Paul Stanley

Gene Simmons & Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick

Eric Carr

"Asylum" was released on September 12, 1985.


"Tears Are Falling" was the first single off "Asylum" and helped the record go platinum.


During the recording of "Asylum" Gene Simmons was living in Beverly Hills, CA with Diana Ross.


Ex-Plasmatics bassist Jean Beauviour played bass on a few tracks and had some writing credits on some tracks, including "Who Wants to Be Lonely" and "Uh! All Night".


Simmons also kept busy during this time by producing a number of bands including EZO, Black n Blue, Keel, Doro, House of Lords and the late Wendy O Williams.


Although Ace Frehley is considered the quintessential Kiss guitarist by most fans (after all he was an original member and vital force behind the bands sound), it was Bruce Kulick who occupied Kiss' guitarist position for the longest amount of time - 11 years, from 1984-1995. Born in Brooklyn, New York on December 12, 1953, Kulick discovered music through his older guitar-playing brother Bob Kulick. Coinsidentally, Bob had tried out for the lead guitar spot in Kiss back in the early 1970's.


Paul Stanley:

“Three stars. It was an attempt to follow up Animalize, but I don’t think it was as good. Other than “Tears Are Falling” and a few other tracks, I think it was a reworking of past ideas.” -Kiss-Behind the Mask, p. 366

Gene Simmons:

“Two stars. In  the same way that Rock and Roll Over and Love Gun were sister records. We were desperately trying to recapture who we were in the ‘70’s but also didn’t want to sound ‘70’s, which was why we got a faster guitar player...”
-Kiss-Behind the Mask, p. 366