UFO are one of heavy metal's earliest and greatest bands. The classic 70's lineup was: Andy Parker (drums), Michael Schenker (guitars), Paul Raymond (keys), Phil Mog (vox) and Pete Way (bass).

UFO 1 UFO - 1 (A.K.A. Records) 1970

1. Unidentified Flying Object
2. Boogie
3. C'mon Everybody
4. Shake It About
5. (Come Away) Melinda
6. Timothy
7. Follow You Home
8. Treacle People
9. Who Do You Love
10. Evil

UFO1 UFO - UFO1 (Gate Records) 1970

1. Unidentified Flying Object (2:21)
2. Boogie (4:22)
3. C'mon Everybody (3:15)
4. Shake It About (3:52)
5. (Come Away) Melinda (3:32)
6. Timothy (3:32)
7. Follow You Home (2:17)
8. Treacle People (3:29)
9. Who Do You Love (7:52)
10. Evil (3:34)

Prior to their 1974 release "Phenomenon" UFO were quite a different band from the 70's heavy metal band they are known as. With UFO 1, the band's sound incorporates a lot of the psychedelia of the 1960's and combines with a glimpse of the hard rock that will come. The albums opening track is pure space rock. Had this song been on any Hawkwind album, it would have fit right in. However, with "Boogie" and "Timothy" there is a glimpse of the hard rock that is to come.
"Who Do You Love" is a seven and a half minute trip down psychedelic days gone by. (Probably best left that way!) Pete Way's bass is prominent throughout this CD, bouncing along with a hippie, trippie, vibe. His bass is sometimes the glue that even binds these songs together with Mick Bolton often dropping out of the song all together or going off into somewhat accomplished 60's-style guitar solos. Phil Mogg sounds the same as he always has on this early platter. His smooth distinctive voices is one of the few clues that this is even a UFO record. Much like Hawkwind, UFO's early material had a sort of sci-fi image to it.

"C'mon Everybody" was actually a hit in Japan off this record, garnering the band a tour through Japan in 1971.

Flying UFO - UFO2 - Flying (Repertoire) 1971

1. Silver Bird (6:54)
2. Star Storm (18:54)
3. Prince Kajuku (3:56)
4. The Coming of Prince Kajuku (3:43)
5. Flying (26:32)
6. Galactic Love (2:57)

Album number two for UFO and their last studio album before adding guitarist Micheal Schenker and retooling their sound. The album was subtitled One Hour Space Rock

With "Flying" the band stick to the heavy "space rock" that they delivered on their debut. The sound is on par with bands like Hawkwind and early Pink Floyd. There aren't any vicious riffs like on forthcoming UFO platters, but UFO2 is packed full of psychedelic jams. Pete Way and Andy Parker serve up the usual heavy backbeat coupled with Mick Bolton 60's-style atmospheric guitar soloing and Phil Mogg's distinctive voice. However Phil really hasn't found his sound quite yet either. Still, "Flying" marks a definite move to a heavier rock sound and a transition away from psychedelia, which would come to full fruition with "Phenomenon".

This album is most know for its's epic length title track, which comprised nearly all of side two of the record. It is the longest song UFO ever recorded. It was also controversial in that the track finishes with a backmasked reading from Rudyard Kipling's Gunga Din, "Tho' I've belted you and flayed you, by the livin' God that made you, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!" and "Yes we know, it's all been done before, before, before..."

The 2008 remastered Repertoire Records CD pressing of "UFO2 - Flying" includes the short bonus track "Galactic Love", a song that was originally only released as a single. The album comes in a cardboard, gatefold mini-album cover and includes an 8-page fold out insert with an essay by Chris Welch. 

Live UFO - Live (Nova) 1971

1. C'mon Everybody (4:10)
2. Who Do You Love (9:00)
3. Loving Cup (5:10 )
4. Prince Kajuku/The Coming of Prince Kajuku (8:20)
5. Boogie for George (11:30)
6. Follow You Home (6:00)

UFO's long forgotten first live album. "Live" was UFO's third album and their last before moving onto a heavier, less 60's influenced sound. It was also the last to feature guitarist Mick Bolton. The album features three UFO originals and three blues covers. All the songs are really just long jams. While UFO would go on to bigger and greater things, "Live" was a nice testiment to the early, pre-Schenker years of UFO.

UFO - Beginning-Vol. 8 (Decca) 1973

1. Evil   (3:35)
2. Boogie For George [live] (11:30)
3. Shake It About (3:46)
4. Who Do You Love [live] (9:07)
5. Treacle People (3:24)
6. Prince Kajuku  (3:55)
7. Follow You Home (2:10)

Highlights from UFO's early space rock years. Compiles songs from the first two studio albums and the live album. "Boogie for George" is one of the few songs from this era that the band continued to play in the Schenker years.

Phenomenon UFO - Phenomenon (Chrysalis) 1974

1. "Oh My" (2:27)
2. "Crystal Light" (3:47)
3. "Doctor Doctor" (4:12)
4. "Space Child" (4:01)
5. "Rock Bottom" (6:31)
6. "Too Young to No" (3:10)
7. "Time on My Hands" (4:12)
8. "Built for Comfort" (3:08)
9. "Lipstick Traces" (2:20)
10. "Queen of the Deep" (5:43)

Michael Schenker

"Phenomenon" was the first UFO album to feature young teenage guitarist Michael Schenker, however, the band did not totally shake loose the space rock trash of their first two studio efforts. "Time on My Hands" and "Crystal Light" are boring acoustic guitars numbers, while "Space Child" continues in the Hawkwind space rock of the band's past. This being said, however, "Phenomenon" features two of the band's most classic cuts in "Doctor Doctor" and Schenker's awesome "Rock Bottom." I suppose this album would have been considered the band's crossover album or their "transitional period." "Built for Comfort" is a Willie Dixon blues number. Unlike most UFO discs, this one is pretty easy to find. CDNow has it for $11.49.

