Nation Nation (Shrapnel) 1997

1. "See Them Fall" (7:02)
2. "You'll See" (5:47)
3. "Live in a Lie" (7:13)
4. "Destiny" (6:08)
5. "Nation" (5:50)
6. "Don't Need to Come" (4:54)
7. "Right on Time" (5:02)
8. "Dance Forever" (5:19)
9. "Road to Nowhere" (5:06)
10. "Way of Love" (6:56)

Nation play melodic, progressive hard rock/metal with a slight pop sheen. It reminds me a bit of Yngwie Malmsteen during the "Fire & Ice" days. I was also reminded of Dream Theater and Rainbow at time. The entire album is pretty consistent and actually is a pretty good listen from beginning to end, however "See Them Fall," "You'll See" and "Live in A Lie" are the standout cuts. There seems to be a difference in production from track to track, although it's nothing annoying. This self titled CD is actually the band's third album and is out of print.

According to a reader of this page:
Hello, the Nation CD you have is actually a Shrapnel compilation of their 2 records. if you notice there's a definite drop off in production quality somewhere in the middle of CD. I had that one myself and traded it after I got their second CD, which is their best one as I understand. They also recorded an excellent Thin Lizzy cover for a Swedish Tribute called "Songs of Lizzy". anyway, happy collecting. stay metal! Steven

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