Double Platinum
Double Platinum Facts

Produced by KISS and Sean Delaney

Casablanca PR indicated that the purpose of this compilation was to collect material from KISS albums that had all sold "Double Platinum."

The album's original packaging included a complex embossed silver foil cover, a "platinum" award (pictured below) and merchandise form.

Double Platinum Award

In 1997 the US got a beautiful foil digipak remaster. The European release wasn't as nice.

"Strutter '78" was re-recorded for this collection. This song was allegedly re-recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City in early 1978. The song would be given something of a light disco treatment at the request of Neil Bogart. Apparently Ace objected to this treatment of the song, but went along with it in the end. This song was considered to be a big mistake by producer Sean Delaney as well. Essentually, there were very few changes made to the song other than it having an additional solo, making the song more similar to the 1973 demo with softer production than the original KISS album version.

Despite the re-recording of "Strutter", the single didn't see release as a 12-inch format that was most common for the dance halls.

There have also been allegations that Sean Delaney drummed on the track in place of Peter Criss. This has never been substantiated.

According to Paul Stanley: "We once re-recorded a song, it was 'Strutter.' And I thought it sucked.... It was bullshit. There was no reason to do it, it was pointless because we had no new point of view and no reason to re-cut something that came out so good the first time" (Jeff Schaller, Late Night Magazine).

"Hard Luck Woman" was slightly altered for this compilation. The drums on the introduction are removed to place more emphasis on the guitars. Instead of starting at 0:16 they kick in at 0:31 and the song is shortened.

"Calling Dr. Love" loses nearly half a minute of its duration, notably the drum break section following the second chorus on the original recording.

The introduction instrumental from "Rock Bottom" is added on to the beginning of "She." However, the full introduction was not used, with only the last 52 seconds of the piece being used.

Several other songs would see remixing and mastering and hatchet jobs.

According to Dale Sherman's "Black Diamond," there was "a memorandum at the time of mixing of Double Platinum in 1978 which shows the list of the masters sent to England - including the masters for 'Queen For A Day'" That song was rumored to have been recorded in 1976, without vocals, but had been intended for use as Ace's vocal debut. It may have indicated that the song would be completed for the album, though it never did surface.

The band had very little to do with this project apart from providing the one newly re-recorded track, which they all seem to dislike.

"Double Platinum" would be the first KISS album in a while to not ship with any RIAA certification, though it would attain both Gold and Platinum status on
May 16, 1978.

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