Tesla recorded a cover of "Rock Bottom" on their "Reel to Reel" CD.

Force It UFO - Force It (Chrysalis) 1975

1. "Let It Roll" (3:57)
2. "Shoot Shoot" (3:40)
3. "High Flyer" (4:10)
4. "Love Lost Love" (3:22)
5. "Out in the Street" (5:17)
6. "Mother Mary" (3:50)
7. "Too Much of Nothing" (4:03)
8. "Dance Your Life Away" (3:36)
9. "This Kids Between the Walls" (6:14)

UFO - Force It (vinyl/uncensored cover)

"Force It" is the first UFO album to totally abandon the psychedelic space rock of past albums. It is in reality, their fourth release respectively. Michael Schenker has pretty much taken over the reigns along with Phil Mogg to create an incredible British Heavy Metal classic. The first two songs are classic UFO and sport the early heavy metal sound that made UFO the influential band they are. The whole disc, however, is quite good. Even the ballads don't disappoint. Much of this material continued to be played live through most of the band's existence. Unfortunately, like the majority of UFO's classic catalogue, their cds are a rare find. A friend in Germany found this "recycled" copy.

No Heavy Petting UFO - No Heavy Petting (Chrysalis) 1976

1. "Natural Thing" (4:00)
2. "I'm A Loser" (3:54)
3. "Can You Roll Her" (2:56)
4. "Belladonna" (4:30)
5. "Reasons Love" (3:19)
6. "Highway Lady" (3:47)
7. "One With The Action" (5:02)
8. "A Fool in Love" (5:02)
9. "Martian Landscape" (5:08)

Pete Way/Phil Mogg
Pete Way & Phil Mogg

"No Heavy Petting" is an essential UFO album. There are lots of classic tracks, but most importantly are the tracks not included on any number of different compilation discs. For some reason this album received lukewarm reviews when it was first released despite the success of the band's two former albums. Many reviews said the album stuck to close to the formula laid down by "Force It." Whatever! The album whole album is actually a solid slab of British heavy metal. When a band finds their niche, why change it? One of the albums best tracks is "I'm a Loser" which showcases one of Schenker's best guitar solos ever. Unfortunately, not unlike the Scorpions album "Taken By Force," this disc is relatively hard to find on CD so it sells consistently on eBay for $20 and over.

Lights Out UFO - Lights Out (Chrysalis) 1977

1. "Too Hot to Handle" (3:37)
2. "Just Another Suicide" (4:58)
3. "Try Me" (4:49)
4. "Lights Out" (4:34)
5. "Gettin' Ready" (3:46)
6. "Alone Again Or" (3:00)
7. "Electric Phase" (4:17)
8. "Love to Love" (7:40

I knew if I held out long enough I would eventually find a used copy of this disc. Found this particular copy for $7.99 at a small used cd store in Albuquerque, NM. As for the music, well, there was never a more classic UFO studio album from the classic lineup of Schenker, Way, Mogg, Parker, and Raymond than this one. UFO's Euro blues/heavy metal incorporated challenging dynamics, epic ballads, and plenty of aggression. If I am not mistaken, this was UFO's biggest release in the U.S. with the title track becoming their one and only radio staple. Perhaps it can also be said that this album may have helped spawn a new generation of heavy metal as leaders like Paul Dianno were greatly inspired by this classic. "Alone Again Or" is a Love cover.

Stryper covered "Lights Out" on their "The Covering" CD.

Pete Way

Obsession UFO - Obsession (EMI) 1978

1. "Only You Can Rock Me" (4:08)
2. "Pack It Up (And Go)" (3:14)
3. "Arbory Hill" (1:11)
4. "Ain't No Baby" (3:58)
5. "Lookin' Out for No. 1" (4:34)
6. "Hot 'N' Ready" (3:16)
7. "Cherry" (3:34)
8. "You Don't Fool Me" (3:23)
9. "Lookin' Out for No. 1 (Reprise)" (1:14)
10. "One More for the Rodeo" (3:45)
11. "Born to Lose" (3:31)

Obsession was the last UFO disc to feature Michael Schenker, who went on to form the Michael Schenker Group (MSG). Obsession is also one of the band's best discs ever. There is not a bad cut on this one. There are some experimental cuts on this disc that caused a bit of a stir when it was released, but listening now, I don't see what the big deal was. There are a few ballads, but they are all tastefully done. It all sounds like prime UFO to me. This particular copy is a German import and part of the EMI "Classic Rock Series." The booklet contains no lyrics but does have a nice commentary written by Dave Ling.

