Gothic Soul Entropy - E3 (Independent) 2012

1.     Means to the End  (6:28)    
2.     Premonition  (6:09)   
3.     Bloodrites  (3:57)    
4.     Succubus  (5:10)    
5.     Nightmare Extraordinaire  (4:13)    
6.     Encryption (7:10)    
7.     Darkness Eclipsed (10:56)    

Entropy is a Canadian thrash metal act from Ontario, Canada who formed in 1990. They had independently released two albums in the early 90's before going on a hiatus. The band never officially broke up, they just simply stopped playing. However, they resurrected the band in the mid-2000's and eventually released this thrash metal beast nearly 20 years after their last album.

"E3" is seven songs of hammerhead metal; monstrous riffing, huge meaty hooks, manic guitar leads, pounding rhythms and over-the-top vocals. For the most part the vocals are of the gruff, thrash metal variety, but then vocalist Ger Schreinert belts out these shrill, high-pitched vocals that send chills up my spine. The chorus to the track "Bloodrites" is the perfect example of how these vocals work so well. However, where this album really succeeds in writing memorable riffs and hooky choruses. Any metalhead worth his patch-clad, demin kutte will find himself with fists in the air and singing along to songs like "Premonition" and the ultra-contagious "Succubus". (I only assume this song was written about one of the band members ex-girlfriends?)

The album ends with the nearly eleven minute long "Darkness Eclipsed" which is the only song that doesn't immediately beat you over the head with thrash riffs. Instead, this song starts off as a dark and moody ambient instrumental before building into yet another metallic romp. Entropy's first two albums might be considered underground classics but this "reunion" album is simply a monster! Thrash metal fans, snap up this independent release before it's gone.

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