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Hymn to Life Timo Tolkki - Hymn to Life (Nuclear Blast) 2002

1. "Primal"
2. "Key to the Universe"
3. "Now I Understand"
4. "Divine"
5. "Little Boy I Miss You"
6. "I Believe"
7. "Are You the One?"
8. "Father"
9. "Fresh blue waters"
10. "Dear God"
11. "It's Xmas Morning"
12. "Hymn to Life"

Solo albums aren't neccessarily suppose to sound lie the band that the artist usually records with. Well, that is certainly the case here as "Hymn to Life" sounds very little like Stratovarius. However, "Hymn to Life" is also just not a very good CD. Most songs are light and extremely dull. Tolkki's guitar playing can't save this CD from the fact that the songs aren't interesting. Timo Tolkki also does the vocals, and while he's no great singer, I can also testify that I have heard beter from him. Not even guest vocalist Michael Kiske can pull this one out of the dulldrums. ("Key to the Universe" features Michael Kiske on guest, lead vocals.) On top of that, the lyrics here are annoying. I sure get tired of people disrespecting the faith of others and complaining about religion, life, and everything else. Timo may just be expressing his emotions, searching, or just expressing his doubts in a Creator, but to me it just sounds like complaining. How about offering some solutions. I also get annoyed it's the people complaining about religion who think they are not "preaching" when in fact they are. So, while I am a fan of Timo and Stratovarius, I can't say much for this CD.

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