Ready to Strike Headbanger – Ready to Strike (Slaney Records) 2009

   1. Intro [instrumental] (:39)
   2. Ready To Strike (2:44)
   3. Brutal Revenge (4:51)
   4. Speed Of Light (4:00)

Poland’s Headbanger are yet another new band in the ever growing new thrash metal movement. “Ready to Strike” is the band’s first album on a proper label, though they had released a demo and independent EP in the past. This four song EP sees the band wearing their classic thrash metal influences on their sleeves. From the band name to the album cover art, this band bleeds heavy metal and thrash. Despite the fact that it was recorded in 2009, “Ready to Strike” sounds as if it could be a lost album from 1984.

The album opens with a short musical intro before breaking into the title track. “Ready to Strike” could have been a missing track from Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All”. This song is raw, fast, aggressive, thrash metal and probably my personal favorite on the CD. From that point on, the album doesn’t slow down. The follow-up track, “Brutal Revenge” still has that classic Bay Area riffing, but adds in a bit more punk influence, especially in the vocal delivery. “Speed of Light” mixes up that “Kill ‘Em All” style riffing, with a classic 80’s NWOBHM vibe. Once again, the shouted vocals give the band a slight punk vibe, not unlike Motorhead or Tank.

Many people dislike EPs, but I must say, they are a good way to introduce a band to the world. With “Ready To Strike”, I was left wanting more. Here’s hoping for a proper full length in the future. This metal fan can never get enough classic thrash metal.

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