Strangers in the Night UFO - Strangers in the Night (Chrysalis) 1979

1. "Hot 'N' Ready" (7:05)
2. "Cherry" (3:34)
3. "Let It Roll" (3:58)
4. "Love to Love" (4:30)
5. "Natural Thing" (3:17)
6. "Out in the Street" (4:40)
7. "Only You Can Rock Me" (7:37)
8. "Mother Mary" (4:55)
9. "This Kids" (11:02)
10. "Doctor Doctor" (4:17)
11. "I'm a Loser" (3:49)
12. "Lights Out" (4:35)
13. "Rock Bottom" (3:45)
14. "Too Hot to Handle" (4:40)
15. "Shoot Shoot" (4:16)


Unequivocally "Strangers in the Night" is one of the greatest live albums on the 70's. It ranks up with Kiss' "Alive," Thin Lizzy's "Live and Dangerous" and Ted Nugent's "Double Live Gonzo." "Strangers in the Night" showed UFO at their peek during the band's prime lineup, which at the time included Michael Schenker. Capitol Records' 1999 CD reissue of "Strangers in the Night" contains two bonus tracks ("Hot N Ready" and "Cherry"), that are added to the beginning of the disc to make the album faithful to the band's late 70's set list. Track 1 was recorded in Youngstown, OH 10/15/78. Track 2 was recorded in Cleveland, OH 10/16/78. The rest of the set was recorded in either in 1978 at The Amphitheater, Chicago, IL and The Gardens, Louisville, IL during their tour with Blue Oyster Cult.

No Place to Run UFO - No Place to Run (Chrysalis) 1980

1. "Alpha Centauri" [instrumental] (1:58)
2. "Lettin' Go" (4:01)
3. "Mystery Train" (3:58)
4. "This Fire Burns Tonight" (4:14)
5. "Gone in the Night" (3:48)
6. "Young Blood" (4:01)
7. "No Place to Run " (3:59)
8. "Take It or Leave It" (3:04)
9. "Money, Money" (3:30)
10. "Anyday" (3:50)

UFO 1979
photo by Colleen Bracken

"No Place to Run" was the first UFO album since "Force It" (1974) to not feature guitarist hero Micheal Schenker. New guitarist Paul Chapman did a great job taking over for Schenker and layed down some choice axe work on UFO's first album on the 1980's
. His style differed from Schenker, but nonetheless he was a credit to the band and helped record some classics. There is not a bad song in the bunch. My only complaint is that producer George Martin doesn't do the band much justice. If this album had been mixed right, it would have totally annihilated. Highlights are "Lettin' Go," "Youngblood," "Mystery Train," "Anyday" and the smokin' title track. "No Place to Run" is easily on par with anything the band recorded with Schenker.

Mechanix UFO - The Wild The Willing and the Innocent/Mechanix (BGD) 1981/82

1. "Chains Chains" (3:24)
2. "Long Gone" (5:17)
3. "The Long, the Willing and the Innocent" (4:57)
4. "It's Killing Me" (4:29)
5. "Makin' Moves" (4:43)
6. "Lonely Heart" (5:00)
7. "Couldn't Get It Right" (4:33)
8. "Profession of Violence" (4:22)
9. "The Writer" (4:08)
10. "Somethin' Else" (3:18)
11. "Back into My Life" (4:55)
12. "You'll Get Love" (3:06)
13. "Doing It All for You" (5:00)
14. "We Belong to the Night" (3:56)
15. "Let It Rain" (4:00)
16. "Terri" (3:49)
17. "Feel It" (4:03)
18. "Dreaming" (3:53)

UFO - Lonely Heart 7" clear vinyl

Two classic albums on one European import cd. Best of all, I found this cd for a mere $5.99 at a chain store. I've said this before, but you have to love these chain stores that sell total crap like Limp Bizcrap and Britney Spears for premium prices then put genuine classics like this in the bargain bins. Anyhow I was really into these guys in the early 80's despite the fact that most people were ignoring them. UFO were still churning out quality British heavy metal. Inside this re-issue there are some extensive liner notes by Kerrang writer Malcolm Dome. In his writing he suggests that "The Wild The Willing and the Innocent" is the band's finest collection of songs all together. Now I would not disagree that this is an awesome album, but I am not sure that I would agree that it beats some of the early albums with Schenker. Certainly new guitarist Paul Chapman is an excellent axeman and a capable song writer, but it's almost impossible to totally replace a personality like Schenker. Still, as I said, both of these albums are great and both come seriously close to the greatness of albums like "Force It," "Lights Out" and "Obsession".

UFO - Regenerator Live 1982 (Zoom Club)

1. "We Belong to the Night" (4:22)
2. "Let it Rain" (3:09)
3. "Long Gone" (5:02)
4. "The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent" (4:51)
5. "Only You Can Rock Me" (4:20)
6. "No Place to Run" (5:02)
7. "Love To Love" (8:43)
8. "Doing It All For You" (4:02)
9. "Makin' Moves" (4:49)
10. "Too Hot To Handle" (6:46)
11. "Mystery Train" (7:52)
12. "Lights Out" [Bonus Track] (10:36

UK digitally remastered live release recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon in 1982. This is certainly a companion piece to the most excellent "Strangers In The Night". "Regenerator Live 1982" is the first official release of a complete Paul Chapman/UFO concert. All the classics are here, from "Only You Can Rock Me" and "Love to Love" to a bonus track featuring an extended version of "Lights Out". This CD comes wrapped in a nice digipack and contains an 8 page insert.

