KISS 1977
(photo by Colleen Bracken)

Kiss 1977
Kiss 1977

Paul Stanley 1977 (photo by Colleen Bracken)

Love Gun" was recorded from May 3, 1977 through May 28th and released on June 17, 1977.


Love Gun" charted at #4, which was their highest charting album at the time.


Ken Kelly, who painted the "Destroyer" cover also painted the cover for "Love Gun." The woman that is repeated all over the cover was Ken's wife, who modeled for all the poses.


According to Paul, "I Stole Your Love" was "influenced in some ways by Deep Purple's 'Burn'...I was trying to get closer to the things I liked in the British bands that were my influences." -p286, Kiss-Behind the Mask

Kiss According to Peter, :In June of 1977 we released our sixth album 'Love Gun'. I always liked working with Eddie Kramer, but this wasn't really a band effort. Except for 'Love Gun,' which I love to play, I thought the songs were pretty mediocre. My song 'Hooligan' was butchered. Ace's song 'Shock Me,' which was inspired by his near electrocution on stage one night, featured his first lead vocal as a member of KISS. I was happy that he was finally getting a chance to sing, but let's face it, Ace might just have the worst voice in the world. I thought the best thing about the album was the cardboard gun that came inside."
-Peter Criss, Makeup to Breakup, p. 157


Eddie Kramer played piano of "Christine Sixteen."


Paul Stanley played rhythm guitar and bass on the song "Love Gun".


Gene Simmons played guitar on "Almost Human".


According to Ace, he had to sing "Shock Me" laying on his back in a dimly lit room to get over his shyness of singing lead vocals.

In 2004 McFarlane, released action figure reproductions of the Love Gun cover.

As was becoming the tradition with Kiss, "Love Gun" included a free 'extra', a paper love gun that folded into a pop gun. (pictured above).

The Kiss Army Newsletter gave advance word on "Love Gun" listing tracks that ended up not being on the album including, "Have Love Will Travel", "Sincerely", and "Radioactive". "Radioactive" ended up on Gene Simmons 1978 solo album.


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