Guitarist of Stone is Roope Latvala is now in Children of Bodom.

Stone Stone (Mechanic) 1988

1. "Get Stoned" (4:22)
2. ''No Commands" (5:44)
3. "Eat Your Pride" (4:22)
4. "The Day Of Death" (3:53)
5. "Reached Out" (3:50)
6. "Real Delusion" (4:12)
7. "Brain Damage" (6:15)
8. "Escape" (5:23)
9. "Final Countdown" (:56)
10. "Overtake" (3:43)

100% thrash metal released in 1988. This would be the only Stone album to be released internationally. Surprisingly, considering the year it was released and how good this album is, Stone didn't achieve international acclaim. I own a vinyl copy of this album and am searching for a CD copy.

Emotional Playground Stone - Emotional Playground (Black Mark) 1991

1. "Small Tales" (5:24)
2. "Home Base" (6:49)
3. "Last Chance" (4:44)
4. "Above The Grey Sky" (6:16)
5. "Mad Hatter's Den" (2:39)
6. "Dead End" (6:00)
7. "Adrift" [instrumental] (1:45)
8. "Haven" (4:46)
9. "Years After" (5:03)
10. "Time Dive" (5:47)
11. "Missionary Of Charity" (4:52)
12. "Emotional Playground" (3:42)

Stone are a Scandinavian thrash metal band. "Emotional Playground" was their fourth release and for the most part continues in much the same manner as their classic '88 debut. The band mixes mid-paced, chugga-chugga grooves and fast thrash riffs, along with shouted vocals to create a sound that may not be completely unique, but isn't run of the mill either. "Small Tales" starts the album off on a fast and furious note. However, not ever song on "Emotional Playground" is straight forward thrash metal. The band experiments with their sound a bit here and there. "Adrift" is a short, melodic instrumental that acts as introduction for thrasher "Haven". "Years After" shifts gears from fast thrash to a Black Sabbath inspired doom break. "Above The Grey Sky" is a slow, doomy song with a bit of progressive experimentation, not unlike something you might expect from Voivod. "Time Drive" also reminds me of Voivod. The album finishes off with the droning title track, which has a bit of a Middle Eastern flare. Thrash metal purists may be put off by the experimental qualities of "Emotional Playground". Personally I enjoy a bit of experimentation; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In the case of "Emotional Playground" I think it works to give the songs distinction and character.

As far as I know, "Emotional Playground" was re-released on Megamania (MGMCD2041) in 2005. The original Black Mark (BMCD 13) release is rare.

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