Keith Green

For Him Who Has Ears Keith Green - For Him Who Has Ears to Hear (Sparrow) 1977

1. "You Put this Love in My Heart" (3:29)
2. "I Can't Believe It!" (3:37)
3. "Because of You" (2:52)
4. "When I Hear the Praises Start" (4:23)
5. "He'll Take Care of The Rest" (3:59)
6. "Your Love Broke Through" (3:26)
7. "No One Believes in Me Anymore (Satan's Boast)" (3:20)
8. "Song To My Parents (I Only Wanna See You There)" (4:00)
9. "Trials Turned to Gold" (3:25)
10. "Easter Song" (3:55)

Despite the fact that Keith and Melody Green made such beautiful music that was so obviously anointed by God, in this time of the mid 70's, many churches came against Keith claiming he played "devil's music." Unbelievable!!! Throughout the ages churches have made this same mistake, claiming that cultural relevance is "of the devil." In the 80's it was Stryper. One confused writer by the name of Jeff Godwin even goes so far as to call Keith, "the father of the Christian rock lie." It never ends. So while some were rejoicing and worshiping God, others were standing back and criticizing. Hmmm... In any case this was the first Keith Green cd I ever purchased many, many years ago (1990 I believe). What a great disc to stick on late in the evening when things are quite and I can just sit back and reflect. Truly inspired!

Keith Green - No Compromise (Sparrow) 1978

1. "Soften Your Heart" (2:48)
2. "Make My Life A Prayer To You" (3:21)
3. "Dear John Letter (to the Devil)" (3:20)
4. "How Can They Live Without Jesus?" (3:03)
5. "Asleep in the Light" (4:25)
6. "My Eyes Are Dry" (1:57)
7. "You!" (3:33)
8. "I Don't Wanna Fall Away From You" (3:07)
9. "Stained Glass" (2:45)
10. "To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice" (3:17)
11. "The Victor" (4:20)
12. "Altar Call" (3:34)

As is the case of all Keith's other discs, this disc truly brings me to a spirit of worship. Can't say enough good things about it. His lyrics really make me think about my life and my relationship with God.

Collection Keith Green - The Keith Green Collection (Sparrow) 1981

1. "Introduction" (1:01)
2. "Rushing Wind" (3:37)
3. "You Put This Love In My Heart" (4:31)
4. "Grace By Which I Stand" (4:44)
5. "You!" (3:30)
6. "Your Love Broke Through" (3:21)
7. "He'll Take Care of the Rest" (3:59)
8. "Lies" (3:42)
9. "The Sheep And the Goats" -live (3:59)
10. "Asleep in the Light" (4:28)
11. "Soften Your Heart" (2:51)
12. "How Can You Live Without Jesus" (3:05)
13. "Scripture Song Medley" (3:51)

A Best of Package featuring some unreleased live material. Excellent compilation and one that I play quite often. If ever there was a man that could usher me into the presence of God and bring me into an emotional state of worship, it's Keith Green.

Keith Green - Songs for the Shepherd (Sparrow) 1982

1. "The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)" (4:10)
2. "You Are The One" (2:39)
3. "How Majestic Is Thy Name (Psalm 8)" (3:59)
4. "Draw Me" (3:47)
5. "Glory Lord Jesus" (3:20)
6. "There is A Redeemer" (3:11)
7. "The Promise Song" (3:21)
8. "Until That Final Day" (4:38)
9. "Jesus Is Lord of All" (2:32)
10. "O God Our Lord" (3:49)
11. "I Will Give Thanks To the Lord (Psalm 9)" (1:47)
12. "Holy, Holy, Holy" (3:40)

Two months after this was album was released, on July 28, 1982, Keith and two of his children were killed in a plane crash. Very say indeed for his family and fans, but for Keith, the desire of his heart was finally fulfilled. This album is another excellent praise filled worship album.

Jesus Commands... Keith Green - Jesus Commands Us To Go (Sparrow) 1984

1. "Dust to Dust" (4:11)
2. "A Billion Starving People" (3:50)
3. "When There's Love" (2:53)
4. "When I First Trusted You" (3:53)
5. "Thank You Jesus" (2:54)
6. "One The Road to Jerico" (3:22)
7. "Jesus Commands Us To Go!" (5:11)
8. "Run to the End of the Highway" (3:13)
9. "Don't You Wish You Had The Answers" (3:22)
10. "Keith's Piano Prelude" -instrumental (4:16)
11. "Create In Me A Clean Heart" (4:20)

I think this album was released after Keith's death and is a compilation of unreleased tracks compiled by his widow, Melody. Regardless, it's another disc that is absolutely God inspired. My wife and I enjoy listening to this disc at night as we lay in bed together.


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