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Released on September 18, 1978.

Peter Criss' solo album was produced by Vini Poncia, who went on to produce Kiss' Dynasty and Unmasked.

Peter's solo album was dedicated to Michael Benvenga, a former Lips member and friend that passed away from pneumatic meningitis. Peter had always promised Michael that if he ever did a solo album, he would have Michael play on it. When the time came in 1978, Michael had already passed. Peter in turn dedicated the album to him.

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Peter George John Criscoula was born on December 20, 1945 in New York, USA.

Peter played in several bands before Kiss. Most notable was Chelsea, who recorded a record on MCA, and Lips. Both these bands featured a guitarist named Stan Pendridge. Stan and Peter wrote many songs together, including the mega-hit "Beth".

In September and October 1971 Peter and Stan's band Lips recorded a demo at Bell Sound Studios. Included in the group's songs were several that turned up on Peter's 1978 solo album including "Don't You Let Me Down," "I'm Gonna Love You," "Hooked on Rock and Roll" and "That's The Kind of Sugar Papa Likes".

Peter joined Kiss after Gene answered Peter's advertisement in Rolling Stone in April 1972 that stated "Drummer with eleven years of experience willing to do anything to make it."

Peter Criss: "I'd give mine five (stars), not because it's mine or to be egotistic, but because I really worked hard. I just got out of a car accident so all my fingers were broken. My ribs were broken. I had a concussion. I had plastic surgery. I played on everything. F***ing A, with these iron braces on all my fingers and tape on all fingers. It was my baby. I'd give my baby, a five." -Kiss Behind the Mask, p 320.

Criss Peter Criss: "My (solo) album reflected my musical tastes–Motown-inspired R&B with horns and black back-up singers. Paul's was more the English Zeppelin sound that he liked. Ace's was his typical Hendrixy thing, and Gene's was the most bizarre, almost a pop album."
-Peter Criss, Makeup to Breakup, p. 179

Bill Acoin: Peter's solo album went platinum, eventually.

Criss "My Catman character came to me one night. I was designing one of my stage costumes at home. I was sketching it out and smoking a joint and then I just kind of zoned out and started staring at my wife's black cat, who was named Mateus. I realized that we both shared a lot of personality traits. We wer both wild, independent, aggressive, powerful–yet also soft, gentle, warm, and comforting at the same time. I loved cats...and like me they had nine lives. So becoming a cat was a no-brainer for me. I brought the idea back to the guys, and they loved it."
-Makeup to Breakup, Peter Criss, p.65

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