Released September 22, 1998.

Bruce Fairbairn produced "Psycho Circus".

Peter Criss was not given the opportunity to play on the album. Instead producer Bruce Fairbairn brought in Kevin Valentine to record on all the album tracks but one.

Ace Frehley didn't play on all the songs either. Ace played on his own "Into the Void" and was able to play guitar solos on a couple songs. Once again, this was a decision by producer Bruce Fairbairn.

Kiss 1998

"Into the Void" is the only song that features all four original Kiss members playing in the studio.

Paul Stanley played most of the rhythm guitar on "Psycho Circus".

Several songs were written and recorded for "Psycho Circus" that didn't make the record. Several of these songs were later released as B-Sides.

Ace submitted several songs for the record but Bruce Fairbairn chose only one, "Into the Void."

The original line-up recorded a new version of "Detroit Rock City" in the studio for the "Detroit Rock City" movie. Unforunately this version of the song was never released on CD, but was featured in the movie.

"Psycho Circus" didn't generate a Top 10 hit single, but the title song did get a lot of airplay on rock radio. The title track went all the way to number one of Billboard Mainstream ROck charts and got a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance.

"Psycho Circus" sold Gold within five weeks of it's release.

Bob Ezrin was originally slated to produce "Psycho Circus" but couldn't because of "time constraints".

Former Kiss axeman Bruce Kulick co-wrote "Dreamin" with Paul Stanley.

A special 2-CD version of "Psycho Circus" was released to promote the tour.

kiss According to Ace Frehley
"The plan was for all four of us to reunite in the studio for the first time since 'Dynasty' in 1979. I remember presenting three or four demos to the producer, Bruce Fairbairn, and the band. Before I sent them off, Jeanette warned me by saying, "Don't send them that many songs; they're gonna steal your ideas!" I just laughed it of the songs I submitted was titled "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Rock 'n' Roll". Upon closer examination of the lyrics, I realized that some of them mirrored one of Paul's songs on 'Psycho Circus', "I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock 'n' Roll". -No Regrets, Ace Frehley, p263

kiss According to Peter Criss
"KISS was set to go into the studio to record our new album. Both the fans and I were really excited; this was going to be the first time the four of us had collaborated on an album in twenty years. Ace and I were both working on songs diligently. But then, once again, our hopes were shattered. We found out that they didn't want Ace or me to play on the album. They were offering us $850,000 each not to play!...That was a lot of money for nothing, but I didn't want to just take the money and not play. It was never just about the money for me, it was always about the music. The Doc asked us to sign a paper saying that we played on the album. I told him I couldn't lie like that...Instead of me, they had their road manager Tommy Thayer playing guitar and Kevin Valentine playing drum. Now I was locked out of my own band's sessions." - Peter Criss, Makeup to Breakup, p. 309

"Paul wanted me to sing a ballad the he wrote with (Bob) Ezrin...I listened to the song "I Finally Found My Way," and it was just a blatant attempt at another "Beth," except it sucked. The lyrics ere about this pitiful, pathetic loser who finally finds his way back to God or Bob Dylan or some chick, who knows." - Peter Criss, Makeup to Breakup, p. 310

"...that album was sub par." - Peter Criss, Makeup to Breakup, p. 311


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