Paul Chapman & Pete Way

Making Contact UFO - Making Contact (Chrysalis) 1983

1. "Blinded By A Lie" (3:48)
2. "Diesel In The Dust" (4:30)
3. "A Fool For Love" (3:57)
4. "You And Me" (3:21)
5. "When It's Time To Rock" (5:28)
6. "The Way The Wild Wind Blows" (4:14)
7. "Call My Name" (3:15)
8. "All Over You" (4:24)
9. "No Getaway" (3:32)
10. "Push It's Love " (3:17)
11. "Everbody Knows" (3:33)

Many thought this would be UFO's last album, and perhaps it might have been better if it was. (Nah!) This album is full of killer riffs and upholds the high standards the band had already set for themsleves. Paul Chapman's axework smokes and proves once again that he is every bit the guitarist that Schenker was. Picked up this Japanese import, obi strip and all, on eBay for $12. Not a bad deal considering it sells for over $20 on CDNow.

Mis Misdemeanor UFO - Making Contact/Misdemeanor (BGO) 1983/1985

DISC ONE (Making Contact)
1. Blinded By A Lie (3:48)
2. Diesel In The Dust (4:30)
3. A Fool For Love (3:57)
4. You And Me (3:21)
5. When It's Time To Rock (5:28)
6. The Way The Wild Wind Blows (4:14)
7. Call My Name (3:15)
8. All Over You (4:24)
9. No Getaway (3:32)
10. Push It's Love (3:17)
11. Everybody Knows (3:33)

DISC TWO (Misdemeanor)
1. This Time (4:38)
2. One Heart (4:11)
3. Night Run (4:34)
4. The Only Ones (5:19)

5. Meanstreets (4:19)
6. Name of Love (4:38)
7. Blue (5:19)
8. Dream the Dream (4:35)
9. Heaven’s Gate (4:17)
10. Wreckless (4:59)

Many of the great heavy metal bands of the 1970's went through a bit of an identity crisis in the 80's. (see Ted Nugent's "Penetrator", Kiss "The Elder", etc.) UFO were no exception. The band became a thin and frail shell of what it use to be. The band is basically down to Phil Mogg, longtime guitarist Paul Raymond and a host of unknowns. Unfortunately the band feel is now long gone, with most songs being penned by bassist Paul Gray. The muscle and sweat hard rock of the past is mostly replaced by keyboards and pop based hard rock. As was also the case with many bands in the 80's, the rock and roll is completely stripped away by a way too glossy production that emphasizes the keyboards over the guitars on many songs. That's not to say that "Misdemeanor" is a total dog. There are a few songs that stand out among the gloss, radio fluff and power ballads. The melodic "Blue" has a nice feel. The hard rocking "Meanstreets" is a good number, despite the unnecessary keyboards dragging down an otherwise guitar heavy song. Being a UFO fanatic, I can find some things to like about this album, but frankly, it's not one of their better albums.
I also own "Misdemeanor" on vinyl (pictured above).

Ain't Misbehaving UFO - Ain't Misbehavin' (Enigma/Metal Blade) 1988

1. "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" (3:50)
2. "Another Saturday Night" (4:40)
3. "At War With the World" (3:04)
4. "Hunger in the Night" (4:11)
5. "Easy Money" (3:38)
6. "Rock Boyz, Rock" (3:20)
7. "Lonely Cities (of the Heart)" (4:13)

Short little disc that barely qualifies as an album. The band is now made up of only Phil Mogg on vocals and a host of professional musicians backing him up. Still this '88 release is a decent slab of hard rock/metal by a veteran vocalist who just refuses, for the time, to give up the UFO name. To tell you the truth though, I just do not see UFO as an entity outside it's members. This disc is pretty rare, but has been re-released in Europe and is available on CDNow for about $26.

BBC Radio One Live UFO - BBC Radio One Live in Concert (Griffin/Winsong) 1992

1. "Lettin' Go" (4:16)
2. "No Place to Run" (4:46)
3. "Out in the Street" (4:59)
4. "Cherry" (4:11)
5. "Only You Can Rock Me" (4:24)
6. "Love to Love" (8:33)
7. "Mystery Train" (5:38)
8. "Lights Out" (4:44)
9. "Built for Comfort" (3:50)
10. "Rock Bottom" (8:52)
11. "Doctor Doctor" (4:32)
12. "Shoot Shoot" (4:34)

I love these BBC live discs. Not only do they usually provide rare tracks that aren't found on official live albums, but they usually show the band in their unedited, raw best. There are no studio edits to fix the rim shots or dropped sticks, just 100% r-n-r. This particular UFO BBC sessions is no different. Tracks 1-8 were recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on February 4, 1980. Tracks 9-12 were recorded June 6th 1974. The last four songs are especially cool as this was on of Schenker's early tours with UFO in support of "Force It." Of course "Rock Bottom," "Doctor Doctor," and "Shoot Shoot" are all classic tracks. The live version of "Built for Comfort" is killer with Michael Schenker giving it his all. This disc was released by Griffin/Winsong, who also released the Thin Lizzy BBC sessions. That disc went out of print years ago and sells for ridiculous amounts on money on eBay. This one is pretty easy to find right now, but give it a few years, I'm sure it will become a rarity as well. Also, do not confuse this disc with "UFO BBC Sessions," which is a completely different compilation of BBC tunes.

Essential UFO UFO - Essential UFO (Chrysalis) 1992

1. "Doctor Doctor" (4:07)
2. "Rock Bottom" (6:30)
3. "Out in the Street" (5:10)
4. "Mother Mary" (3:45)
5. "Natural Thing" (4:00)
6. "I'm a Loser" (3:48)
7. "Only You Can Rock Me" (4:05)
8. "Lookin' out for No. 1" (4:32)
9. "Cherry" (3:32)
10. "Born to Lose" (3:33)
11. "Too Hot to Handle" (3:37)
12. "Lights Out" (4:31)
13. "Love to Love" (7:36)
14. "This Kids" (4:50)
15. "Let It Roll" (4:51)
16. "Shoot Shoot" (4:05)

Essential UFO is an excellent "best of" compilation that will have to tide me over until I am able to purchase some of UFO's studio albums. I picked this disc up through BMG for $2.

