Moonflower Lane Messiah Force - The Last Day (BMCD 022) 1987

1. "The Sequel" (4:48)
2. "Call From The Night" (4:00)
3. "Watch Out" (3:05)
4. "White Knight" (5:38)
5. "Spirit Killer" (3:08)
6. "Silent Tyrant" (4:05)
7. "Hero's Saga" (4;36)
8. "The Last Day" (5:15)
9. "The Third One" (5:24)

A rare, underground gem. Messiah Force were a traditional heavy metal band with dark, gothic overtones, not unlike early Dio. At times I would even describe their sound as speed metal. The band writes with a lot of melody, much of which is created by the vocal melodies of female vocalist Lynn Renaud. Because of the vocals, comparisons can also be made to early Warlock, especially since Lynn has a striking resemblance to Doro Pesch. Unlike many female fronted metal bands coming out of the 1980's, Messiah Force are not a wimpy pop metal band. The songs are all heavy, guitar driven, and feature some speedy licks and fierce drumming. The production is as to be expected from an independent band coming out of the 80's. The overall sound is a bit flat, although certainly not one of the worst things I have heard.

Unfortunately this album has never been officially released on CD. My particular copy is a mass produced, silver CD, but it is also a bootleg. The album cover featured is not the correct one, but was taken from the bands last single and slightly modified to include the words "The Last Day" and "The Album" on the font. Also, the release date is listed incorrectly as 1988 on the back insert and should have been 1987.

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