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Vagabonds... Thin Lizzy - Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels (Universal) 2001

1. Farmer" (3:37)
2. Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle" (3:01)
3. Remembering, Pt. 1" (5:58)
4. Dublin" (2:25)
5. Remembering, Pt. 2" (5:03)
6. "Things Ain't Workin' Out Down at the Farm" (4:28)
7. Buffalo Gal" (5:29)
8. Sarah" (2:58)
9. Brought Down" (4:19)
10. Whiskey in the Jar" (5:44)
11. Black Boys on the Corner" (3:22)
12. Randolph's Tango" (3:47)
13. Broken Dreams" (4:25)
14. Vagabond of the Western World" (4:43)
15. Little Girl in Bloom" (5:12)
16. Slow Blues" (5:12)
17. Rocker" (2:40)
18. Here I Go Again" (3:51)
1. Cruising in the Lizzymobile" (4:59)
2. Little Darling" (2:54)
3. Sitamoia" (3:20)
4. Philomena" (3:41)
5. Still in Love With You" (5:38)
6. Showdown" (4:31)
7. It's Only Money" (2:47)
8. Rosalie" [Single Mix] (4:05)
9. Half Caste" (3:37)
10. King's Vengeance" (4:09)
11. Suicide" (5:12)
12. Wild One" (4:17)
13. Try a Little Harder" (4:01)
14. Fighting My Way Back" (3:11)
15. Jailbreak" (4:01)
16. Romeo and the Lonely Girl" (3:55)
17. Boys Are Back in Town" (4:26)
18. Cowboy Song" (5:16)
19. Emerald" (4:03)
1. Johnny" (4:24)
2. Don't Believe a Word" (2:16)
3. Fools Gold" (3:51)
4. Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed" (2:59)
5. Massacre" (2:59)
6. Soldier of Fortune" (5:17)
7. Bad Reputation" (3:08)
8. Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in It's Spotlight)" [live]
9. Killer Without a Cause" (3:31)
10. Warrior [live] (4:08)
11. Are You Ready [live] (2:42)
12. Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song [live] (4:03)
13. Me and the Boys [live] (3:33)
14. Parisienne Walkways" (3:18)
15. Do Anything You Want To" (3:51)
16. Waiting for an Alibi" (3:29)
17. Sarah" (3:26)
18. Got to Give It Up" (4:22)
19. Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend" (7:04)
...i. Shenandoah"
...ii. Will You Go Lassy"
...iii. Danny Boy
iv. The Mason's Apron
20. Just the Two of Us" (2:45)
1. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts" (4:09)
2. King's Call" (3:38)
3. Chinatown" (4:41)
4. Sugar Blues" [live] (5:37)
5. Killer on the Loose" (3:53)
6. Don't Play Around" (3:07)
7. Song for Jimi" (4:49)
8. Renegade" (6:08)
9. Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)" (4:09)
10. Old Town" (3:24)
11. Thunder and Lightning" (4:54)
12. Cold Sweat" (3:06)
13. Sun Goes Down" (6:17)
14. Sisters of Mercy" (6:20)
15. Nineteen" (5:25)
16. Night in the Life of a Blues Singer" (4:57)

"Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels" is said to be the definitive Thin Lizzy box-set. The four disc collection spans the entire career of Thin Lizzy from the early years on Decca through the Vertigo years, and even includes some of Phil Lynott's solo recordings. Seventy three tracks in all, from some of the band's best known tracks to obscure and rare tracks. All the tracks have been re-mastered for this set as well. The collection is housed in a digi-book with a 48 page book chock full of photos & notes. 2001.

Disc one chronicles the early years of Thin Lizzy before the twin guitar assault they became known for. The original band was a power trio consisting of Eric Bell (guitar), Phil Lynott (bass & vocals) and Brian Downey (drums). Much of the material on this disc comes from the band's first three albums, as well as "Remembering Part 2" from the New Day EP. There are also several songs recorded for singles like "Things Ain't Workin' Out Down at the Farm", "Randolph's Tango" and "Here I Go Again", which was actually the b-side single to "The Rocker". As anyone familiar with Thin Lizzy's history knows, this early material was a mixture of blues, rock and the band's Irish folk roots. Personally, I feel this CD is a good representation of those early years, although I do think that they could have included "Gonna Creep Up On You".

Disc two begins with a non-LP b-side from the Eric Bell edition of the band and is the last song from that era. The next couple songs are from Gary Moore's first tenure with the band and are both singles. With track four we begin my favorite era of the band. While I love the Downey/Lynott/Bell era of Thin Lizzy, it was the metallic, twin-guitar approach of Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson, Brian Downey and Phil Lynott that captivated me. Whoever chose the songs for this compilation chose some of the best material from the "Nightlife" through "Jailbreak" albums. There are a few rarities as well, including non-album tracks like "Half Castle" and an out-take from the "Fighting" album, "Try A Little Harder".

The third disk continues with the Gorham/Robertson twin guitar line-up through the departure of Robertson and the return Gary Moore for the "Black Rose" LP. Each track chosen here is excellent. Being the Lizzy die-hard I am and the fact that this is my favorite era of the band, there are songs I think would have liked to have had included, such as "Opium Trail", "Ballad Of A Hard Man" and "Sha-La-La", but overall there is a good selection of tracks. "Parisienne Walkways" is from Gary Moore's solo LP "Back On The Streets", which also happened to feature Lynott and Downey. "Me And The Boys" is a live song that was formerly released as a single b-side. This track features the Robertson/Gorham edition of the band. The remainder of the live tracks are all taken from the awesome "Live and Dangerous" album. It's a shame they didn't think to include some of the outtakes from the "Live And Dangerous" sessions such as "Opium Trail" and "Bad Reputation". These tracks have been released on the second disc of the expensive Japanese version of the "Wild One" compilation. Another rarity included on disc two is "Just The Two Of Us", a non-album, b-side from the "Black Rose" sessions with Gary Moore.

The fourth disk features the Snowy White and John Sykes editions of the band, as well as the addition of Darren Wharton on keyboards. Like the material on discs two and three, I find the last eras of Thin Lizzy to be just as good. There are a number of rarities on this disc including a live version of "Sugar Blues" with Snowy White on guitar and some great drum work from Downey. Also, "Don't Play Around" is a b-side from the "Chinatown" sessions. "Song For Jimi" was a song that was released on a flexi-disc and was a reunion of Phil and Brian with Eric Bell. The flexi disc was given away in Flexipop Magazine in the Summer of 1981. "Sisters Of Mercy" is from Lynott's post Thin Lizzy band Grand Slam. This track has actually seen the light of day on several other releases. Surprisingly "Dedication" didn't make this disc. This last disc also included material from Phil's solo albums. Only three songs from the incredible "Thunder and Lightning" show up here. Personally I would have included "Holy War" and "Baby Please Don't Go" as well.

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