The band has now developed a sort of cult following. (ha! now that's a pun.) Anyhow, in May 2001 a two day Stryper Expo was held in California. (For info for go to Stryper performed as well as Sin Dizzy, Micheal Sweet, and several other Christian metal bands including Oil, Ultimatum, Joshua, and more. I was there and it was a blast.

Click on the thumbnails below to view some photos taken from that show.
Most of the photos below were taken by Jeff Gross.

My wife Laurie, Robert Sweet and Me!
This is a photo of Robert Sweet with my wife and
myself taken at the Stryper Expo 2001.
Don't remember what was so funny.
2001 Backstage Pass

Michael Michael Michael Michael & Oz
Michael & Robert
Michael Sweet
Michael & Tim
Michael & Oz
Oz Fox
Oz Fox
Robert Sweet
Stryper Expo Booth

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