Kiss 1984
Paul Stanley, Mark St.John, Gene Simmons

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Paul Stanley

Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons

With Vinnie Vincent gone, Kiss searched for a replacement guitarist. The band chose California guitar tutor Mark Norton, renamed Mark St. John.

After it's release, Animalize quickly sold platinum due to the success of the single "Heaven's On Fire" and heavy play of the video for the same track on MTV.

Much of "Animalize" was recorded at Right Track Recording Studios.

Gene Simmons at this point, despite Kiss' renewed success, was no longer focusing on the band and was attempting to fulfill a childhood dream of being an actor. Gene accepted a part in the movie Runaway, which meant relinquishing all his co-producing roles to Paul Stanley alone.

In Gene's absence, Jean Beauvior, played bass on some tracks on "Animalize." Which tracks are not known as Jean was not given credit for playing.

Jean Beauvior co-wrote "Heaven's On Fire".

Eric Carr has one co-writing credit on the album, "Under the Gun", which was written by Paul Stanley, Eric Carr and Desmond Child.

Mark St. John only was able to play three shows on the Animalize tour due to being inflicted with Reiter's Syndrome. He continued to travel with the band but his condition worsened.

Gene cut his hair for his role in Runaway and wore a wig on the tour in support of Animalize.

The Animalize Live tour opened in Brighton, England on September 30, 1984.

Bruce Kulick, who would join Kiss as their permanent guitarist on the Animalize tour played guitar on "Lonely Is the Hunter" and "Murder in High Heels".

Allan Schwarztberg overdubbed some drum fills on a couple songs on "Animalize".

Animalize was Kiss's biggest selling 80's album, having sold over 2 million copies.

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