Sacred Heart DVD Dio - Sacred Heart (Rhino/DVD) 2004

1. "Draco Ignis"
2. "King of Rock and Roll"
3. "Time to Burn"
4. "The Last in Line/Holy Diver"
5. 'Heaven and Hell"
6. "Sacred Heart"
7. 'Rock N Roll Children"
8. "Long Live Rock N Roll"
9. "Man on the Silver Mountain"
10. "Rock N Roll Children" (Reprise)
11. "Rainbow in the Dark"
12. "Hungry for Heaven"

The Mighty Dragon Slayer: 1985 Tour Book

Recorded live at my old stomping grounds, the Philadelphia Spectrum. I had seen Dio on the two tours previous to this one in Philadelphia, the second of which was even at the Spectrum. Unfortunately I didn't get to attend this show as I had gone off to college that years, having just graduated from high school. (Man, am I dating myself.) "Sacred Heart" the DVD persents Dio as the mighty dragon slayer he was in 1986. The song selection pulls mostly from the album of the same name. Most don't feel this was Dio's strongest release, although I myself am fond of it. I feel most of these songs are pretty strong. Guitarist Craig Goldy pulls off Vivian Campbell's leads to a tee, and is a strong guitarist on his own right. He towers over Dio in this video, being a good foot or so taller than Ronnie. Jimmy Bain looks uncharacteristically drug-free in this video, stomping around the stage in an outfit that looks like something from Angel's 1977 stage show. This DVD captures a classic era of Dio on film.

Evil of Divine Dio - Evil Or Divine (Eagle Vision) 2003

1. "Killing The Dragon" (5:25)
2. "Egypt (The Chains Are On)" (9:45)
3. "Push" (4:17)
4. "Drum Solo" (4:38)
5. "Stand Up And Shout" (3:52)
6. "Rock And Roll" (5:57)
7. "Don't Talk To Strangers" (6:40)
8. "Man On The Silver Mountain" (3:06)
9. "Guitar Solo" (8:35)
10. "Long Live Rock And Roll" (5:00)
11. "Lord Of The Last Day" (4:25)
12. "Fever Dreams" (4:40)
13. "Holy Diver" (5:25)
14. "Heaven And Hell" (7:12)
15. "The Last In Line" (8:41)
16. "Rainbow In The Dark" (6:00)
17. "We Rock" (5:35)
Bonus Material:
18. Interview with RJD (11:19)
19. Photo Gallery
20. Behind The Scenes Footage (4:27)
21. "Push" [video] (5:25)

An excellent live DVD capture Dio and his band live, February, Friday the 13th 2002. The track listing is excellent and includes most of hte classics from the early years, as well as a few new ones. The recording is crisp and clear and the band is tight. Dio sounds as good as ever. The guitar solo is quite long, but is pretty awesome. This DVD is a must-buy if you are a Dio fan. THis DVD was also released on CD. I will be getting it too, as I tend to listen to music much more than I watch it.

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