Paradise Lost

Seals the Sense Paradise Lost - Seals The Sense (Music For Nations) 1994

1. "Embers Fire" (4:44)
2. "Sweetness " (5:34)
3. "True Belief" (4:29)
4. "Your Hand In Mine" [live] (6:38)

A short little EP, that contains three fantastic studio tracks, only one of which is actually new. "Embers Fire" and "True Belief" both come from the Icon CD, while "Sweetness" is the lone new song. The new song gave a taste of what was to come. The band mixes gothic, doom and traditional metal to create something all their own. The live version of "Your Hand In Mine" is cool enough and a nice addition, although it's not essential.

Draconian Times Paradise Lost - Draconian Times (Relativity) 1995

1.   "Enchantment" (6:01)
2.   "Hallowed Land" (5:03)
3.   "Last Time" (3:23)
4.   "Forever Failure" (4:18)
5.   "Once Solemn" (3:03)
6.   "Shadowkings" (4:42)
7.   "Elusive Cure" (3:24)
8.   "Yearn for Change" (4:19)
9.   "Shades of God" (3:54)
10.   "Hands of Reason" (3:57)
11.   "I See Your Face" (3:16)
12.   "Jaded" (3:26)

Draconian Times is PHENOMENAL!!! The disc falls somewhere between progressive metal, dark goth and chunky speed metal. I don't know much about this band, but their music creates quite a mood. It's a great record to kick back and just jam to. Also great for long road trips.

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