Danger Danger

Danger Danger Danger Danger (Epic) 1989

1. "Naughty Naughty" (4:50)
2. "Under the Gun" (4:39)
3. "Saturday Nite" (4:18)
4. "Don't Walk Away" (4:56)
5. "Bang Bang" (3:56)
6. "Rock America" (4:54)
7. "Boys Will Be Boys" (4:58)
8. "One Step from Paradise" (4:47)
9. "Feels Like Love" (4:52)
10. "Turn It On" (3:40)
11. "Live It Up" (3:54)

Danger Danger is keyboard infested, 80's, radio rock with a heavy metal sheen and image. The band has chops and can write a good, memorable pop hook. While the song writing for this type of 80's rock is simplistic and anthemic, it seems that all these bands had at least one shredder who could pull off a good solo in an instant. It seems that Danger Danger had two shredders. However, as might be expected from this type of music, the ballads seem to be the focus, rather than anything hard or heavy. The theme is good looks, pop hooks, and partying all night long. What else could you infer from song titles like "Bang Bang", "Live It Up" and "Turn It Up." Overall, Danger Danger is a bit to sugary and light to be considered heavy metal, or even pop metal, but for an 80's melodic rock album, this one isn't bad. It’s just unfortunate that the production strips the rock and roll right out of the band. File with Def Leppard "Hysteria" or almost anything from Bon Jovi.

Screw It Danger Danger – Screw It (Epic) 1991

1.  Ginger Snaps/Monkey Business  (5:22)
2.  Slipped Her the Big One  (5:23)
3.  C'est Loupe/Beat the Bullet  (4:53)
4.  I Still Think About You (4:36)
5.  Get Your Shit Together  (4:41)
6.  Crazy Nites  (4:14)
7.  Puppet Show  (1:20)
8.  Everybody Wants Some  (4:15)
9.  Don't Blame it on Love  (3:58)
10.  Comin' Home  (4:39)
11.  Horny S.O.B. (3:22)
12.  Find Your Way Back Home  (6:14)
13.  Yeah, You Want It!  (3:34)
14.  D.F.N.S.  (:50)

Someone sent me a copy of "Screw It" by Danger Danger in the mail. I  have the first Danger Danger album and it's ok. It's a bit too glossy and keyboard drenched for my tastes. On that album it just seems the production strips the rock and roll right out of the band. With "Screw It", the band’s second studio album, I found it to be pleasantly under produced. "Screw It" is a raunchy slab of American rock and roll. For the most part, the guitars are turned up, the keyboards are buried in the background. Frankly, this is the way it should be.

Coming out at the end of hair metal's popularity, some of the song titles make it clear why the genre was becoming stale and was soon taken over by grunge. Titles like "Horny S.O.B."and "Slipped Her the Big One" may be written in total mocking fun, but the song comes off as being silly juvenile sexuality. As well, the album includes several attempts at radio-ready ballads including "I Still Think About You" and "Find Your Way Back Home". These sorts of ballads seem more at home with modern country/pop than in heavy rock and roll. "Yeah, You Want It!" is also a song that should have been left as a b-side, or totally forgotten about. This mocking rap/funk/rock song is absolutely atrocious and makes the skip button absolutely essential.

Still, there is plenty to like about this album as well. Andy Timmons is a serious shredder and offers up some choice licks and tricks. Album opener "Monkey Business" is a great hard rocker with a crunchy guitar riff and memorable hooks. Follow-up "Slipped Her the Big One" is also heavy rocker with a smokin’ guitar lead as well. There is no doubt that this is 100%, cheesy, 80’s hair metal. However, if you enjoy a big old hunk of cheddar every once in a while,  and have a bit of a sense of humor, "Screw It" will please the party rocker in you.

Bassist Bruno Ravel later went on to join TNT’s Tony Harnell in Westworld.

Revolve Danger Danger - Revolve (Frontiers Records) 2009

1. That's What I'm Talking About (4:19)
2. Ghost Of Love (4:51)
3. Killin' Love (5:27)
4. Hearts On The Highway (4:19)
5. Fugitive (4:02)
6. Keep On Keepin' On (4:55)
7. Rocket To Your Heart (4:38)
8. F.U.$ (4:53)
9. Beautiful Regret (4:41)
10. Never Give Up (4:45)
11. Dirty Mind (3:47)

Danger Danger return in '09 with a full, new studio release that features almost all of the original line-up including vocalist Ted Poley. Guitarist Andy Timmons is absent, replaced on lead guitar by Rob Marcello. The sound is exactly what anyone would expect from these late 80's rockers. Unlike the band's debut, the sound isn't overly glossy and keyboard saturated. Rather, the sound here is straight-forward hard rock with some nice hooks, a meaty guitar sound and smooth, sometimes layered vocals. The album opens with three of the strongest tracks, "That's What I'm Talking About", "Ghost Of Love" and "Killing Love". All three songs have big sing-along choruses. "Ghost of Love" in particular features a guitar solo that was sure to have left some burn marks on the fret board. "F.U.$" is a very Def Leppard-ish song with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that could never see air-play. In typical AOR fashion, the album features a couple ballads, including "Fugitive" and "Never Give Up". "Fugitive" is an acoustic based number with some orchestration, while "Never Give Up" is an 80's-style power ballad complete with the those sickening, sticky sweet love lyrics. "Dirty Mind" has that sleazy vibe straight out of the gutters of the 80's. There is nothing overly mind-shattering or odd on this record. Basically, as stated previously, "Revolve" is exactly what I expected from Danger Danger; solid, melodic, hard rock.

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