Focused were one of the first Tooth & Nail hardcore bands, before they started churning out tons of sound alikes.

Bow focused-Bow (Tooth & Nail) 1993

1.   "Bow" (:55)
2.   "Forever" (4:32)
3.   "Walk Beside Me" (2:51)
4.   "Forward" (4:24)
5.   "Strain" (2:53)
6.   "Behold" (3:46)
7.   "Perfect Will" (5:05)
8.   "Falling Down" (5:20)
9.   "Open My Eyes" (2:50)
10. "Blinded" (4:10)
11. "Absence" (5:48)

This is a killer album. Focused are hardcore without a doubt, but they also have a way with melody that most hardcore bands don't have. There are even some acoustic parts which is taboo for a hardcore band. This was one of Tooth & Nail's earliest and best bands. It's been mostly downhill from here.

The Hope that Lies Within focused-The Hope that Lies Within (Tooth & Nail) 1995

1.   "Empty" (4:53)
2.   "Consumer" (6:33)
3.   "Evasion" (5:59)
4.   "Dead Sky" (4:45)
5.   "No One" (4:55)
6.   "Red" (3:57)
7.   "Killing Years" (4:08)
8.   "My Blood" (6:01)
9.   "Hurts to Ask" (1:43)

I guess "Bow" was a one time thing because as much as I like that album, I never could really get into this one. Somehow it's just forgettable. Focused broke up shortly after the release of this album but they also released a disc of rarites, demos, etc. I have heard a rumor that the band has reformed however.

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