High Stakes UFO - High Stakes & Dangerous Men (Razor/Griffin) 1992

1. "Borderline" (5:18)
2. "Primed for Time" (3:22)
3. "She's the One" (3:44)
4. "Ain't Life Sweet" (3:41)
5. "Don't Want to Lose You" (5:39)
6. "Burnin' Fire" (4:02)
7. "Running up the Highway" (4:39)
8. "Back Door Man" (5:07)
9. "One of Those Nights" (4:10)
10. "Revolution" (4:06)
11. "Love Deadly Love" (4:52)
12. "Let the Good Time Roll" (4:14)

UFO enters the 1990s. Exit Michael Schenker AGAIN, as well as Paul Raymond and Andy Parker. What we are left with is Phil Mogg (vocals) and Pete Way (bass). Being two of the main songwriters for the band, the music is not bad, but it doesn't have the same chemistry as any of their past discs or even "Walk On Water," a cd that surprised me when I first purchased it. What we really have is UFO on autopilot. Without Schenker's guitar assault the sound is a bit more laid back and almost adds a southern vibe, or at least that was the impression I got. Of course this could also be partially because I put this disc on only minutes after listing to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Guitarist Laurence Archer is a good guitarist with suitable chops, but it's hard to step into the shoes of a guitarist with such an unmistakable charisma. In any case, being a UFO diehard, I do like this disc, but it will never get the play time as the early classics or the more recent "Walk on Water."

UFO - Lights Out In Tokyo - Live (Castle) 1993

1. "Running Up The Highway" (4:41)
2. "Borderline" (5:31)
3. "Too Hot To Handle" (4:10)
4. "She's The One" (3:21)
5. "Cherry" (4:18)
6. "Back Door Man" (5:25)
7. "One Of Those Nights" (4:22)
8. "Love To Love" (8:11)
9. "Only You Can Rock Me" ( 4:07)
10. "Lights Out" (6:31)
11. "Doctor, Doctor" (8:16)
12. "Rock Bottom" (9:45)
13. "Shoot, Shoot" (4:40)
14. "C'mon Everybody" (4:30)

Even when UFO were not at the top of their game in the studio, they still put on a spectacular live show. For this live recording, UFO were touring for their 1992 album. "High Stakes & Dangerous Men". I've yet to meet a UFO fan that feels that "High Stakes & Dangerous Men" is one of the band's better studio recordings. However, this live recording is quite enjoyable. The band performs both the old and new material with an exuberant high energy. The band here consists of original members Phil Mogg and Pete Way along with guitarist Laurence Archer, keyboardist Jem Davis and drummer Clive Edwards. Archer does a great job with the Schenker material. He plays Schenker's solos fairly close to the original but also adds in some of his own flare. Mogg's vocals are spot on. As well, the production is clean and the audience participation really adds to the overall sound of this live album. "Lights Out in Tokyo" may not be "Strangers in the Night", which is one of the greatest live albums of all time, but it is a testament to a band who are still great years after their commercial peak.

Heaven's Gate UFO - Heaven's Gate-Live (Griffin) 1995

1. "Heavens Gate" (4:21)
2. "The Chase" (4:44)
3. "This Time" (5:32)
4. "Meanstreets" (4:19)
5. "Name Of Love" (4:21)
6. "The Only Ones" (5:27)
7. "Wreckless" (7:12)
8. "Night Run" (5:45)
9. "Only You Can Rock Me" (7:06)
10. "Doctor Doctor" (10:43)

This CD captures UFO live in concert from a '86 show in Oxford, England on the 'Misdemeanor' tour. The line-up here includes Phil Mogg: vocals, "Atomick" Tommy McClendon: guitars, Paul Raymond: keyboards/guitar, Paul Gray: bass and Jim Simpson: drums. Certainly not the classic UFO line-up. However, this live CD is actually quite good. The band focuses on mostly material from the 'Misdemeanor' album and all the material sounds fresh and tight. The inclusion of two classic tracks at the end was a nice bonus, especially the extended jam in "Doctor Doctor." While Tommy MClendon had some big shoes to fill, he is actually quite the shredder in his own right and proves that on this live disc. I found very little about this CD anywhere on the net. Not even UFO's official site has this CD listed on their site. I found this disc as at a Record Convention in Albuquerque for $8.50 and snatched it up immediately. If anyone has any more information about this disc, I would be interested to hear it. Is this an official release or a bootleg?

Walk On Water UFO - Walk On Water (CMC International) 1995

1. "A Self Made Man" (6:26)
2. "Venus" (5:21)
3. "Pushed to the Limit" (3:51)
4. "Stopped by a Bullet (of Love)" (4:37)
5. "Darker Days" (5:38)
6. "Running on Empty" (5:12)
7. "Knock, Knock" (4:22)
8. "Dreaming of Summer" (7:04)
9. "Doctor, Doctor" (4:28)
10. "Lights Out" (5:10)

UFO are another of those bands that I never see in the used cd bins, so when I saw this copy for $5.99, I decided to give it a try, despite my weariness to buy another "reunion" cd. To my delight this cd is surprisingly good. Michael Schenker reunites with the entire classic UFO lineup including Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Paul Raymond and Andy Parker. The new material, while only eight songs, is quite aggressive, heavy, and hook laden. The reunited band recorded two of their classic songs as well, giving a 90's production to some killer 70's songs. ("Doctor Doctor," "Lights Out") Another surprise is Schenker's chops. I suppose I had placed him in the "past his prime" category long ago, but Schenker still can shred with the best of 'em. It's been over two decades since UFO formed, but they still have something to offer.

