One Bad Apple

Creeping Things One Bad Apple - Creeping Things (Kingdom) 1997

1. "Some By Fear" (5:39)
2. "Disarray" (5:21)
3. "Rent" (2:55)
4. "Presence" (4:18)
5. "Post Mortem Depression" (3:14)
6. "Wrath" (3:06)
7. "Hell's Half Acre" (3:18)
8. "Hazard Identity" (3:59)
9. "Given Power" (2:50)
10. "hidden track" (2:39)

Not a bad disc, by any means. There are tons of hooks and some cool lyrics. This band obviously has a sense of humor. However, they also suffer from an identity crisis. One Bad Apple started off as a death metal band but this album is a cornucopia of styles-death, hardcore, heavy metal, thrash and even some occasional rapcore. Hmmm...could have done without the last influence, but otherwise a cool album by an obscure Christian metal band. Song number ten is a hidden track at the end of track nine.

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