Treasure Seeker

A Tribute to the Past Treasure Seeker - A Tribute to the Past (Treasure Hunt) 1998

1. "A Tribute to the Past"
2. "Too Late For Living" (Saint)
3. "To Hell With The Devil" (Stryper)
4. "Flames of Fire" (Leviticus)
5. "Out of the Darkness" (Bloodgood)
6. "Silent Screams" (Rez)
7. "Rebels of Jesus Christ" (Jerusalem)
8. "Warrior of Light" (Force 3)
9. "Heroes" (Bride)
10. "Meet Again" (Creed)

Another killer German speed metal band, Treasure Seeker offer up a tribute to some of their favorite Christian metal bands. The best song on this disc, however, is the awesome original "Tribute to the Past" which echoes such bands as Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray. The covers are cool to hear, especially "To Hell With the Devil," "Heroes," and "Too Late For Living," all of which are favorites of mine as well. "Warrior of Light" by Force 3 is a strange and obscure choice of a cover. I actually own Froce 3's only release on vinyl. It isn't very good, in my opinion, however Treasure Seeker's version of the song is decent. Treasure Seeker is made up of members of Lightmare, Chryztyne, and Seventh Avenue. I have heard that this band is going to release another disc. I look forward to that with anticipation.

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