UFO - Covenant (Shrapnel Records) 2000

1. "Love Is Forever" (4:22)
2. "Unraveled" (4:16)
3. "Miss the Lights" (4:43)
4. "Midnight Train" (4:55)
5. "Fool's Gold" (5:35)
6. "In the Middle of Madness" (3:47)
7. "Smell of Money" (3:44)
8. "Rise Again" (4:29)
9. "Serenade" (5:00)
10. "Cowboy Joe" (4:13)
11. "World and His Dog" (3:35)
1. "Mother Mary" (3:52)
2. "This Kids" (4:07)
3. "Let It Roll" (4:41)
4. "Out in the Street" (5:07)
5. "Venus" (4:51)
6. "Push to the Limit" (4:07)
7. "Love to Love" (7:16)

Another solid disc from UFO. I am actually surprised that these guys were able to hold it together for TWO discs with Micheal Schenker. "Covenant" is almost as enjoyable as "Walk On Water" with an excellent retro 70's heavy metal sound and a mean, crunchy modern production. Schenker once again proves that he has some muscle behind all the attitude. His solos have not become weaker over time, but have become faster and more intricate. Disc two is a raw and rowdy live romp recorded on the "Walk on Water" tour in the U.S. There isn't to much info given on this disc, and even the song order on the insert is incorrect. The listing and times above are correct. I've read plenty of bad reviews on this part of the disc, however, I cannot see any longtime fan of the band not enjoying this bonus disc.

Sharks UFO - Sharks (Shrapnel) 2003

1. "Outlaw Man" (4:03)
2. "Quicksilver Rider" (4:09)
3. "Serenity" (6:24)
4. "Deadman Walking" (4:33)
5. "Shadow Dancer" (4:50)
6. "Someone's Gonna Have to Pay" (5:31)
7. Sea of Faith" (5:51)
8. "Fighting Man" (4:32)
9. "Perfect View" (4:08)
10. "Crossing Over" (4:49)
11. "Hawaii" (:43)

I am honestly amazed at how good the recent UFO albums are. For some reason it just seems that many of the great 70's bands who reformed just never could capture their former glory. Well, this certainly isn't true of UFO. This is the third CD in a row from UFO since Schenker reunited with the band. The CD starts off with a few hard rockers, including the Mogg/Way penned "Outlaw Man" and Schenker's impressive guitar heavy "Quicksliver Rider". "Surenity", while not being a ballad, takes the intensity level down a notch. This song features some heavy guitar work and a slow mid-paced groove. "Dead Man Walking" cranks the aggression back up a half a notch or so. Once again, this song features some screamin' leads by Schenker. Likewise "Shadow Dancer" and "Someone's Gonna Have to Pay" are heavy songs with smokin' guitar work from Schenker. "Someone's Gonna Have to Pay" even has a slight bluesy influence to some of the gutiar work, although the song itself has a mid-paced groove that reminds me slightly of the Scorpions song "The Zoo". "Sea of Faith" is yet another heavy rocker with some excellent dynamics in the songwriting. I really appreciated the clean guitar parts spattered throughout this song. The CD finishes off with three more, riff-filled, hard rockers and a short Schenker instrumetal. It seems to me that Phil Mogg's vocals throughout this CD are much deeper than before. I don't know if this is a sign of weariness, or age, or perhaps he is intentionally going for a deeper, richer sound. However, his vocals are still uniquely recognizable and his melodies will forever be UFO's signature. UFO are simply masters of melody and hook-filled riffolla. Add to this the chops of Schenker and you have one superb guitar rock album.

You Are Here UFO - You Are Here (SPV) 2004

1. "Daylight Goes To Town" (4:33)
2. "Black Cold Coffee" (3:20)
3. "The Wild One" (5:39)
4. "Give It Up" (4:25)
5. "Call Me" (4:03)
6. "Slipping Away" (4:56)
7. "The Spark That Is Us" (4:11)
8. "Sympathy" (3:48)
9. "Mr. Freeze" (4:43)
10. "Jelloman" (4:13)
11. "Baby Blue" (4:31)
12. "Swallow" (4:30)

Paul Raymond
Paul Raymond 2004

After three solid studio albums, two of which I think are equally as good as the band's 1970's albums (Sharks & Walk on Water). This time around, however, Micheal Schenker is out of the equation, replaced by another shredder, Vinnie Moore. Also, replacing Ashley Dunbar on drums is Jason Bohnam. So what of the music? "You Are Here" is yet another solid album! The two new members bring something fresh to the band, yet without losing the identity of the band. UFO are still bashing out that good old, raunchy, guitar driven, hard rock they are known for. Songs like "The wild one", "Black Cold Coffee" and the more melodic "Baby Blue" are all standout cuts. UFO aren't really trying to be innovative here, nor are they trying to 'reach a younger crowd'. UFO just do what they do best, straight forward, heavy rock 'n' roll.

