John Connelly Theory

John Connelly Theory John Connelly Theory - Back to Basics (Relativity) 1991

1.  " Intro" (:39)
2.   "Bizarre Noise" (1:20)
3.   "Aggressive" (3:35)
4.   "In Memory" (4:59)
5.   "Hardwire" (2:59)
6.   "Hold Your Head Up" (2:50)
7.   "Charlie Brownstone" (:39)
8.   "Harlan's Nightmare" (4:05)
9.   "Back from the Past" (2:02)
10.   "7/8 Solution" (2:50)
11.   "Joe's Tune" (4:09)
12.   "L.H.A." (1:55)


Side project by speed metal band Nuclear Assault's vocalist and guitarist. A bit more heavy metal oriented than Nuclear Assault but it's a must for N.A. fans. Actually it sounds like these are all songs that John may have written for Nuclear Assault but they may have been a bit removed from their sound, so not used. Well, that's my theory anyhow.

Hard as heck to find this one. I found it in a small cd shop that had a tiny little metal section. Paid $6.99.

"Hold Your Head Up" is a cover of an Argent song.

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