Hot in the Shade

Kiss 1989
Eric Carr, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick


Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley


Gene Simmons
Gene Simmon, 1989

"Hot in the Shade" was released in October 1989.

"Hide Your Heart" was a song Stanley premiered on his 1988 solo club tour. This song was released as a single and reached #22 on US charts.

"Hide Your Heart" was later recorded by Ace Frehley on his solo album "Trouble Walkin'", Molly Hatchet on their "Lightning Strikes" album as well as by Bonnie Tyler.

The second single on the album "Forever" became Kiss' biggest hit in forteen years. The song was penned by Paul Stanley and Micheal Bolton, a friend of guitarist Bruce Kulick. (The two had recorded together when Bolton was known as Boloton.)

Paul, Steve Harris & Gene
Paul Stanley, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden,
and Gene Simmons

"Forever" hit #6 on the US Charts.

In the video for "Rise To It" Paul and Gene again adorned their make-up which fueled early rumors of a "classic line-up" reunion.

Hot in the Shade featured "Little Caesar," an Eric Carr penned song that also featured Eric on vocals. Despite having a great voice, Eric wasn't really featured as a vocalist other than on the new version of "Beth" released on the compilation "Snashes Trashes and Hits."

In 1991 Eric Carr was diagnosed with Cancer. Carr eventually succumbed to the disease on November 24, 1991.

Eric did manage to lend his vocals to "God Gave Rock and Roll To You II" for KISS' inclusion of the soundtrack to Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Unfortunately he was in no shape to play drums on the track, so Eric Singer was brought in to fill the vacant drum slot.

Some working titles before the band decided on "Hot in the Shade" were "Crimes of Passion" and "Crime & Punishment."

"Rise to It" was released as the final single for "Hot in the Shade" after "Forever", although it was originally to be the second single until "Forever" was chosen instead.

Bruce Kulick:

“On Hot in the Shade, Gene played rhythm guitar on “Cadillac Dreams” because I didn’t like it. I said, ‘You got a better feel for this, you should play it.” ‘Little Ceasar’ is a song where I played all the guitars and Eric (Carr) played the bass. It got handed around a lot.” -Kiss-Behind the Mask, p. 385

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