UFO - The Monkey Puzzle (SPV) 2006

1. "Hard Being Me" (3:35)
2. "Black And Blue" (3:52)
3. "Heavenly Body" (4:38)
4. "Some Other Guy" (3:57)
5. "Who's Fooling Who" (5:29)
6. "Drink Too Much" (4:40)
7. "Down By The River" (3:29)
8. "Rolling Man Listen" (3:18)
9. "World Cruise" (4:40)
10. "Kingston Town" (4:24)
11. "Good Buy You" (4:08)

UFO, Paul Raymond, Live in Santa Fe, 2008.
Blurry photo taken with my cell phone from the front row.

UFO are heavy metal legends. Unlike some legends who sit on their laurels, UFO have forged ahead, releasing quality new studio material since their reunion in 1995. Proving once again that Michael Schenker was not the backbone of this band, UFO have released their second solid studio album with American guitarist Vinnie Moore. Moore joined the fold three years ago and proved his class and significance to the group on "You Are Here". There is no doubting Vinnie's performance and abilities. If he didn't prove himself to UFO's core fan-base on "You Are Here", then "The Monkey Puzzle" should be enough to convince anyone. The Monkey Puzzle also marks the return of drummer Andy Parker, who had been part of the original line-up. "The Monkey Puzzle" is exactly what you would expect from UFO. The songs range from upbeat hard rockers to more laid back, blues-based rock. UFO have never been strangers to bluesy guitar riffs. Of course the distinguishing sound of UFO is in the signature vocals of Phil Mogg. Frankly, if you don't like Mogg, you don't like UFO. I can easily imagine songs like "Hard Being Me", "Heavenly Body" and Who's Fooling Who" mixed into the band's live show with their classic material. As with "You Are Here' the band is not reinventing itself, nor are they charting new musical territories. Rather, UFO are once again doing what they do best, solid, heavy, rock and roll. As Phil so eloquently puts it in the most excellent opener "Hard Being Me", "We ain't about to quit boy, The bands back in town"!

UFO - The Visitor (SPV) 2009

1.   Saving Me (5:08)
2.   On The Waterfront (3:50)
3.   Hell Driver (4:26)
4.   Stop Breaking Down (4:56)
5.   Rock Ready (3:07)
6.   Living Proof (4:33)
7.   Can't Buy A Thrill (5:14)
8.   Forsaken (3:57)
9.   Villains & Thieves (3:34)
10. Stranger In Town (3:39)
11. Dancing With St. Peter (6:30)

British hard rock/heavy metal legends UFO return to celebrate their 40th anniversary with their 20th studio release titled "The Visitor". It's their third studio album with guitarist Vinnie Moore, but is also the first without founding member and bassist Pete Way. Way is suffering from liver disease and was not able to take part in the recording of the album. It's also notable that longtime drummer Andy Parker is back as well.

On this CD, UFO continues their trend towards more blues based hard rock then the classic British heavy metal tinged rock of the early days. Some of the material presented here even has a Southern rock vibe to it. This trend towards bluesier hard rock seems to have it's roots in Moore, since the sound seems to have become more prolific since he joined the band. UFO have always had some blues influences, dating all the way back to their classic 70's catalog. However, it's never been quite as prolific as it is now. The blues vibe affects more than half of the album, with songs like "Saving Me", "On The Waterfront", "Rock Ready" all being heavy on the blues. Others like "Living Proof", "Villians & Theives" and "Stranger In Town" still have some bluesy influences, though not as much as the previously listed songs.

"Hell Driver" is more straight-forward hard rock and might have worked well on some of the classic Schenker-era albums, if not for a slightly dirtier, grittier production. Album opener "Saving Me" is easily one of the best songs. The song has an earthy feel and Mogg's vocals just fit the sound like a glove. "Stranger In Town" is another heavy rocker with a Deep Purple influence and some heavy guitar work. Moore lets loose on some prime shred throughout this CD.

I must confess, it took me a few spins of this one to really begin to appreciate it. While I like the melodic, earthy, bluesy feel of the album, it just didn't bowl me over on the first couple spins. I really liked that British heavy rock that UFO had been known for. However, for what this is, it's still a very good album. It won't replace any of the classics as one of my favorites, but neither is it a dog by a band past it's prime.

Live Through the Years UFO - Live Throughout the Years (Music Melon) 2011

DISC ONE (The Roundhouse, London, England, 4-25-1976)
1. Can You Roll Her (3:52)
2. Doctor Doctor (5:33)
3. Oh My (4:28)
4. Out on the Street (5:44)
5. Highway Lady (5:18)
6. I’m a Loser (4:25)
7. Let It Roll (4:56)
8. This Kids (4:24)
9. Shoot Shoot (4:06)
10. Rock Bottom (10:36)
11. C’mon Everybody (8:52)
12. Boogie for George (9:16)
13. All or Nothing (4:31)
DISC THREE (Part 1, Vienna, Austria, 1998)
1. Natural Thing (4:42)
2. Mother Mary (3:47)
3. A Self Made Man (6:47)
4. Electric Phase (5:03)
5. This Kids (4:41)
6. Out in the Street (5:36)
7. One More for the Rodeo (4:10)
8. Venus (5:23)
9. Pushed to the Limit (3:45)
DISC TWO (Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 1982)
1. We Belong to the Night (4:23)
2. Let It Rain (3:09)
3. Long Gone (5:02)
4. Wild, Willing, Innocent (4:51)
5. Only You Can Rock Me (4:21)
6. No Place to Run (5:03)
7. Love to Love (8:43)
8. Doing It All for You (4:02)
9. Makin’ Moves (4:50)
10. Too Hot to Handle (6:46)
11. Mystery Train (7:52)
DISC FOUR (Part 2, Vienna, Austria, 1998)
10. Love to Love (9:08)
11. Too Hot to Handle (4:34)
12. Only You Can Rock Me (4:38)
13. Lights Out (5:38)
14. Doctor Doctor (6:02)
15. Rock Bottom (12:58)
16. Shoot Shoot (4:13)

