Sensitive S.A.D.O. - Sensitive (Noise) 1990

1. "Talk About Me" (3:02)
2. 'Just Married!" (3:14)
3. "Women And Whiskey" (3:42)
4. "Dear Miss J." (4:25)
5. "Another Kind Of..." (5:05)
6. "Every Time" (3:04)
7. "Bad Lovin'" (3:31)
8. "Time Out" (3:39)
9. "Love Lies" (3:37)
10. "Run Baby Run" (2:55)

After listening to this CD over and over again, I would describe "Sensitive" as a mixture of pop metal and straight forward 80's heavy metal. At times they remind me of a slightly heavier Sweet or Slade. Quite good. Funny thing is, this band is neither from England or the U.S., but rather from Germany. I really don't hear even the slightest hint of the German metal influence of bands like the Scorpions, Accept or even label mates like Grave Digger or Rage. Lyrics are all pretty much straight out of the gutters of Los Angeles. They are not really any better or worse than a band like Kiss or Sweet, although not quite as clever as a band like Aerosmith. I have a feeling that their vocalist may have been a stumbling block for some people. His high, sticky-sweet style sounds more like something out of the 70's than of the 80's. Also his ennunciation is a bit odd at times, at least to my ears. However, I find they give the band charisma. I like 'em. As a matter of fact, that is really all I have to say about this CD, I like it.

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