After Zn÷white broke up drummer Scott Schafer formed Cyclone Temple with guitarist Greg Fulton.

I Hate Therefore I Am Cyclone Temple - I Hate Therefore I Am (Combat/Century Media) 1991

1. "Why" (6:21)
2. "Sister (Until We Meet Again)" (5:50)
3. "Words Are Just Words" (7:18)
4. "Public Enemy" (4:13)
5. "In God We Trust" (4:31)
6. "I Hate Therefore I Am" (7:12)
7. "March for Me, Die for Me" (5:06)
8. "Born to Lose" (6:37)
9. "Silence So Loud" (4:47)

It's a shame that thrash metal was on it's way out when Cyclone Temple stormed onto the scene. This is actually an awesome thrash metal platter chock full of speedy riffs, quick downbeats, and decent vocals that manage to combine a sense of melody with aggression. Unfortunately I think the market at the time was saturated with these sorts of bands and Cyclone Temple went unnoticed except for their own cult following. One other thing that Cyclone Temple has going for them is the variety in their songwriting. While they stay true to the thrash formula, there is enough variation is speed, tempo, riff, and vocal melodies to keep it interesting from start to finish. As a matter of fact, "I Hate Therefore I Am" even starts off as an acoustic ballad-like song before building into a pounding speed metal romp. Cyclone Temple needs to reform and show all these thrash wanna-be bands what real thrash is.

Building Errors... Cyclone Temple - Building Errors In The Machine (Progressive) 1993

1. "Hate Makes Hate" (3:55)
2. "Me, Myself & I" (5:30)
3. "Down The Drain" (4:28)
4. "Killing Floor" (5:23)
5. "Drug Of The Masses" (5:49)
6. "The Law Of Relativity" (4:46)

Cyclone Temple's sophore follow-up was this EP which featured new vocalist Marco Salinas. Not unlike their Combat debute, "Building Errors" is a meaty, thrash metal feast. This is one of those CDs that prooves it takes more than talent, good songs and a cool bandname to make it. Cyclone Temple were one of those bands that knew how to balance aggression and melody to create something that was heavy, but at the same time was memorable. "Me, Myself & I" is probably the most immediately likeable song on the disc. The song has an immediate hook to it and riffs that hits you like a brick wall. Track six is listed as a "bonus track". Stylistically it's different from the rest of the EP. This is an early thrash/rap song that reminds me of something that Sacred Reich might do. The riffs are still speedy, crunchy thrash riffs. The production here is a little thin, although not unlistenable. Actually, with proper remastering this CD would rule. As it is, you'll need to crank the volume knob a bit louder than you normally might. Then again, you might want to do that anyway!

My Friend Lonely Cyclone Temple - My Friend Lonely (Monsterdisc) 1994

1. "Hate Makes Hate" (3:51)
2. "Down the Drain" (4:40)
3. "My Friend Lonely" (4:30)
4. "Me, Myself & I" (5:44)
5. "Drug of the Masses" (4:34)
6. "Comfortably Superficial" (4:01)
7. "Killing Floor" (5:24)
8. "Time Heals All" (5:00)
9. "The Law of Relativity" (4:41)

This is an odd album as it is partially the "Errors in the Machine EP" re-recorded and part new songs, making it a full length CD. It was also a way for the band to introduce their new vocalist Sonny DeLuca. For the most part "My Friend Lonely" is straight forward thrash metal. Lots of speed, loads of aggression, and a whole heep of attitude. However, this disc is a bit more diverse than their first. For instance, the title track starts off with a bit of a reggae sound. Occassionally the band breaks into a more groove laden riff. In "The Law of Relativity" the band breaks into a full-on rap. New vocalist Sonny Deluca adds a new flare to the band as well. Many times he reminds me of Ron Rinehart (Dark Angel). At other times he goes into hardcore raps and shouts. One small annoyance with this CD. Track 8 contains both tracks 8 & 9. I hate those hidden tracks. Why not just make track 9 actually be track 9.

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