Gun Barrel

Battle TEsted Gun Barrel - Battle Tested (LMP) 2003

1. "Rebel Gathering" (1:35)
2. "Battle-Tested" (4:04)
3. "We Believe in Nothing" (4:33)
4. "My Last Ale" (5:01)
5. "Roll of the Dice" (3:45)
6. "Rebel Tune" (5:22)
7. "Lonely Rider" (4:04)
8. "Party in the Hall of Fame" (4:56)
9. "Lover Like a Gun" (3:02)
10. "Scream of the Killer" (4:01)
11. "The Raven" (4:35)
12. "Save My Heart From You" (4:42)
13. "Web of Dirty Lies" (4:35)
14. "Death Knell Dance" (3:58)

I purchased this CD on the recomendation of a friend at the CMR who pretty much knows my taste in metal. His recommendation was very accurate as Gun Barrel are a German heavy metal band that seem to be heavily influenced by bands like Running Wild, Sinner, Manowar and even the mighty Accept. In other words, this is heavy metal. Unfortunately that title has been watered down in the last few decades and few people know what real heavy metal sound like. Well, Gun Barrel will clear up the definition for you. "Battle Tested" is 100%, adreneline rush, headbanging, fists in the air, heavy duty, leather clad heavy metal. Not unlike Manowar, Gun Barrel aren't afraid to let belt out the metal anthems loud and proud. Yes, that includes the occassional "kings of metal" and "posers must die" type of lyric. This may be a turn off to the current crop of fans longing for lyrics of anger and depression and who look to music for deep thoughts. However, Gun Barrel aren't out to challenge your life philosophies, they are here to rock you, and rock you they will. Long live true metal.

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