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KISS MTV Unplugged Facts

Ace Frehley

Criss, Stanley, Kulick Peter Criss, Paul Stanley & Bruce Kulick


Eric Singer, Peter Criss, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley & Bruce Kulick


Released March 12, 1996.


"MTV Unplugged" was a result of all the acoustic sets the band was doing as part of the Kiss Conventions they were doing.


Paul Stanley: "Sure Know Something' is one of my favorite songs on that album." p396, Kiss-Behind the Mask


Eric Singer: "From my own personal point of view, being a KISS fan since the 70's, getting to play with all four original guys on the show was a very cool experience." p398, Kiss-Behind the Mask


The "Unplugged" show was the first and last time Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Gene Simmons, and Paul Stanley shared the stage together.


Currently, the Kiss Unplugged show is the second highest rated MTV unplugged special right behind Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.


Produced by Alex Coletti. Directed by Joe Perota. Recorded live at Sony Music Studios, NYC, NY, August 8, 1995. Recording Engineer: Randy Ezratty. Mixed by Jim Barton. Mastered and digitally edited at Precision Mastering by Tat and Ralph.


Japanese CD version includes "Got To Choose" and lyric booklet.

Cover of LP.

A vinyl, 2 record set was released in the U.S. The albums were yellow vinyl.

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