbeat. I could definitely still hear some of the "Roots" and "Chaos AD" sound, but comparisons can also be made to some of the material on "Arise". Next up is  "Godless" which is an inspired, mid-paced song with a heavy groove. After this song, however, the band slows things down and the album begins to drone on and on. With "Apes of God", despite an impressive opening riffs, and "More of the Same" I found my attention drifting from the music. "Urge" is a experimental song and would not have been out of place on "Nation". "Corrupted" regained my attention with another up-beat, riff-heavy song. "As It Is" is another experimental song with a very primal sound, while the short "Leech" is a speedy punk-inspired song. The unlisted "Outro" is some industrial sounding noises that last few a little over a minutes. The track itself is over eleven minutes long. At about seven minutes of silence there is a quirky little folk/joke song.

"Roorback"is far from a solid listen, though there are some good songs. Despite the holes in the album, "Roorback" is probably the best Sepultura record with Derrick Green album up to this point. However, there will be better things to come.

Disc two on the bonus disc version of "Roorback" contains seven cover songs, which were originally released as an EP titled "Revolusongs". The two tracks I immediately recognized are "Messiah" by Hellhammer and "Piranha" by Exodus. Both are excellent covers. I have to admit that I was a bit of a rap fan in the 80's, so the other song that was recognizable by the song title alone was Public Enemy's "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos". It's an odd choice of a cover for Sepultura, and probably won't please most metal fans, but those who can appreciate the marriage of rap and metal that Anthrax helped pioneer with Public Enemy will appreciate this cover. It is, after all, a bonus track and not a trend they are following. I admit, I enjoy it. "Deathrow! What a brotha know..." "Mongoloid" is a catchy Devo cover with a punk sheen. "Bullet in the Blue Sky" is a U2 cover. I've never been a big fan of U2, but this song, at least the way Sepultura perform it, is enjoyable. "Mountain Song" is a cover of Jane's Addiction. The final track, "Angel" is a cover of "a British DJ and Trip hop duo" called Massive Attack, which I can honestly say I've never heard of. I had to do a quick check on YouTube to hear the original. I honestly can't say it's a song that would have caught my attention. Either way, I prefer Sepultura's heavy cover to the original. Though "Revolusongs" is the bonus disc to "Roorback", in the first couple months of owning this CD, I've listened to it more than the main disc.

Connvicted for life Sepultura - Steamhammer Promo (SPV) 2006

1. Sepultura  - Convicted in Life (3:09)
2. Moonspell – Finisterra (4:09)
3. Beyond Fear - And...You Will Die (3:53)

Mini promotional CD from SPV that features three songs from their line-up. Sepultura is featured on the cover and are obviously the focus of the CD. Freatures a new song, which is actually pretty darned good. Makes me wonder if I might be missing something, not getting some of the newer Sepultura CDs.

Dante XXI Sepultura - Dante XXI (Steamhammer) 2006

1.   Lost [Intro] (:59)
2.   Dark Wood Of Error (2:19)
3.   Convicted In Life  (3:09)
4.   City Of Dis (3:27)
5.   False (3:34)
6.   Fighting On (4:29)
7.   Limbo [Intro] (:44)
8.   Ostia (3:07)
9.   Buried Words (2:35)
10. Nuclear Seven (3:44)
11. Repeating The Horror (3:12)
12. Euno... [Intro] (:13)
13. Crown And Miter (2:11)
14. Primium Mobile [Intro] (:30)
15. Still Flame (4:51)

Brazilian thrashers Sepultura are a band that has seen its share of scorn over the years. The band has always evolved and rarely ever stayed the same. When they were a straight forward death/thrash band people seemed to love them. When they added groove elements on "Chaos A.D." some fans claimed they 'sold out'. Far from the truth, their sound was evolving and "Chaos A.D." is a brilliant album; a classic! With "Roots" even and then the exit of frontman Max Cavalera the haters have just come out of the woodwork. As for me, I like Sepultura. I like ALL their albums with Max, including "Roots", with the title track being one of the most brutal songs ever written. I also happen to think that 'new' singer Derrick Green is a good fit for the band, though I admit I was disappointed that Max was gone. I also admit that I was initially disappointed with "Against" and "Nation". Though neither are bad, they just didn't hold my attention like classic albums such as "Chaos A.D." and "Beneath the Remains". Upon receiving a promo single of "Convicted for Life" I began to wonder if I was missing something because that song is simply pummeling! Upon scoring a copy of "Dante XXI" I can again say that Sepultura have released an album that holds my attention.

"Dante XXI" is a concept album based on a book that is over 800 years old, Dante's "The Divine Comedy." In the book Dante journeys through the kingdoms of the dead: hell, purgatory and paradise. Sepultura has taken that storyline and combined it with some of the more modern day events facing society. Musically, the band steers clear of hardcore or metalcore and returns to the intensity and even some of the speed of the past. As might be expected, there are some groove elements, some strings and other ambient sounds mixed throughout. "Still Flame" in particular is a song that I would describe as ethereal and ambient. However, for the most part, the actual songs are just heavy.  The different sections of the album are separated by instrumental intros that lead into the actual songs. The albums opens on the hugely catchy intro titled "Dark Wood Of Error" that leads to the aforementioned "Convicted In Life". Greene's voice is furious and aggressive.

"Dante XXI" may not be Sepultura's best album ever but it is, in my opinion, the best album they have released since "Roots".

