Soulmotor Southern Gentlemen - Double Your Pleasure (Leviathan) 2003

1. My Best Friend's Girl (7:31)
2. Tell Me Woman (3:19)
3. I Languish for You (6:59)
4. No Worth My Grave (7:08)
5. Reacing Back to Mississippi (6:35)
6. Slutovirgin (6:37)
7. Love Affair Gone Bad (5:35)
8. Down on My Knees (6:21)
9. You Should Be Ashamed (6:26)
10. I Believe in Love (4:19)

Southern Gentlemen is a project by guitar virtuoso David T. Chastain that is generally labeled as a Southern Rock band. David is known for his shredding solo instru-metal work, as well as his work with metal bands such as Chastain and CJSS. With Southern Gentlemen, Chastain offers a different side to his guitar playing. When I think of Southern Rock it's bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers. These bands have a mix of hard rock, blues and country. Chastain's project is more blues based boogie rock without the country influences.  Southern Gentlemen have more in common with Frank Marino, Foghat, Robin Trower and ZZ Top. A couple songs even wander off into AC/DC and UFO style hard rock. The songs are showcases of Chastain's lead playing, only instead of technical shredding, David is allowed to play with more feel. Chastain also handles the vocals, his lower-register, Zack Wylde-approach very suited to this style of hard rock, even if it is the weakest point of the CD. Still, an enjoyable CD bring back memories of the heavy 70's.

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