Alive III

Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons

Eric Singer

Released May 18, 1993


Produced by Eddie Kramer, who also produced the band's legendary Alive album.


Alive III was recorded in Cleveland, Indianapolis and Detroit.


Alive III was released on limited, numbered edition vinyl in white, blue and red vinyl. The vinyl edition contains the additional track "Take It Off".


"Kiss Alive III" was finally remastered and re-released on CD as part of the Kiss Alive! 1975 - 2000 box set in 2006.


Paul Stanley:I'd give it three stars. I'm very proud of it. Does it capture the magic of the first two? Gee, I don't think Godfather III does but if you saw Godfather III you'd say it's a good film. If you see it next to the other two its got mighyt strong company. On Alive III I think the songs were played very, very well, I think the performance is great, and I think the spirit on the album is fabulous. Kiss - Behind the Mask, p. 394.


Eddie Kramer: I would have been quite content to leave some of the mistakes in...I would have preferred to have been left alone to do my thing, fix up a couple of notes here and there and let me mix it instead of trying to make something that it wasn't designed to be. It's too perfect. A live record is suppose to be a live record. I thought some of the overdubs were unnecessary, quite frankly. It's a decent record. I would have preferred it to have been more spontaneous.. Kiss - Behind the Mask, p. 395.


Eric Singer: On Alive III the drums are completely live.. The overdubs were done if you hit a bad chord or a vocal line was sung badly. In my opinion, if you are going to put out a live record you should record as many shows as possible and take the best versions of each song. Let them have the mistakes on it. I have some bootlegs of KISS shows in '92 when we first went out on the club tour that sound better than Alive III...I think they sound raw and it's the real deal. Kiss - Behind the Mask, p. 396

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