KISS 1981



According to Paul Stanley:

Monster isn't just classic KISS, it's classic rock. It reminds me of why I love rock and roll and what made the bands that inspired me so great. Between Eric's authority, Tommy's fire, and Gene's undeniable ferocity–both in his bass playing and his vocals–Monster has a rare vitality. It sounds like the work of a new band. In fact, the album probably would have had a bigger commercial impact if it had been released by an unknown band.

I get it.

There's no getting around the fact that nothing KISS does in the future will have the impact of the things we did in the past. Those things took place in a different era; the world was different; the music business was different, the monolithic nature of pop culture was different. In addition, of course, the magnitude of something gets enhanced by the simple passage of time. As good as it is, "Hell or Hallelujah" can never be "Love Gun." The classic songs have already been the soundtrack for people's lives for forty years in some cases."

-Paul Stanley, Face the Music-A Life Exposed, p. 444

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