Kiss Promo Photo 1974

Kiss and legendary rock photographer Bob Guen at Electric Lady Studios in 1974.

Kiss 1975


Original Release Date: March 19, 1975 (although some sources say April 1975)

"She" & "Love Her All I Can" were pre-Kiss tracks from Wicked Lester and were co-written by Gene Simmons and Steve Coronel.

"Dressed to Kill" was produced by Casablanca head Neil Bogart and Kiss.

"Dressed to Kill" was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York.

Dressed To Kill is the shortest KISS album at close to 30 minutes. The album predates The Ramones by a year, who would be the second band to release a full length album with such a short running time.

"Dressed to Kill" was KISS' first US Top 30 album hitting #27. This was accomplished on word of mouth alone as the band was receiving little to no airplay at this time.

Ace Frehley wrote two tracks on this album, the underrated "Getaway" and the Frehley/Stanley penned classic "Rock Bottom."

Dressed to Kill was the first album from Kiss to crack the Top 40 on Billboard's album chart, peaking at #32, while peaking on Cashbox's Top 200 allbums at #37. (facts taken from p.63, "Black Diamond")

The infamous front cover photo of the band was taken by well known photographer Bob Gruen.

Bill Aucoin: (Casablanca President) Neil Bogart produced Dressed to Kill because we couldn't afford a producer. It was a way to cut costs

Paul Stanley: On Dressed to Kill Ace was playing out of a cardboard box. He had this amp that he made that was in a cardboard box. p.233, Kiss Behind the Mask

Ace Frehley: "Getaway" was just one of those forgotten tunes. Peter sang lead on that. I wasn't singing lead at the time. I was too afraid. I was too shy to sing. I didn't think I could do it. p.238 Kiss Behind the Mask

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