When I think of some of the greatest live albums of all time, UFO are one of the band's that always come to mind instantly. Much like Thin Lizzy, Kiss and Ted Nugent's classic 70's live platters, the live energy captured on "Strangers in the Night" gave the songs a heavier edge that the studio albums didn't have. As such, I"ve always been a fan of anything UFO have released live, and there are tons of them. "Live Throughout the Years" is a limited edition deluxe four CD box set from the veteran British hard rock/heavy metal band. The set includes three of  UFO's many live albums in one package; "On With The Action"-The Roundhouse 1976, "Regenerator"-The Hammersmith Odeon 1982 and "Live On Earth/Vienna"-2 discs recorded in Austria 1998. Basically, the collection starts with the early Schenker years, give us a look into the Paul Chapman-era and ends with a UFO/Schenker reunion concert.

The Roundhouse show from '76 is fantastic and captures the band when they were still young, hungry and in the heavy metal trenches of the mid-1970's. The show features the classic Shenker/Mogg/Way/Parker line-up. "Let It Roll" must have been one of the band's more popular songs in '76 as you can hear the crowd screaming for it between songs up until track seven when the band finally lets loose into the metallic rocker. The show features plenty of extended cuts, including "Boogie For George", a song from the band's early 'space-rock' years, "C'mon Everybody", and a ten minute version of "Rock Bottom". UFO were at the top of their game here, being one of the more popular and respected first wave of British heavy metal bands.

Outside of the classic "Strangers in the Night" album, the 1982 show is one of my favorites. Originally released as "Regenerator", this show was recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon in '82. This concert is is the perfect companion piece to the most excellent "Strangers In The Night". Disc 2 is the first official release of a complete Paul Chapman-era UFO concert and focuses heavily on the underrated "No Place to Run", "The Wild The WIlling and the Innocent" and "Mechanix" albums. These albums are often forgotten about because Sir Schenker was no longer in the fold and UFO's popularity began sinking. However, these albums are fantastic and any true UFO fan cherishes them nearly as much as the 1970's recordings. The live versions here a chock full of electric energy and are given life in the live setting. There are also the old favorites "Only You Can Rock Me" and "Love to Love". The encore "Mystery Train" is jaw dropping awesome! The sound quality on this concert is quite good. Unlike "Strangers", this is live and raw, with all the clicks, pops and other live elements left in.

The last two discs are the Austria 1998 performance and features an energetic UFO with Schenker on guitar playing many of the old classics and a few from the 1995 reunion record "Walk On Water" ("A Self Made Man", "Venus" and "Pushed to the Limit".) Schenker is on fire for this performance. Take a listen to "Venus' from about the three minute mark on and see why he is considered a guitar legend. Phil Mogg sound fantastic during this performance. He's lost very little with age. It's also noteworthy to mention that legendary drummer Simon Wright (Dio/AC/DC) performs drums for this show. Obviously with newer technology the sound quality of these two discs are superior to the first two.

The 6-panel dig-pack features tons of photos of the band and memorabilia all scattered around in a collage. There is a 4 page insert that is glued into the digi that has more photos and such in a large collage. However, here are not liner notes to speak of. Regardless of the lack of liner notes, this is a stellar package containing four discs of prime live UFO.

UFO - Seven Deadly (SPV) 2012

1.   Fight Night (4:35)
2.   Wonderland (5:08)
3.   Mojo Town (3:57)
4.   Angel Station (6:23)
5.   Year of the Gun (4:08)
6.   The Last Stone Rider (3:53)
7.   Steal Yourself (4:46)
8.   Burn Your House Down (4:59)
9.   The Fear (3:44)
10. Waving Goodbye (5:12)

It's hard to believe that UFO has been around in one form or another for over four decades. The one constant has always been vocalist Phil Mogg, who has been the band's singer for over 43 years. What's even more impressive is that the man can still sing. Yes, his voice has changed and aged, but he knows how to use it well and relies on his strengths and distinctive characteristics. "Seven Deadly" is, by my count, the band's 21st studio album. The music contained herein is exactly what anyone would expect from Mogg and Company; unadulterated hard rock. The album opens with three heavy rockers, both of which sound like prime UFO. Guitarist Vinnie Moore has a wicked guitar tone. "Fright Night" and "Mojo Town" are mid-paced rockers, while "Wonderland" adds a bit more speed and aggression. The next three tracks take the intensity way down. "Angel Station", "Last Stone Rider" and "The Fear" are melodic, blues based numbers. This is nothing new for UFO as they have always had one foot in the blues, even back in the heavy 70's heyday. "The Fear" even features some nice harmonica work. "Year of the Gun" is another melodic rock and roll track with a cleaner, almost Southern Rock sound. Overall, "Seven Deadly" is exactly what I expected from UFO and continues in a similar mode to albums like "The Visitor" and "Monkey Puzzle". Longtime fans shouldn't be disappointed. A veteran band like UFO really doesn't need to keep reinventing itself. At this point in their long career, they seem to just enjoy creating the music they love, hard rock and melodic blues-based rock and roll.

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