A-Lex Sepultura - A-Lex (SPV/Steamhammer) 2009

1.   A-Lex I [intro] (1:54)
2.   Moloko Mesto (2:09)
3.   Filthy Rot (2:46)
4.   We've Lost You (4:14)
5.   What I Do! (2:01)
6.   A-Lex II [instrumental] (2:18)0
7. The Treatment (3:24)
8.   Metamorphosis (3:02)
9.   Sadistic Values (6:51)
10. Forceful Behavior (2:28)
11. Conform (1:54)
12. A-Lex III [instrumental] (2:03)
13. The Experiment (2:03)
14. Strike (3:41)
15. Enough Said (1:37)
16. Ludwig Van [instrumental] (5:30)
17. A-Lex IV [instrumental] (2:46)
18. Paradox (2:16)

Sepultura's eleventh studio album is also first without drummer Igor Cavalera. "A-Lex" is Sepultura's second concept album in a row. Their last one,"Dante XXI", was inspired by Dante's Inferno. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I immediately enjoyed that album. This time around Sepultura created a concept album around Anthony Burgess' book A Clockwork Orange, which was also made into a movie that has had a cult following for decades. The album is divided into sections; the first three parts follow the storyline of the movie and the last is taken from the book. (I've seen the movie, I've never read the book.) It's a fairly overwhelming and ambitious undertaking, though the storyline isn't really what I'm interested in. Concept albums tend to focus on the storyline more-so than solid songwriting. That's not always the case. There are some great concept albums that have been released over the decades, "Dante XXI" not withstanding. However, I'm not sure that "A-Lex" succeeds on all levels, though there are some shining and brilliant moments.

Musically, for the most part, "A-Lex" is Sepultura's charismatic pounding metal sound, tempered by instrumental interludes. The album opens with an ultra-heavy intro that leads into a short thrash metal assault titled "Moloko Mesto". So far, so good. Track three brilliantly integrates tribal percussions into a mid-paced groove. The song definitely has that "Roots" vibe and is another killer song. These first three tracks had me smiling from ear to ear. Unfortunately I tend to get lost after this. The mid-section of the CD is an exercise in down-tuned heaviness, but isn't all that memorable or infectious. "We've Lost You!" basically does exactly what the title implies. Many of these songs just suffer from redundant and bland riffs. Things pick up with "Sadistic Values", one of the lengthier tracks on the album, clocking in at close to seven minutes. The song starts off slowly with Derrick Green singing melodically. His vocals quickly get harsher as the music builds in intensity and eventually speeding up into another thrash metal assault. Throughout the CD, Derrick Green's vocals are strong and I'll never understand all the haters of Green. The man's vocals fit the band like a glove. "Ludwig Van" is the second longest track on the album and is an orchestrated instrumental containing excerpts from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Though an interesting experiment, it almost seems out of place even if it does fit into the storyline. The CD closes out with another all out thrasher titled "Paradox".

"A-Lex" isn't a bad album and there are some excellent moments contained here-in. However, I wish Sepultura would get away from the concept albums and give us some kick-ass songs instead. The songwriting isn't as solid on this one as "Dante XXI", and there's a lot more filler here.

Kairos Sepultura - Kairos (Nuclear Blast) 2011

1. Spectrum (4:01)
2. Kairos (3:36)
3. Relentless (3:35)
4. 2011 (:29)
5. Just One Fix (3:31)
6. Dialog (4:55)
7. Mask (4:29)
8. 1433 (:30)
9. Seethe (2:25)
10. Born Strong (4:38)
11. Embrance the Storm (3:30)
12. 5772 (:27)
13. No One Will Stand (3:15)
14. Structure Violence (Azzes) (5:37)
15. 4648 (8:22)

"Kairos" is the Sepultura's twelfth album. Even though Sepultura is now only represented by two members from the band's classic line-up, Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr., "Kairos" is absolutely superb. The concept of the recording is based upon the Greek word for time and transcendentalism, "Kairos". The album is segmented by what seems like random years in the track listing: 2011, 1433, 5772 and concludes with 4648. However, what's important here is not the storyline, but rather the pummeling, punishingly heavy music that the band is creating. "Kairos" seems to be a back-to-the-basic metal. Recorded by legendary producer and guitarist Roy Z, Kairos isn't overly glossy. Rather, it has a stripped down sound. This is raw, crunchy heavy metal. Thrash metal purists may be put-off by the more mid-paced groove that much of the album has. I frankly am not so much concerned with speed as I am with songs and riffs, and "Kairos" is packed with memorable songs and some fantastic riffs.

The album opens with the Slayer-riffic "Spectrum", a song that is guaranteed to get the head banging. The song actually nods back to the "Chaos A.D." sound, as does the follow-up title track. As I was listening to both songs in my car, I found myself turning the volume knob up again and again. "Spectrum" is a bit repetitive, but this isn't always a bad thing and in fact, I found this song to be one I wanted to hear again and again. Derrick Green growls and screams like the manic banshee he's always been. The song also features a mean guitar solo that keeps the song from getting overly monotonous. "Mask" is old-school Sepultura the combines manic speed, blinding aggression and fuel-infected axe work of the Brazilian band's past. "Structure Violence (Azzes)" echoes back to the "Roots Bloody Roots" sound with an mish-mash of percussion, samples, and acoustic guitars. "Born Strong" and "No One Will Stand" are two other standout tracks worth mentioning, the later being a thrash metal monster and one of the more technically-penned tunes on the album. The band also covers Ministry's "Just One Fix". Not ever having been a fan of Ministry, I wasn't immediately aware that the song was a cover as the song fits into the album like a glove. The song has a monstrous groove and a shout-along chorus.

The debate regarding The Max-era, versus the Derrick-era of Sepultura will rage on forever, but those interested in listening beyond the band's line-up changes may find "Kairos" to be one of the band's best. If nothing else, it sure makes the debates more interesting.

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